Cabo Adventures, Snorkel & Sea Adventure

On my recent trip to the Barceló Los Cabos Palace Deluxe, we set off one early morning for Cabo San Lucas. The mission the the day? To go on a Snorkel & Sea Adventure with Cabo Adventures, a company providing safe trips stocked with learning experiences.

Since I’m all about learning more about the area I visit {hello, Cabo San Lucas!}, I was excited to participate in a group adventure of exploring and good times.

We started the day on a private boat, with Beth – our knowledgeable {and totally awesome} tour instructor. This woman really knows the area – there was not a question she couldn’t answer. Her personality and excitement really made the trip, I could tell that the people at Cabo Adventures had a strong passion for the area and their jobs.

We first set out into the Sea of Cortez, and went saw Pelican Cove and the famous ‘Arch‘. This arch marks the extreme southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula.

This is where the Sea of Cortex {where the coasts of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Los Cabos are located, called the Los Cabos Corridor} and the Pacific Ocean meet.

The area is a popular meeting spot for Sea Lions, and you could see a whole bunch of them sun bathing on the rocks. It was really amazing to see. Between the Sea Lions and all the Pelicans, it was something right out of National Geographic.

At the Arch is where you’ll find Lover’s Beach, Divorce Beach, with Lawyers Beach right in the middle. We all had good laughs at the names, yet the naming makes sense. Lover’s Beach is on the calm and tranquil waters of the Sea of Cortez, while Divorce Beach rests on the wild and rough currents and waves of the Pacific Ocean.

The entire Sea Adventure is truly the beauty of visiting another land – many times I gazed at the ocean and the arch and felt I had to pinch myself. It was the most beautiful landscape!

We then settled ourselves at Chileano Bay where we did some snorkeling. It was a great place to see a lot of fish and coral too. Again Beth was awesome for naming various fish and leading us to some pretty cool areas.

The entire day was captured by a Cabo Adventures Photographer, who took the best shots ever – even under the water! If you go, I highly recommend getting the disc of photos of your trip – you won’t regret it!

Of course I took all my own photos, but I just had to use theirs for this post, so these beautiful photos are all by Cabos Adventures!! {with the exception of the 1st boat photo, that ones mine}

I had a blast on our Snorkel & Sea Adventure on the Los Cabos Corridor – thanks Cabo Adventures for the fun and great learning experience!



  1. I agree, that area is just beautiful. We went last year and I seen this tour. Really should have gone on it. Next time I will!

  2. You are right the pictures look like from National Geographic. I have to go see this place.

    1. It was just beautiful Josee! I couldn’t believe it! A must see for those staying in the area!

  3. Oh man, I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go deep sea diving or snorkeling!!
    Those pictures are so beautiful-I’m seriously drooling over here. LOL

  4. I am really happy to have read this as I love Mexico and have often wondered about Los Cabos, but have worried that the ocean wouldn’t be as nice there as in other places. Your review and photos proved me wrong. I love snorkelling and now I know I can di it there, thanks!

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