Back to School Lunch Ideas

DiagramIs it really time to write a post on Back to School Lunch Ideas?

I almost can’t believe that there is only one day left of Summer Holidays! Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for my oldest to start Grade 2. And, the twins will be going to preschool for a couple of hours a week – so I rejoice in that aspect. But, with the start of another school year means that the summer sun and fun comes to an end. Have I mentioned that I have a dislike for winter? Oh, I mentioned that about a billion and two times now? Alright – just making that clear.

Another aspect that has me crinkling my nose, is making school lunches. I think of it as such a tedious and monotonous task. Yet this year I vow to make luches easier on me {planning ahead and utilizing that freezer to stockpile}, as well provide more variety for my daughter. While she doesn’t mind that same old sandwich every day, maybe if I increase the lunch possibilities it won’t seem like such a daunting task?

Muffin and Blueberry So, I have been browsing the easy recipes found at Life Made Delicious, and have found a couple of ‘keepers’ for this school year. My faves include:

  • Muffins aren’t just for breakfast {though they can be as well!}. I love the idea of making the Small-Batch Lemon-Blueberry Muffins and having some on hand in the freezer. Not only do you have a lunch item on hand at all times, yet it’ll thaw before lunch while keeping the other items nice and cold!
  • Soups! Put into a thermos, soups will stay warm right until lunchtime. With all the varieties of hearty soups, there leaves little room for kids to get tired of them. I plan to provide a warm soup for my daughter twice a week. And, you can mix up the routine by pairing the soups with either fresh rolls or crackers.
  • To break from the sandwich rut, I printed off this Turkey-Spinach Wraps. Bite size pieces, perfect for lunches – these also are packed with that vegetable punch. My daughter loves wraps, yet this is a different take on the usual!

A tray of food, with Wrap and Turkey

Do you have any great ideas for school lunches?
Share your favorites!

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    1. They do get a tad soggy, but it’s not too bad. You could always have the lettuce or spinach on the outside too, to separate the juicy stuff from the breads.

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