We’re going to Disney World!


Tomorrow we leave on a jet plane for sunny Orlando – we’re going to Disney World!!

A few days ago, we surprised the kids {what a hard secret to keep!}. Hubby snapped this first photo just as Isabelle read the news. You can see I’m videotaping the event, so make sure to watch my video of how we told the kids they were going to Disney World.


After the fact, I tried to get this photo of the 3 together. Umm, not so easy to do after telling the kids their dreams are coming true. This is the best of about 60 takes, seriously. Let’s hope they cooperate for photos in Florida!


So, a magical adventure awaits us in the morning! That is, if I can get the packing for 5 finished.
THAT would be a magical event in itself… any Disney tips for us newbies?






      1. I wish I was coming too. I think I would earn bonus Mom points in infinity for a Disney vacation! Take lots, and lots of pictures!!

  1. Congrats on the trip, how exciting. I haven’t been to Disney in over a decade so no tips just enjoy every moment. Your kiddos look about the age where the whole experience will be magical for them. Have a safe trip!

  2. Oh wow!! Yay about the trip!! Bet you guys are just as excited as them hehe. That first picture is priceless!! Love her expression 🙂 Have fun! Thanks for linking up!


  3. Have fun….Disney is awesome!! You can take snacks and drinks inside the park….I would do so, food can get expensive!

    1. Thanks Amy!
      Someone told me that was the best tip, plan to pack one meal will save you a ton!

      1. Yes…and if you are staying on a resort, I would opt for the meal plan. There is a lot of food, so the girls could share. Kids under 3 are free but could easily eat off of someone else’s plate. You normally get a reusable mug at the resort, so we would stock up on bottled water & poweraide to take into the park.

  4. We went to Disney in Feb. for the first time. We learned to get to the parks early. Use that fast pass wisely. We did two days at Magic K. and 1 Epcot and 1 Animal Kingdom. If you do go to Animal Kingdom, get the fast pass for the safari ride. (We waited the longest for this one.) Most importantly…………………………………………………………Have fun! 🙂 The girls are going to love it!!! (How’s the packing going?) Don’t cha hate that part? 🙂

  5. Have an amazing time!! I love Disney World! No tips aside from bring a small water bottle with you at the parks. Food is inexpensive but water bottles get expensive at the end of the day 🙂

  6. So adorable! You are going to have an amazing time Tammi!!! Can’t wait to read all about it!

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  8. How awesome!!! I love their faces. You’re coming to my neck of the woods 🙂 Relax, have fun and remember to rest. 🙂 I hope you enjoy your time here and have a great time!!!!! Can’t wait to see more shots!

  9. Have a great time! We’re going to be there in 2.5 weeks. I can’t wait! (I think I’m more excited than my son is).

  10. That is SO amazing! I would love to be able to surprise my boys like that some day! Have a great time!

  11. I watched the video the other day. So exciting. It is hard enough to get more than 1 kid to cooperate in a photo. Forget about when they are excited. Have a fantastic time.

  12. You guys are going to have a blast!! We live in Florida and have gone quite a few times, we love going there… All the Orlando parks are fun, but for your little ones Disneyworld will be amazing fun!

  13. Super cool way to tell your girls, I love Disney world so I am super duper jealous right now!

  14. So precious- have a great time! I’m jealous, no WDW for us until September! 🙁

  15. That’s a great surprise! I should also think of ways on how to surprise my kiddos for our Christmas in Disney trip.

  16. Their faces are just glowing with excitement! I hope you all have a wonderful time! 🙂

  17. That is just awesome! I can’t wait until we can take our little ones to Disney!

  18. Sounds like a magical time!! I went to Disney World for my first time at age 26 (last year, ha!) It was such a treat! I didn’t even bring my camera!! I used my boyfriends Canon g11, hahaha. It worked out just fine! I didn’t have any shoulder or neck aches! Perhaps when we have children and go to Disney, I’ll lug the pro-gear! lol!

  19. What a FUN way to tell the kids! we are going in August! I wish i would havewaiting and done something cute like this!

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  21. The expression on the girls faces say’s it all! How exciting for you and your family. umm I’m available if you need someone to carry your bags … LOL

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