Douglas Fir Resort and Chalets, Banff Alberta

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One of the advantages of living in Central Alberta is that the beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains are just a short drive away. Because of this fact and because it’s just one amazing place to visit, I have gone to Banff {Alberta} many times in my life. A couple weeks ago we ventured there for a mini family holiday, something we haven’t done since the twins were born {though we did take them when I was 6.5 months pregnant!}.

New to us, was traveling to Banff with kids, especially two toddlers. So, I had some work to do in researching not only the best family-friendly hotel that Banff had to offer, but also other local attractions and services that were toddler-friendly. That’s when I realized that the only real option when traveling to Banff with kids, is the Douglas Fir Resort and Chalets on Tunnel Mountain.

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I had stayed at the Douglas Fir Resort many years ago, and remembered it being very lovely. The Douglas Fir Resort, though great for couples and anyone really, the resort especially caters to those staying with kids. ‘Banff’s Finest Family Accommodation’ {as advertised, and I have to agree with this tagline}, is located just 5 minutes from downtown Banff, so it’s convenient when taking in the local sights.

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Thanks to Douglas Fir Resort and Chalets, my family stayed in their premiere room, the Executive Suite! This room features 2 bedrooms {1 with a King size bed, bathroom and Jacuzzi in the room} and the 2nd bedroom has 1 Queen Bed. The suite has a full kitchen, living room with wood-burning fireplace, another bathroom off the dining room and also a sofa bed. The suite also boasted flat-screen TV’s and DVD players in every room. This suite was the perfect room to get when travelling with 3 kids, plenty of space to roam and relax without that crowded feeling like standard hotel rooms have made us feel. In fact, the entire set-up and amenities were the most ideal and convenient for us as a family.

Douglas Fir Resort and Chalets, Banff Alberta

When travelling with 3 kids, it’s not preferred {mentally or financially} to eat in restaurants 3 times a day. Having this full kitchen allowed us to have breakfast in the room, pack a picnic to take with us for lunch and snacks. Then we ate in restaurants int he town of Banff for supper. We chose to eat out once a day while there, yet having that full kitchen and dish ware meant that you could also make family meals in room all the time if you chose. As well, there is the option of getting continental breakfasts too – so many choices!

The main building at Douglas Fir Resort and Chalets is where our Executive Suite and other rooms are located, yet like the name applies, there’s also separate chalets scattered around the property as well. So, to have a separate chalet overlooking the woods and the beauty of the Rocky Mountains is something that everyone should experience. Yet, it’s Banff! Every room has a fabulous view! Plus, I think each time I have stayed in the area, I would walk out onto the balcony at some point and see a family of deer grazing and/or walking through the area. One morning we woke to a deer family outside our Executive suite at Douglas Fir Resort and Chalets – my girls were in awe! Really, it was a spectacular moment I shared with my kids, one of the reasons why I love Banff so much.

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Earlier I said that, “the only real option when traveling to Banff with kids, is the Douglas Fir Resort”, now’s the time to explain why:
Douglas Fir Resort and Chalets has 2 of the best features in a hotel ever – the Giant Indoor Kids Playzone and the 2 Huge indoor waterslides!

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The multi-level indoor Playzone: think what Mc’Ds offers, yet bigger, more fun and spotless. The playzone is massive and attention to fun and detail is not spared. It impressed us immensely, and I’ll never look at Play areas in restaurants or hotels the same way again. And, the crawlspaces are big enough for adults to fit nto too, which was a major bonus for me – in case a search and rescue needed to be done.

Also key to Douglas Fir Resort and Chalets is the waterpark. Though it’s under construction right now {**see note}, it’s open again next month for use. Of course I don’t need to explain why the waterpark was fun {duh!}, yet I will make mention that they did have an excellent separate pool and slides for toddlers. Plus, a generous sized hot pool for adults. Yep, this waterpark caters to adults, children and younger toddlers. And, you can sit in the hot pool and easily see both other areas for supervision. Nice, right?

