Target Canada

Target Canada. I’m in denial. I really am.

‘Back to School’ is all you read and hear, yet I’m not done with Summer. Please stay, I’m begging here! {you’ll see my in flip-flops long into November, you watch}.

TextAs we all know, Target Canada is prepping for their welcome to Canada {can’t wait!}. This retailer definitely hits the “Bullseye” when it comes to getting to know the communities where it will set up shop next year.

They would like to shout out one last hoorah to celebrate summer, so don’t pack away the tank tops quite yet. And since I’m in that state of denial and love me a good prolonging-event when it comes to the Summer season, party on people!

Let’s hold onto the last few days, and embrace them with much fun in the sun with the whole family before the colder weather arrives.

This is also a great opportunity to give you a heads up on an exciting event taking place that Target Canada is launching on Saturday, August 25 across Canada. So be sure to keep your eyes and ears open! What, you didn’t think they’d casually cross the border quietly did you?


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. Gah! Last week…. we’re celebrating my Birthday today, last minute appointments tomorrow, trip to the Splash pad and finally off to African Lion Safari. Oh, and I promised my girls that we’d curl our hair and wear make-up one day. They’re 7, 7, and 4 🙂

  2. I’m going to let my window open as long as possible to keep the fresh air coming in 😉

  3. We’re spending the last weeks of summer going to Canada’s Wonderland, going for bike rides and having playdates with friends!

  4. Trying to do some cleaning around the house while the weather is wet outside, so I can do some fun things when the sun comes out again

  5. I work for a school board (in IT) — so I’ve got lots of work a head of me 😀 I’ll enjoy myself in October 🙂

  6. playing in the pool, going to the Ex, the odd movie,,, lunch at an outdoor patio, each and everyday is funfilled

  7. spending every chance I have with my Son… soccer, swimming and just having a lot of fun!

  8. I am taking each monday off so I have all longweekends in august to enjoy the great weather, the boat, the cottage, BBQs , friends and family

  9. I have gone into denial that summer is almost over, almost went to get shoes for the kids but going to wait another few days lol and it is both my boys birthdays this week so lots of celebrating to do here and lots more trips to the river

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  11. I will hopefully make a trip to Niagara Falls / Clifton Hills and visit Niagara on the lake for some wine tasting!

  12. My son is gone camping with his friend,and I am trying to finish up school shopping!
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  14. Taking the kids to the water park with free passes and going for a walk everey night before to get them back in target for an early bedtime for school…


  15. Just going to enjoy the sun, sand and water for as long as I can. Taking my son swimming everyday until the days and nights turn cold again.

  16. We have sleeping in/ monster trucks/ swimming/ and another camping trip planned

  17. i’m getting the kids out there being active as much as possible..i’m hoping htese next couple weeks will fly by 🙂
    we are going to the library, swimming in our pool, hanging out at local parks with friends, going to fairs on weekends!

  18. Finally getting around to making those playdates we promised to make when school ended. Beach and children’s museum this week. Then some good camping on the labour day weekend.

  19. We plan on going out to the lake for one more weekend and other than that we will just be enjoying the rest of the nice weather


  20. I like Target Canada on facebook – Belinda M


  21. Camping – we are starting to put up campfire wood for the 2014 season – we have the best fires cause we have seasoned wood.

  22. we do back to school shopping, beach, all three kids have friends over for a sleepover and my daughters bday is the 28th( she will be 16)

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  24. I’ll be taking 3 days off work to go camping and hiking!! Fingers crossed that the weather man is correct and that it’s sunny and warm!!

  25. i will be celebrating my 8 year anniversary! we will probaly go out an have a picnic

  26. We have been having tonnes of family bbqs, planned faily roadtrips and are going back to school shopping.

  27. We’re heading off to the beach as often as we can. Need to squeeze as much beach time in as we can.

  28. I am enjoying the sunshine, and the warm but not too hot weather by sitting on the porch with my favorite beverage.

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  30. Our summer got off to a late start, but with the last little bit before the ‘back to school’ chaos, is lazy days and hopefully another camping trip on the weekend.

  31. I am spending as much time outdoors walking and enjoying my tea and a book on the deck. We are bbqing regularly too.

  32. I’m spending as much time with my daughter, and enjoying the great weather by the pool

  33. I am just planning on getting as much sun and fresh air as possible before summer is gone.

  34. I spend my summer evenings on my patio. I love sitting out after dark and watching the stars in the sky.

  35. We are going away next week but honestly, I can’t wait for them to go back to school. The bickering between my kids is crazy!

  36. We sit out in our yard and bbq every night, we are going on holidays in Sept and I am with you on wearing flip flops at least til October!

  37. We are going on our first family trip together. We are taking my kids 8 and 6 to Disney. They are so excited and can’t wait to meet some princesses and Phineas and Ferb. I’m excited too! I’ve never been!

  38. To finish off the summer and make the most of it, I think we will go to the CNE! (Canadian National Exhibition/Toronto)

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  40. We’re getting out as much as we can to enjoy the beautiful weather and get some play time in throughout the day.

  41. We are continuing to do great summer activities like canoeing, swimming, hiking and biking. We have a couple day trips still planned to some quaint little towns to visit their local art shops and antique shops. Back to school? Bah, humbug!!
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  42. We are doing day trips and spending as much time outside in the sun as possible. The snow will be here before we know it!

  43. I’m enjoying the last weeks of summer (sob!) by spending as much time outside as possible!

  44. We’re spending the last two weeks of summer running back and forth to the Hockey Arena for conditioning camps and tryouts. You appreciate the rink more during the hot days of summer.

  45. Looking forward to TARGET opening in Cambridge!
    Last weeks of summer……..out on our deck……evenings getting cool already, though!

