Save Money by Shopping at Halloween Alley

I, like most parents, have been thinking about Halloween daily ever since the calendar switched to October. I’ve asked the kids countless times what costumes they wanted this year, and even when I got an answer from them, I still kept asking. Because, kids.

I truly do love Halloween, it’s a top holiday in my books. It’s simply FUN. Yet do you know what’s not fun? Breaking the bank, of course.

Yet of course I’m armed with ways to Save Money on Halloween Costumes. Yet this year? They don’t want the older sisters previously worn costume. I don’t have time nor the energy to multiple store hop and create from scratch, which unless you’re careful, ends up costing way more than you’d think.

What I truly needed was a one-stop shop to purchase our Halloween goodies this year, and I had been looking while on my travels the last couple of weeks. You’ve probably noticed many pop-up Halloween stores in town, and of course speciality sections in department stores.

I had told the kids we were costume shopping the next weekend, and was just deciding where to go when an email came through my inbox at just the right time. In it was information that I wasn’t aware of – and it peaked my interest immensely.

Save Money by Shopping at Halloween Alley

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet all opinions are my own.


Halloween Alley, a Canadian-owned company, opened a clearance centre in in my very own city of Red Deer! This is a first for Alberta and only one of three in Canada!

Halloween Alley red Deer Sale

Well, you can bet that I had to check this out! So off the girls and I went, to get their Halloween costumes and to also check out the prices and selection. Being a Halloween-lover and well-versed in pop-up stores, I was eager to compare this one with others.

Halloween Alley in Red Deer is located downtown, just behind Fabricland, and let me tell you – this store is HUGE. They actually brought in $1.5-million worth of inventory from across the country to this one store.

Save Money at Halloween Alley Red Deer

Costumes of all kinds, accessories and decor galore – there is no lacking in selection that’s for sure. We spent hours browsing Halloween Alley, and had a blast. It was the best precursor to Halloween, it really got us in the spirit.

Best of all? THE PRICES, PEOPLE!

A store filled with lots of costumes

During the time I was there, most costumes started at 50% off, with accessories being 30% off. And this is was the day after opening. Can you believe that? There’s no waiting until the stressful last minute to scoop a sale, it’s there and now. So a comparison was what I was after and I can confidently say that Halloween Alley costumes are 50% cheaper than other pop-up stores in town.

Halloween Alley Accessories

YET. It is a clearance store after all, and there is a {super} clearance section, with many offerings as well. My tip is to head to this section of the store first. I saw many marked down 70%, and at $15 for a full costume, new in bag and weeks before Halloween? You just can’t beat that. In fact, you can’t make them yourself or thrift shop cheaper.

The Kids and I went to Halloween Alley with an idea on their costumes this year, and inspiration struck while browsing in-store and gears shifted.

Red Deer Alberta Halloween Alley

The twins are going as Scary Twin Clowns: insert joke on them going as their daily selves this year. HeeHee. So they not only got their clown clothing, but a ton of accessories to complete the look, right no to gory makeup. This is the part where I must commend the awesome staff working at our store, as they were so pleasant and eager to help. They had some great ideas on how they could make their costumes their own, so I must thank them.

Halloween Alley Accessories

My oldest, who wasn’t even entirely sure she wanted to partake this year {BOO!}, changed her mind thanks to Halloween Alley. The spirit attached to her quickly and she ended up attached to a very high-quality {and happily low priced} head to toe Shark costume. While it’s supposed to be Katy Perry’s Left Shark, we all know the Baby Shark song is where it’s at this year. I’m still trying convince her that all it needs is a diaper, am I right?

You came for information and you’re leaving with a song ear-worm. You’re welcome.

Baby Shark halloween Costume

I know we’ll be back again soon, as we had so much fun in costumes that I didn’t have a chance to fully check out the many aisles of home decor. I was too distracted laughing at the twins having to shake hands with all the ghouls they passed by.

Halloween Alley Red Deer

Halloween Alley Red Deer is on Facebook, so give them a follow for updates. Yet if anything, just check out the store in town. I know you’ll be pleased with the selection and prices. While I’ve offered many tips here on how to save money on Halloween through the years, perhaps my biggest tip is: check out Halloween Alley.

A sign in front of a building


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet all opinions are my own.




  1. I need to get to Halloween alley! Halloween is so fun! we don’t have a lot to choose from in our town.

  2. My daughter anxiously awaits for this store to open up each year in our city, we love Halloween and add new decorations each year!

  3. Great, Fill always fun to shopping at halloween alley. It will help us to save more. I will surely visit halloween-alley visit with my kids.

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