But, that’s not all, there’s also a games room {hubby and I had a very competitive Air Hockey match}, fitness room, outdoor tennis/basketball courts, barbecue stations, sauna and steam room. Wifi and internet is free to all guests, and so is the option to use their provided wood or chop your own. Registered guests of the Douglas Fir Resort enjoy FREE AND UNLIMITED use of the Town of Banff shuttle bus system {and have pet-friendly rooms for your furry family members too}.

Really, I do think Douglas Fir Resort and Chalets thought of everything to make anyones stay enjoyable! Plus, bonus points go to the staff, from front desk to housekeeping – they were all so friendly and nice. Our family really felt ‘at home’ there, and will definitely stay there again on our next family vacay to Banff, Alberta; a beautiful place to visit in all seasons!

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Follow Douglas Fir on Facebook and Twitter, and feel free to chat them up too, so happy to see they are so chatty on both, shows they value their customers and ensuring that they have the best stay ever!

Note** Douglas Fir Resort and Chalets is renovating and installing two brand new Waterslides and heating system as well as the creation of a large Outdoor Hot Tub. These amenities will continue to provide our guests with an outstanding holiday experience at Banff’s Finest Family Accommodation. As a result, this requires the closure of the Waterslides from October 25th to December 16th inclusive. The grand re-opening for the Waterslides is scheduled for December 17th, 2011 at 2pm.



  1. We LOVE the Douglas Fir and usually come twice a winter for a small getaway. Love the waterslides and the indoor play area. Especially love the deer walking up to my door when you stay out at the cabins.

    I’ve ventured to Jasper this weekend for our getaway since the waterslides at DF are being renovated.

    Sounds like you had a superb getaway!

  2. We stayed at the Douglas Fir Resort 2 years ago, wow did we have a terrific time. The staff is so wonderful and considerate. I had been to Banff before but it was only for a day trip. This time we stayed 3 days and I could have stayed longer. You never tire of the scenery and the people…

  3. Beautiful place. I’m lucky I see deer weekly meters away from the house. An advantage of having a 3 acres lot on a hill. Nonetheless we are always fascinated by those graceful animals. Never get bored to see them walk by. 🙂

  4. It seems like a great place to bring your family! We stayed at the Hidden Ridge Resort (which is just down the road from the Douglas) and I was really impressed. We had our own private hot tub on our balcony and the staff treated us like royalty (double like). My friends stayed at the Douglas and they loved it!

    Banff is a beautiful place! I cannot wait to go back.

  5. Wow this place looks amazing, if i ever go to alberta ,i will be checking this place out

  6. Loved your article so much that the next time I get to Banff I’m staying at the Douglas Fir should be their PR person..

  7. Being from Michigan, that sounds spectacular! My husband and I aren’t terribly far from the Canadian border, we’ll have to check that out sometime!!

  8. Last year we had a weekend trip to Banff. This place looks awesome especially the playground my son would absolutely love to climb that tree. Husband works alot. Maybe only have another weekend vacation – this looks like an ideal spot. Thanks for Sharing.

  9. I’ve always wanted to go out west and if I do this is the place to go. It looks so beautiful

  10. Loved Banff when I cycled through years ago….sounds awesome – love the snowy picture. Will have to go back for winter wonderland!

  11. I live in BC – love seeing the Rockies and all the trees. Is there any better place to live than the West!

  12. Banff is on my list of places that I want to visit. This looks like a great resort, I will have to try and remember it for when we get out that way

  13. Lucky you. What a fabulous place to stay. The scenery is breathtaking! Looks like your kids had a blast.

  14. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I believe an Uncle of mine used to manage that resort years back, and we would visit when the girls were small. Has been a long time since I have seen any pics of it. Thanks! Wonderful resort.

  15. it is beautiful there, but everyone book ahead, we were driving from ontario to bc and stopped in Banff oh my you had to roll over the bed to get to the bathroom the room was so tiny but very expensive.

  16. sounds like such a relaxing place.. also love having a full kitchen when I go away, especially being a mom – must have a fridge at minimum for drinks and snacks for the kids!

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