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This is where I share Shopping Tricks, listen up!

I have to admit guilt of making far too many trips to the store. Milk is a hot commodity in this house, and I always forget something on the list. One product I use often, buy the least, yet never run out of – is bread. We go through the stuff like you wouldn’t believe, yet I have mastered a trick to always have the good stuff on hand, with less trips to the store.

I freeze it.

I know, not a huge and gigantic secret-trick, but in conversations with other Moms, I learned it’s not something commonly done.

Once or twice a month for the last few years I go to our local bread basket, and purchase day-old bread for one amazing price {10 loaves for $12}, and freeze it. Most of the rebuttals I hear from other people involve bread going freezer-burnt, which can happen. Yet not if you buy the right bread, as only some will last weeks of freezing, unscathed.

Though sometimes I opt for Dempsters Stay Fresh, I have a huge preference for Villaggio Italian Style. It’s my top choice for making everything from sandwiches to garlic toast. I love the thickness without being ‘so thick’ that the kids can’t get their mouths around a sandwich made from it.

Bread and Shopping

Villaggio {like Dempsters Stay Fresh} freezes the best, which I’ve learned through trial and error. I can take a loaf out of the freezer and once thawed, anyone could think they were made that morning. Seriously.

To show you, here’s a photo of Villaggio taken out of the freezer after 3 weeks. Next to another brand, which is crumbling and the crusts are falling off from being frozen – prime example!

A piece of bread

For taste, versatility to be used in whatever ‘bread’ meal I’m making, and for taming the chaos with my ‘little household trick’, here’s to Villaggio.

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  1. My favorite meal to make with bread is hot turkey sandwich’s !! With an awesome day for Turkey coming up. Bread is going to come in handy 🙂

  2. Just picked up some today! We have always have a loaf or two in our freezers 🙂

  3. I love making egg in the hat…..
    cut a circle out of the bread and pop it into the frying pan, once the bread has crisped up, flip it over and crack an egg into the center. I like my yolk runny, so I don’t cook it too long. Once the white has set and the bread has crisped up on the other side, just slide it onto a plate and enjoy! Don’t forget to toast the cut out piece as well, so you can put a “top hat” on your egg!

  4. I too use to opt for Dempsters even WonderBread! I now have switched to Villaggio bread. And have always bought Villaggio for my hamburger & sausage buns. I love Villaggio bread when making french toast, it holds up quite well.

  5. I like to make french toast for my family. We don’t usually have it for breakfast, but instead for dinner.

  6. My favorite meal is ham and cheese sandwiches with hot peppers, mayo and mustard.

  7. Basically, my favourite meal is just bread. Sometimes, I turn into a chef and cook it.(Toast) My kids make some pretty delicious french toast and my husband grills a mean grilled cheese sandwich…but I’m completely satisfied with just bread.

  8. I love the Villaggio Italian Style whole wheat bread. A healthy option for my kids’ sandwiches for school.

  9. Villagio bread is my most favourite bread on the planet. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love this bread

  10. i love ALL your products ! your bread i fresh and is great for those special sandwiches

  11. My fiance and I love Villaggio…love grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon…yummy

  12. The best tasting Italian bread I have ever eaten could eat it all day with all kinds of different toppings and styles

  13. We love your bread!! It has a special taste that no other has! Thanks for the great contest!! Bread coupons are the best!

  14. Villagio bread is always so fresh! I love making toasted tomato sandwiches with it, and it’s the only bread my son will eat for his school lunches!

  15. This bread is so nice and fluffy, I love it to make french toast, or even just toast it with margarine and peanut butter nice and melted!

  16. Birds Nests – Egg fried right in the middle of a slice of white bread! Nom, non!

  17. My kids love dippy eggs. I would make some toast with butter so that they can dip their little hearts out.

  18. TY very much for this info as I did not realize all bread does not freeze/thaw in the same manner.

  19. We love the softness of villagio bread even a day or two after starting a loaf 🙂

  20. This bread with my french toast recipe makes the perfect piece of french toast! Love this bread!

  21. My favorite meal to make with bread has to be a toasted BLT sandwich. Lots of bacon, lettuce tomatoes, cheese and mayo with a pickle on the side and a handful of chips.

  22. Grilled cheese!! Especially when you throw some caramelized onions, thick cut bacon, and specialty cheese in there! Mmmm

  23. Villaggio bread is the best!! I love to make my special breakfast for Sunday mornings. I won’t go to much into details but it is a yummy casserole night dish you make before and it has 2 layers of bread and eggs, ham and cheeses. MMMM I am getting hungry thinking of it!

  24. ohhh i would make so much not only is it tasty its fun to say i think we would start with some french toast then maybe a grill cheese sammy then end the nite with a monty crisco yummmy my mouth is watering

  25. My favourite thing to make with Villaggio bread is what I call my “cheesy bread”. Just take some yummy Villaggio bread, spread some butter on it, grate some cheese and sprinkle it on top of the buttered bread and bake it in the oven on the top rack until the cheese melts and bubbles. Take out,let cool and enjoy!

  26. I especially like to buy Villaggio Italian Style ~ THICK~Slice Whole Wheat Bread in the 510g size ~ great with garlic spread smothered on top & pop into the oven to serve warm with home~made Lasagna for a delish family dinner!!! Yummeeeeeeee!!!

  27. I love Villagio!!! But especially making grilled cheese sandwiches with Villagio whole wheat bread and Kraft cheese slices … so perfect together :”)

  28. french toast, grilled cheese, ham&cheese melt, we use your bread for just about every meal (even with hamburger helper, and cabbage rolls etc 🙂

  29. Villaggio bread is excellent for sandwiches of any kind, but a clubhouse sandwich is a household favourite here.

  30. I love Villaggio bread with my home-made stew, and it also makes great garlic bread. 🙂 It’s my grand-daughter’s favourite.

  31. Favourite meal to make with bread is stuffed pork tenderloin with mash potatoes and veggies.

  32. Favorites meals made with bread are french toast, grilled cheese and tuna melts. We eat all of these regularly. Quick, easy and great for those days when you forgot to take something out of the freezer for dinner. I freeze our bread as well so we always have some on hand, and if we don’t have any thawed, it’s ok cause it doesn’t take long, or I put it in the toast for a couple seconds (just enough to thaw it but not really toast it).

  33. toasted tomato sandwiches with bacon and real swiss cheese slice mayo

  34. I freeze bread (muffins, rolls, etc) especially when I get it on BOGO sale. Otherwise it might go bad.

  35. My kids love French toast with strawberries & whipped cream, it is a special Friday night supper once in a while.

  36. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches… but awesome-er. I like to use swiss cheese and turkey… or roast beef and mozzarella.

  37. Sandwiches, french toast all good but I love eating stew and dipping my Villaggio into it

  38. I like the hamburger buns, such a better option than those cardboard, tasteless bun alternatives. Also Bread Pudding one of my fav desserts – so easy to make.

  39. Anytime all time favorite, simply toasted this nice crunchy thick slice and spread on with cream of honey..wooow I Love it so much and good for my health besides yummy delicious !! This is my lunch and kids snack so as mid night craving for something light !! Fresh slice with butter on any hot soup especially in winter, so fulfilling keeping you content and warm the whole family..ummmmm !!! Villaggio is my family all time any meal favorite..Love it !!

  40. Sandwiches are beautiful. sandwiches are fine. I like sandwiches, I eat them all the time!

  41. My favorite meal to make with Villaggio bread is grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup. Villaggio bread combined with cheddar cheese makes the perfect meal that my whole family (ages 18 months – 37 years) loves 🙂

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