My Girl and her Beach


My daughter and I just got home from a remarkable stay at Beaches Resorts in Negril Jamaica for #BeachesMoms. Mother & Daughter time = success!

Every day, we dedicated some time so that Isabelle could hunt for seashells. One of her favourite things to do while at the beach, she takes great pride in the seashells she finds.

sandy beach at beaches negril resort


seashells at beaches negril resort

I bet this girl could spend hours combing the sand and waters looking for her shells, if not the entire day.

beach at beaches negril resort

When I wasn’t helping her in the search, I watch her walk up and down the beach, occasionally turning over some white sand with her toes. She’d stop searching now and then to gaze out over the ocean and I’d see a peaceful smile form on her face displaying true gratitude for the moment. 

sunset at beaches negril resort

A simple thing, my girl and her beach, yet moments that are my favourite memories. 

beaches negril resort sunset



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  1. Amazing photos! They honestly look like paintings.. the colors! 🙂 Im glad to hear you and Isabelle had a great trip

    1. It;s not hard to take great photos in a place like this. I’d love to take the credit, yet I can’t!

  2. Great photos. I love the beach and all the treasures to be found on it. The boat coming in is a great shot.

  3. Beautiful pictures of your daughter having a good time in my homeland. I have seen some wonderful shell collections here and my mom said she used to collect shells as a little girl. I wish she still had the collection. Thanks for hosting Tammi.

    1. That would have been nice! I’m thinking we should have brought home some sand and made a Christmas ornament!

    1. Thank you heather, with stunning views, it’s not hard to get a great shot or 900. lol

  4. How fun! It looks like something I would love to do as well. Such a pretty beach. That’s great you got to spend one on one time with her.

    1. It was so special to go with her, and what a place for the getaway! Still blown away by the amazing time we had. Memories to cherish forever!!

  5. just beautiful I hope she is at an age where she will remember this wonderful experiences.

    1. Oh, she most definitely will! We went to Mexico when she was 5 and she remembers it clearly!

  6. What a perfect location for a mom/daughter getaway. We have always has the best luck shell hunting at 6am. Sadly, we have been up at that time while vacationing with kids, but it turned out to be a blessing for treasure hunting!

    1. It was perfect! I was up early as well, yet that was my time to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells on the patio with my coffee while she slept in. All this fun really wore her out – win/win!

  7. Beautiful pictures and i love the idea of having time alone with each child on vacation!

    1. It was amazing! I’ve always wanted to and know I know that it’s fantastic! Great times!

  8. this is awesome maybe someday i will be able to go on vacation and make memories… glad you had fun

  9. Those are pretty shells! I would love to be walking up and down a beach right now…we’re into the -40s with windchill!

  10. Great pictures! Glad you and your daughter had some special time together 🙂

  11. Combing the beaches for shells is one of my favourite things to do too! What a wonderful experience to get to go on this trip for the two of you!

  12. I remember collecting shells and rocks when I was a kid. Hey, I think I still do that.

  13. Lovely pictures. I have seen many beach pictures, and they bring back memories. This is the first one that reminded me of gathering sea shells. I love the scenery pictures, but that has got to be my favorite today

  14. Brilliant pictures Tammi! What lovely memories too. I love travelling and especially enjoy seeing the world expand before my children’s eyes.

  15. Oh what beautiful photo’s. My children love the ocean. One day I hope to show them not every ocean is brown.

  16. Thanks for sharing!! with the temps dipping near -40 here on the prairies… these pics take me away to another place…. 🙂

  17. Sounds like an amazing vacation. You are very lucky to have had the chance to share such special moments as mother and daugter!

  18. Stunning photos Tammi, I too used to love to collect shells when we go to the beach. Jamaica is such a beautiful country, glad you had a wonderful Mom/Daughter time.

  19. Great photos, I also love being on the beach, my Mom tells me daily that you’re not happy unless your by the water and soaking in the sun, it’s true..something about the water is so calming, also great memories that your daughter and yourself will always remember, I don’t have many Mom and daughter moments with my Mom, she worked hard when we were growing up. But the times that we spend together now are making up for that lost time.

  20. Sounds like you had an amazing time. It’s so important to make sure we have special time with each of our kids, where they have our undivided attention.

  21. You are lucky to have had this experience to share with your daughter. These are the memories that will last forever.

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