  46. Left a comment on your Little Helpers’ for Family Vacation; Karisma Hotels Post.

  47. The last weeks of summer are prep time for our September vacation. Cooler days and fewer crowds. 🙂

  48. I plan on tent camping with my mom, sis and daughter on the weekend. Its still very hot here (27) and last yr we went boating til the end of sept and hope to do so this year once again

  49. I already like target on fb (bina c edwards) and look forward to seeing what they have in their stores, but will seriously miss Zellers (I am hoping the rumors are not true about them being way more expensive, I shopped Zellers quite a bit)

  50. making the most by:
    had a fire in the firepit last night and roasted hot dogs
    Quad riding


  51. I am spending as much time as I can with my 4 kids. If it’s going to their soccer games, treating them for Tim Hortons and taking bike rides, the weather and time spent is trully being enjoyed! 🙂

  52. I’m spending the last 2 weeks of summer getting my youngest boy ready to go away to University!!

  53. I’m catching up on some gardening that I wantedd to do, but it was too
    hot earlier on in the summer.

  54. I am trying to crowd in all the things I didn’t do over the summer so extra time sitting outdoors, picking berries and going swimming.

  55. I am trying to enjoy the end of summer by focusing on the now rather than anticipating what we all know is right around the corner!

  56. We are going swimming almost every day and planning a couple different days to spend at the PNE fair.

  57. everyone talks about summer coming to an end, this is not till Sept 21st per the calendar. So my dog and I have lots of time to enjoy summer.. the cooler walks at the beach and at parks.

  58. We are trying to get some school shopping and while we do this out of town we are able to do some camping and site seeing:)

  59. I have got my Harley on the road after a short shop stay for repairs,
    now I am raring to go for lots of rides from now til snow!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  60. We are enjoying the last weeks of summer just hanging out at the park and going swimming. I BBQ most nights as it’s still hot here and we love to eat outside. This weekend is a family birthday party and I am really looking forward to going.

  61. I live near the beach so we’re packing our wagon and going down to the water every weekend!

  62. I posted on the article Family Swim-Up Suites: Azul Beach Hotel by Karisma. Great article by the way.

  63. Rather than letting the last few days of summer just pass me by, I’m living them with purpose! I’m organizing my day each day with a “to do list” that includes relaxation time as part of it.

  64. we are swimming in the pool and try to be outside everyday at the warmest time (from 11h30 am to 4pm)

  65. I went to the beach on Sunday. The weather was perfect! lake Erie was warm! I plan to go again next week maybe

  66. We’re doing as much work in our yard and under the deck as we can before we list our home for sale on oct. 1st!

  67. i have been spending alot of time outside and been doing tubeing and camping! gotta get it all in before summer is over!

  68. We want to go swimming, have a cousin sleepover, mini golfing and bowling with our last few days!

  69. I won a few entertainment tickets & sorting out expiry date/interesting level to take the kid to (I share this with a friend who has a son the same age as mine, so we take turns taking the boys) Now the order left,
    – Super Aqua Club – we still have the weather for it 🙂
    – Ottawa museum pass
    – Shriners circus pass
    – ecomuseum pass in Montreal
    – LaRonda Amusement park pass
    Our schedule has up to beginning of October, who said fun time ends when school starts?

  70. Preparing for grades 11 and 12, Having a BBQ with friends, Haircuts !!! Liked and shared on FB great loot for prizes … thanks for the post our local Zellers will become a Target in March 2013 🙂

  71. Helping my wife through he last days of pregnancy! We are expecting our first little girl who is due on the 9th! This would be a nice present for her to enjoy the last summer days before we step into the wonderful world of parenthood 🙂

  72. We’ve written a list of things we’d still like to do together before school starts – and we’re hoping to do most of them (we can’t do all – we picked indoor/outdoor ideas depending on weather each day) And my husband took off next week so we’d all be off together to do stuff.

  73. This has been a great summer in Vancouver with lots of sunshine. I already spent many of those days with friends doing new stuff such as learning how to dance, getting to karaoke with folks from different countries, and visiting those who haven’t shown up for quite a while. Before, we all worked and worked and most communication were only on e-mails, now we are hanging out more often and are enjoying the great food in Vancouver together. Next month, there will be a few wedding parties going on. And some planning will be done for the up-coming October trip to the BC interior. Ten of us will get into 2 SUVs, visiting the towns there for about a week. That would sure be fun.

  74. >> ‘Share‘ this giveaway on FB and tell your friends

    Of course. Liked that post and shared that with friends.

  75. >> Leave me a unique comment on any non-giveaway post like this one {do 2 if you wish}

    Yes. Thanks for sharing the fun on your posts.

  76. >> Follow @MyChaos AND @Target_CA on Twitter & tweet.

    I haven’t checked my Twitter for a while, and I just figured out how to follow these two on my iPhone. 🙂 Thanks to you!

  77. Trying to get out in the sun as much as possible with the kids before school starts up.

  78. We’re bbqing with the kids and going to the park as much as we can ‘ til summer is over!
    I subscribe to My Organized Chaos by email. Thanks Tammi!

  79. I’m going to spend every last minute of summer outside even if it’s just sitting on the porch reading the newspaper because the cold comes way too quick .

  80. We are heading to Black Creek Pioneer Village and also planning to go to Toronto Zoo.

  81. Going for walks each day after work with my husband and son in his wagon. He likes to collect rocks 🙂

  82. Painting the outside trim, cleaning the kids closets out, getting back on a regular bedtime.

  83. We are celebrating the last days of summer by going on last summer outings to the zoo, exhibition and toronto islands

  84. summer is the busy time of year for me at work, tons of OT, its when I make the most money and I don’t get much time to do things outdoors, but when we do, its fishing in our boat

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