The Beverly Wilshire Hotel

This past weekend, I was in LA for the world premiere of Lion King 3D. During that time I stayed at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. If it sounds familiar, it’s the very hotel that Julia Roberts and Richard Gere made famous in the movie, Pretty Woman.

Beautiful is an understatement for this hotel, each inch of every surrounding is glamorous. Not to mention some celebrity sightings from Bruce Willis {one very good looking man in person!} as well as Posh and David Beckham with their kids. Really, this is why I love LA. You just never know who you’re going to run into.

Here’s some of my favorite memories from The Beverly Wilshire Hotel…

beverly wilshire hotel

Oh – and if this is your first time visiting my WW posts,
know that I am anything but Wordless. Ha!



  1. Did you mee tmy friend, NYC bloggess, Jessica?
    I was hanging with her hubby today at an event!

    1. You know Diana, I didn’t really have ‘a thing’ for Bruce until I seen him in person. He’s a very good looking man!!
      Really thin though, I pictured him built somewhat.
      Maybe that’s for the movie he’s filming right now…?

  2. Those look FANTASTIC Tammi – gosh I need a new camera.. not a single one of my photos turned out that great 🙂

    What a beautiful place!

    1. Hmmm, I kinda thought the same thing.
      Maybe it was all that playing with Kristin’s Nikon….

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    1. Yes, in fact I may have browsed through Nike with Bruce Willis….
      Yep, ‘with’, I’m sticking to that!

  4. OH.MY.WORD. It is gorgeous! and i’m so envious that you actually stayed there!

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  6. thx for taking me on a trip down memory lane! I grew up in LA and went to UCLA..where was the premiere? In Westwood? I heart LA!

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  9. What a beautiful hotel, you’re very fortunate to have stayed in such a wonderful place.

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