The Baby Socks

Today while folding the twins’ laundry I came across baby socks that I haven’t seen in years.

Actually, it was a lone baby sock.

At 3.5, the twins haven’t worn this particular sock for at least 2 years. Really washer, you regurgitate this now? I chuckled when I seen it, recalling the early walkers sliding around the kitchen wearing this pair. Smiling at the memories and wishing I could kiss those tiny feet again, without a toddler telling me to leave their feet alone.

Sweet lone baby sock.

I folded it up with the others and put them in the drawer. I think I’ll keep my babies for a little while longer.



  1. I wish I had kept one size of each diaper and dated them when my kids outgrew them. Oh well. Now, I need to go through the large bins of baby clothes to see what I can pass on to my brother. He’s wife is expecting their first on New Year’s Eve. It’s a good thing ’cause I really need to hold a newborn.

    1. Don’t mention all the clothes I still need to go through, Diana. Oy!
      On a more positive note, my b-day is New Year’s Eve!! 😉

  2. That’s adorable, I’ve been going through my son’s clothes to see what my newborn daughter can wear. And I want to donate all the baby stuff to charity since I’m not planning on anymore babies. Man, it’s so hard to let go of this stuff!!! I don’t know if I can do it! Any tips? Should I wait for friends to have babies? lol

    1. Jen, I don’t really have tips in that department. I gave away and even sold some of the clothes, but I decided to keep my faves. Well, those faves are a lot – I just can’t seem to let go!!!

  3. I hate putting baby clothes away and lately I’ve been going through them so much. I’m trying to dig for my sister. Her son, my nephew is now almost 5 months old. He’s the one with Trisomy 18. Doctors never knew he’d live this long. He has so many problems, but is unable to go through any surgeries. He’s too weak for them. This is the third time I’ve gone through baby clothes for her. I’m careful about giving her too much. I fear giving them to her and then him not making it to that size.

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