What Goes Up …


… Must come down!

We took advantage of the milder temps last week to do some sledding. If only the bitter freeze didn’t have to come at all.

p.s. I still hate winter.





    1. Oh, it’s been here for a month already! Oh the joys of living in Alberta, Canada – it’s here to stay for month and months. And months.

    1. Likewise, I’m so jealous of those posting photos of green grass. Wanna trade? I love me some Phoenix!! 😉

  1. That’s awesome that there was enough snow for sledding!! Can’t wait til we can go too 🙂

    Happy WW!

    1. Oh we have plenty right now! Tat hill is a little worn in some places, all the kids seem to go down the same spot. But, yep, lots! lol

    1. Ha, I haven’t been sledding in years. But, I jumped on a tube and went, I thought I would crash for sure. Fun, but not the same as when I was a kid. It seems shorter on the way down and a lot longer walking back up. ha!

    1. Thanks for the smile Diana, it was a great day to take pictures, I actually got more than 1 good one out of 100! lol

    1. and you officially made my mouth drop, ha!
      Grass is greaner, I guess. I’m so envious of people that get zero snow. I’m up for tradsies anytime! 😉

  2. I love that photo and I do love winter! I love the snow and I love snow days when we all just hang around the house and chill (sometimes literally LOL) . In any event thanks for hosting and have a great Thanksgiving.

    1. Not sure what 60 is in Celsius, but I’m jealous anyway. I’d love to go to the park again – but body parts freeze to the metal…. doh!

  3. Great picture! I believe you actually had snow in Alberta before we did this year (Saskatchewan) but we did get it, and more on the way this week………

    1. So true, you guys usually do first. But nope – we’re the chosen ones this year. Darn! lol

  4. What a great shot Tammi! I feel you pain about the winter! I would rather be indoors wrapped in an electric blanket than out in the frigid cold! lol

  5. I want your snow!! In the Fall I cough whenever I talk until the snow covers the dead grass and leaves. I so want your snow 🙂 Lucky!

  6. The kids love sledding. I, on the other hand, am not quite looking forward for the snow..

  7. That is a fantastic photograph! The composition is incredible, as is the perspective. I love it!

  8. Love this shot. We went sledding this weekend, but I was too afraid to get in the way of the sled to take a pic… should do it soon though, my baby’s growing up and soon she will be too cool to be seen with mommy and daddy 🙂

  9. My kids are begging for snow this year. I know it gets old (or so I’ve heard), but here in the south, we have to wait a year or two in between snows. We get soooooo excited when it does. We could swap houses for a week. You’d LOVE our southern hospitality and mild temps!

  10. This picture is amazing! THe black and white is just, wow! Love it!
    I don’t mind winter so much. My kiddos are bigger and can dress themselves for going outdoors, and I find that I like winter MUCh more now! lol

  11. What a great pic. I much rather get snow November and December then Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr..

  12. What a great shot, looks like so much fun. My sister lives in Calgary and she is already fed up with winter!
    I also hate winter, it’s the snow and ice I can’t stand. As far as it getting cold I can deal with that, just dress for it but everything else about winter..Forget it..:(

  13. Moving from Upstate NY to SC makes me kind of miss all that snow. Just kind of though 🙂

  14. What an incredible photo! I also hate winter, but I wrote a post last year about seeing winter through my toddler daughter’s eyes. I might hate it, but I love watching her love it.

  15. Dont fight winter. Wrap your arms around the snow and enjoy the holidays. Get a one piece with flap in the back pj’s and thick socks and make that your morning weekend clothes. Enjoy the scenery like at the LCBO with all the gift boxes, packed Tims of people enjoying each other’s company and the excitement of a Grey Cup in downtown Toronto. Bomb free buses and nothing falling out of the sky like I read on CNN half a world away. Just awful

    Life moves pretty fast so stop and take a look around….enjoy the scenery.

  16. In the spirit of American Thanksgiving – thanks for participating on my meme – I also wish you and your loved ones a healthy and happy holiday season!

  17. I just bought my son a new sled so I don’t mind a bit of snow. Just not when I have to drive around the city.

  18. Wow snow already? I live in the Southern US so we dont get very much snow at all. People laugh when they hear that everything around here closes down with just a 1/2 inch of snow! Funny huh? P.S. I love winter! =)

  19. I share your hatred for winter, unfortunately my daughter LOVES to go sledding. Thankfully Nana and Papa enjoy taking her 🙂

  20. It’s funny how the cold never bothers us as much as kids – I dread winter now, and all those days where we had 30+ degree weather – I really really miss 🙁

  21. Not a big fan of winter either but it’s fun to watch the kids get all excited about it!! They have no idea 😉

  22. I just can’t believe all of the snow that you have. In Victoria…sunny and cold or cold and raining…

  23. How exciting!! We live about an hour from the snow but it just is too cold..I get very scared about driving in it and the kids being to weird around others in the snow..One of these days I will try to get the three children out to the snow because that picture looks fun.

  24. What an awesome photo I like that you made it black and white looks very classic 🙂

  25. Wonderful photo…just wonderul! I don’t like winter either and didn’t much as a child …. The cold is not my friend but I DID like to tobaggon…go figiure! It’s was so much fun…Here in Southern Ontario it’s been too mild. My nephew moved to Alberta and had a great photo of him in the snow posted one day!lol

  26. Great picture, I’m with I hate winter too, this week alone I had to shovel our lane way and near the house our wide parking which I nicknamed our mini parking lot. Takes me two hrs to shovel. I just keep telling myself exercise.

  27. We’ve only had a few dustings here, so our kids are eager to try sledding again! Have to say it wasn’t too successful last year though… maybe another year older will make things more fun 🙂

  28. Argh! Snow. I moved from Calgary, AB to Richmond Hill, ON last summer and I do not miss that amount of snow at all! Great photo!

  29. Snow? Last year we had almost none. This year we’ve been told to expect more than ever. Guess I’d better get out the boots and get ready to go sledding just like you!

  30. I totally have great memories of sledding as a child. We live in TX so hopefully we will visit somewhere with snow so my daughter can experience the thrill of sledding too!

  31. I absolutely love this photo! The black and white makes it even more beautiful…looks like a ton of fun!

    1. Thanks so much Carla, and it was taken with my phone!! That’s never happened before, great light and timing I guess!

  32. Awwww a picture like this lasts a lifetime – cheesy but so true !! My daughter is now 17, but everyone in awhile we will pull out the old photo albums and reminisce and talk about the good old days ! She loves doing it, and I love remembering those days when she was young and so innocent, now almost ready for university, I miss those days !

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