Our Summer 2012 Video; We Made the Most!


Just seeing ‘September’ kind of makes me cringe a little. If you know one thing About Me, you’d know I despise Winter. I really do. As soon as the calendar was flipped to September, a chill was in the air. Odd and sad. I can’t help but to get a little depressed at the 8 months of Winter that is looming in the near future. Bah-humbug.

Yet I can {with no uncertainty} say, we did make the most of Summer 2012. Each and every day we did something: day trips, local events, the park or just setting up a pool party in our own backyard … we embraced the entirety of the Summer sun. I guess my post on 18 Summers really hit home for me, a phrase that has stayed with me since this Spring.

Here’s our memories of Summer 2012, a small peek at how we made the most!

How did you make the most of Summer 2012?



  1. so sweet Tammi!
    we did so much this Summer too, more than previous years. I’m with you, we really made the most as well! Is it Summer 2013 yet? 🙂

    1. Glad to hear Stacy, the years go by way too fast to not take full advantage.
      I can’t wait for next Summer now, let’s count down together, shall we?

    1. We all did, but now the girls expect us to do something each day. Not with school, other than activities! lol

  2. Our summer was jammed packed with new activities and places we have not seen before. We concentrated on local stuff discovering our own neighbourhood. No regrets this summer, but we are pooped out.

    1. Agreed Debbie! It’s tiring, but Summer is too short to not make each day count! All of a sudden its so cold here in AB, Summer is definitely over here!

  3. Oh, wow! I love your video. The girls are adorable….looks like you all had a very fun and full summer. I feel your pain about the winter. I guess I shouldn’t complain, it sounds like yours up north is a lot longer than ours down here in New England. Have a great week.

    1. Thanks Kristi! Ya, I can imagine we get the cold a lot harsher than you {maybe ten-fold? lol}, it’s not fun times for me at all. I’m such a Summer-lover!
      Have a great week yourself!

  4. I hate it too – winter….and saying goodbye to summer. And while I always enjoy summer and have fun with the kids, this year I really feel like we made the absolute MOST of it. All thanks to that lovely little phrase from your blogging conference….it hit me too and hasn’t left.

    Bring on next summer!!! {or at least your upcoming Disneyland holiday!!!}

    1. 5 days Hailey, can’t wait!
      And yes, this summer was incredibly different, and I think it’s 100% due to realizing that you might only have 18 summers with your kids. It hit home, and I;m so grateful. You should never take any moment for granted!
      Think of how richer our lives are for realizing this!!

  5. I hate winter too!! Why do we live here then? Well we are the richest province, and I can’t imagine not living in Canada, BC is nice but dreary because of the rain, Maritimes not enough jobs although beautiful, Ontario well they get winter to just not as bad, so AB is as good choice as any! But look at how we make the most of the weather, the video is cute and jammed packed full of activites:) Would we do the same if we had that weather daily? My guess is no, plus come one, snow men, igloos, skating, sledding, tubing even though we complain we know it’s fun!! Geese are already gathering for the last week out here in Stony Plain about 2 months early! Oh Oh?

    1. That is so true Doris!!
      I love living in Alberta, even despite our Winters. But, I wouldn’t say no to just one more month of summer… 🙂

  6. LOVE the photos. I already miss Summer. At this time, my son and I would be at the park. Right now it’s cold and dark outside. I’m sad. But we didn’t miss a second of Summer and for that, I can be happy!

  7. I love your Blog. Your family is adorable and you are so talented. I have always wanted to blog about my life but I have never considered it very eventful. I guess really it is, I have 2 kids, a boy and a girl and we are always on the run to do something funa nd family orientated. Our summer 2012 was a simple summer, we did a lot of camping locally and put up new siding on our house. Next summer we plan to travel more and catch up with family across Canada. Have a great Christmas Break!

  8. Hate the cold and winter. We had it early this year so will be having a long winter I suspect. Good for you for being creative with your children all summer. I bet they learned a lot.

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