Disney Social Media Moms Celebration {18 Summers}

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

My time at the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2012 at Walt Disney World …

I almost cannot find the words.

My family and I stayed at Disney Parks for a full week, with each day filled with anything and everyone ‘awe’. Simply put, I could probably blog about each and every hour that passed that week. And in each, I would be lost for words to find the exact feeling surrounding what happened.


I do have much to share, yet to organize my thoughts better, I’ll devote my time spent at the #DisneySMmoms Celebration separately. The two were mashed, with sessions and speakers during the day and then family/fun time in the evenings. But for now, let’s just concentrate on the ‘conference’ part.

Pardon me while I set the stage …

The conference room was decorated in what only can be described by Disney Magic. A beautiful backdrop, table settings and little additions {great Rayovac centerpieces that also charge our devices!}.

Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

Yes, the setting in itself was inspiring. Walk in, and feel your heart race. You stood taller.

Our conference host was comedienne Maryellen Hooper {@MaryellenHooper}. She had us in stitches the entire time, and her stories of relatable motherhood really hit home. I loved her personality and had the wonderful chance to speak with her on a couple other occasions during our stay. Such a lovely {and flippin’ funny!} woman!

We got video welcome greetings from Katie Couric and Kelly Ripa, and even a visit from Darth Vader and 2 Original Mouseketeers {Sherri Alberoni & Cubby O’Brien}. THAT was awesome!

disney social media moms

The speakers that were heard during the celebration? BEST EVER!

First though, I must chat with you about something that Ann Foster {Director of Disney Destinations and Consumer Insight} said to us. I haven’t stopped thinking about these words since.


18 Summers. 18 Summers…

So, take those 18 and minus the ones already past. Now take away the summers when they are older and let’s face it, they won’t like you very much {panic sets in}.

How many summers do you have left to make memories with your kids,
before they leave and make their own memories?

Ann said that Disney keeps that fact in mind, when creating experiences and accommodations for their parks. Disney’s hope is that each memory made on a Disney vacation, will be the best memory ever and will be forever cherished. That it’ll be as much fun for the kids as it is for the parents and together they can leave all stresses and daily chaos {heh} at home and immerse themselves in pixie dust, song, color and laughter.

YES! I experienced it. I made more memories than I ever thought possible while at Disney World. But, more to come on that, I’ll save all my tears of complete joy for another post…

Here are the highlights on the fabulous speakers:

  • Meg Crofton {President of Walt Disney World Resort and Parks} She spoke about the new Art of Animation Resort {check out my separate post on this fab new resort}, and the new additions coming to WDW. There will be a double Dumbo ride to reduce ride wait times for the younger kids {air conditioned as well}, and 2 new castles for the new Fantasyland park! She spoke about Disney in Social Media, and how much the company values and listens to their guests. Yes, Disney GETS IT!
  • Amy Jo Martin {Digital Royalty @DigitalRoyalty}  She is THE renegade in social media, and spoke about finding your ‘why’ in your business. By knowing your ‘why’, you’ll succeed in your path. She also said that humans relate to humans and not logos, so put the ‘personal’ back into your brand. Smart woman, right? Everything Amy Jo said made sense, such a wonderful presentation!
  • Ramon DeLeon {Domino’s Pizza, @Ramon_Deleon} He started as a pizza delivery man and is now the Social Media master of Domino’s. HE DOES social media right, I wish all companies would follow suit. From RTing negative tweets, then making them better to sending personal video messages with deliveries via the net – customers in his area are #1. He says to give people that ‘WOW’ to share, and they will. And that’s exactly what he does, I love Domino’s more after listening to this man, THAT is power right there.
  • Gary Buchanan {Disney’s Social Media Managing Editor} Gary spoke about Star Wars Weekends {make it if you can!} and the Star Tours 3D ride, which is awesome, btw! Star Wars Weekends will even have princesses, such as Princess Amidala and Princess Leia.
    Logo, company name, with Text and Font
  • Peter Shankman {The Geek Factory @PeterShankman} Be a Weed! Meaning: be unique, be hated, “Facing your fear is the only way to become a weed. Nothing exciting ever happens in your comfort zone” and “90% of the reasons our ideas fail is because we’re waiting for other people’s approval”
  • Lisa Druxman {Stroller Strides @LisaDruxman} Business owner and fierce woman in social media, Lisa showed that that Moms can have it all. Every challenge is an opportunity!
  • Chris Brogan {Human Business Works @ChrisBrogan} Chris gave us tips on updating our blogs {what should be in your sidebar} and attracting readers. Don’t invest in a social network, invest in the people within – love that! A New York Times Bestselling Author, he was one man I wanted to hear speak, and it was great!

Overall, Disney chose the best speakers for this celebration, I learned so much from them all. I took points away that can be applied to business and in life. I’m very happy for feel fortunate to have experienced the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration 2012.

Stay tuned for more posts on events and experiences my family had during our magical stay at Walt Disney World!

A stuffed animal, disney social media moms


Disclosure: I was invited to take part in the 2012 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration conference. Various tickets/passes, accommodations and other associated perks were supplied to our family for the duration of our stay, as part of this program. Yet, I was not specifically asked to share anything with my readers about the conference or anything related to Disney. All opinions are my own, 100% mine!




    1. One of a kind! Very uplifting and full of Disney info. I learned so much about the history, values and whats coming for all the resorts. It was incredible to be in attendance!

  1. I remember Cubby from when I was young. Was he really quite old? Could he have been the original?

    1. yes, he is the original Brenda! He even played the drums for us, just like he did on the show. I’ll tell you all about it when I see you!

  2. This sounds absolutely amazing. So excited you were able to take your family and enjoy this incredible event! Can’t wait to read your upcoming posts – thanks for sharing!

    The 18 summers thing has me in a bit of a panic too…lots of memories to be made!

    1. Seems so short when you think of it that way… it really makes you make the most of each day, whcih is what we should all be doing, right?

  3. When you put it that way of only 18 summers left , makes me what to start planning things to do with my kids this summer..

  4. Ohmygosh that sounds like an amazing time! Can’t wait to have kids and take them to Disney, aha.

  5. Thank You very much for the kind words about my program during #DisneySMMoms.

    Awesome job summarizing and capturing the moments.


    1. Thanks Ramon! Hope to have the chance to hear you speak one day again, you are truly GREAT at what you do!

  6. I never thought of it like that. Yet another reason to go Disney. Wish I could have made it this year! Looks like an amazing time!

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