How to Save Money on Halloween Costumes


Boo! It’s that time of year again to get your kids {and yourself!} dressed up for a night of fun!

Halloween costumes can cost a lot {especially if you are buying costumes for twins or multiple children}, but if you know some ways to save money on them, your Halloween budget does not have to be as scary. It is possible to dress up in what you want with very little to spend. 


How to Save Money on Halloween Costumes


Hit up a thrift store for inspiration. You may not be able to get your entire costume there, but you will probably be able to get some good pieces that you can use. Plus, you will save money as well! Just make sure you shop early as many people use this way to save money on their Halloween costumes.

Look in your own closet. You probably have some basics like black t-shirts, sweats and so on that would be great for building a costume around. For instance, you can use a solid coloured black sweat suit as a base for an animal costume.

Consider hosting a costume exchange with friends and neighbours. Many people save costumes from year to year. You may be able to get some fun parts of a costume or if you are lucky, you could get a whole one.

Shop online for costumes or even costume pieces. For instance, if you have a child going as something that requires crutches or something else that may be hard to find (like a chef’s coat or hat) at a low price, look online. If you shop early enough, you can usually get things like this for fairly cheap.

Shop really early. Many times, when a store first starts stocking Halloween stuff, they offer an initial price at up to 50% off all costumes and accessories. This can happen as early as the beginning of September so make sure to keep an eye out. Also, shop for next year right after Halloween. Most of the time, you can save 50-75% off on the day after Halloween. Stock up for next year, even if all you get is face paint or a few accessories.

Look on Kijiji or eBay. people start to sell their costumes from last year starting in September on these websites. You can often get them in really good condition because they were usually only worn once.

Try not to buy licensed products or you’ll end up paying more. For instance, if you have a child that wants to go as a character in a new cartoon, look for other versions of the product aside from the licenced version. A generic blonde wig will be a much lower cost that the licensed version of it, for example.

Consider renting. Sometimes this is cheaper than purchasing, depending on what it is. You can often rent costumes or just costume pieces from local theatre companies or even consignment stores. This is often the best way to get expensive items that you may need for your costume but have no use for after the holiday is over. This is especially true for adult costumes, since they are generally a much high price than kids. 

Any other money saving tips to share?




  1. I just spent a small fortune on my boys Halloween costumes. Maybe next year we can try to do some DIY ideas.

  2. These are all great ideas! We moms have to get pretty resourceful sometimes becaues heaven knows that Halloween’s crazy expensive!

  3. I’m all about home made costumes. They’re fun to make, and they’re much cheaper that the store bought ones.

  4. We always make our own costumes, at least as much as we possibly can. Costumes are pricey, and most of the time they’re not better than our home made ones.

  5. Thrift stores are a great source for Halloween costume supplies. There’s so much stuff there. All you need is a little creativity, and you can outfit the whole family.

  6. We still have all of our costumes from when we were kids (1960’s and 70’s) but my kids and I loved to go to all of the thrift shops around town looking for treasures we could transform into a costume!

  7. We thrift store/DIY ours! Basics can be easily transformed with a little creativity! Thanks for the great tips!

  8. we shop year round for costumes so that at Halloween we don’t have to… Ha! We love playing dress up so we always have costumes on hand… we also buy up tons the day after Halloween to give as christmas presents

  9. Great tips. I am recycling my scrubs AKA nurse outfit from Blissdom a few years ago and we are hitting up Value Village tomorrow to put together a costume for my Tobei and find something for the 7 year old. 2 year old already picked out his costume.

  10. I always go shopping right after Halloween. I stock up on several costumes for playtime and then some to hold back for the next year. It saves a lot when they are on clearance.

  11. Great tips! I personally think DIY costumes are cuter than store bought a lot of times – I love seeing creativity shine through!

  12. These are some great tips. Halloween can get expensive with having to buy candy and costumes.

  13. Ive thought about making a costume for my son, but ive put it off for so long, i will probably just buy him one. lol… im a sucka

  14. My daughter, Sara at 26, still loves Halloween and spends a fair bit of time creating really great costumes. These are great ideas and tips. A few years ago, I had a friend help make Sara’s fairy costume. It turned out beautifully. I will have to post the picture on Facebook. I bought the wings from Value Village and I recall them being very inexpensive.

  15. Great tips! I am going to check Kijiji and our local Buy and sell! I found my daughters on there last minute last year! Thanks so much for all the awesome tips, as saving money is crucial for our one income family!!

  16. I love going to the thrift stores and just let your imagination go wild, you can come up with some pretty cool costumes!!

  17. Some of the most effective costumes I have seen have been made from materials you find around the house i.e. cardboard boxes. They make great robots, tv screens, cars and the list goes on.

  18. What great ideas! After buying costumes for years I am trying to make them this year! Wish me luck 🙂

  19. Seems like thrift stores are really popular with your readers! We always find great gently costumes at our local small charity store. They even have pet ones this year too! They save them until October to put out for sale, so there’s always a great selection 🙂

  20. I really like the idea of a costume swap party! This year we are reusing costumes and my oldest picked something super easy that she can wear her own dance gear.

  21. Love thrift stores for Halloween costumes, as well as a little DIY you can throw together a costume for little money. I hate spending a ton on something that only gets wore for a couple hours at most. Dollar stores are always good for accessories.

  22. WOW What great Tips and ideas =) Being a mom to 10 some of theses ideas are really going to come in handy =) Thank you sharing =) Now let the fun begin =) <3

  23. I was just looking at all the Halloween costumes at the thrift store today. There were so many for $1-$2 each and some were even brand new! I will be bringing my kids back tomorrow to pick what they want to wear.

  24. Great ideas! This year I did a combination of shopping early, thrift store finds, handmaking items, with new pieces as accessories mixed in & they turned out great.

  25. Each year we have a “hallowwen” market with a lot of used costumes from last year. I’m sewing so i buy bigger one and modernise them at really low cost

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