More Than Nicknames


Is it ever More Than Nicknames?

Since the day that the twins learned to talk, they called their oldest sister ‘Ella’. Easiest to say for the twins, ‘Ella’ quickly became the name that everyone called her as well.

Online is the only place I consciously say ‘Isabelle’ or “Belle’, just so I don’t confuse. Everywhere else? She’s Ella and has been for the last 3 years.

Yet, the twins have hit a milestone and now are saying ‘Isabelle’.

Sophia suddenly had perfect pronunciation and refers to her older sister, only by her real name. Really, it was out of the blue and she hasn’t said ‘Ella’ in a week.

It’s harder for Katelyn on the other hand, it sounds more like ‘Ib-a-bell’. Thus, Katie uses this real name about a third of the time, yet it’s becoming more frequent.

My point other than sharing a random kid-ism with you?

It’s breaking my heart!!!

This milestone means that the twins are getting past that toddler-phase and that makes me sad. Sure I can do without the tantrums that drive me insane, yet the adorable ‘only to them language’ is disappearing.

Pretty soon it’ll just be us parents and older folk that call her ‘Ella’, just from habit. Then over time, it might be an extinct name in this family.

‘My lub you Ella’ is quickly fading in the past. {sob}

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  1. Aw Momma. It’s so hard isn’t it? Michael always called his older brother “Brudder.” When he started to call him by his real name (Nicholas) it broke my heart, because of what it signified. Big hugs!

    1. That is darling, it’s so hard leave something so sweet behind, right? There’s a ton to look forward to, but they only say things like this once. Tight hugs mama!!

  2. It is heartbreaking. My son hard a hard time pronoucing grandma and great grandma so he called them gaga and gigi. It’s started to phase out and it makes me sad and my mother(gaga). Also hit me the other day when he was asking about playing with the dog he use to say shes rusting (resting). No momma she can’t go outside she’s rusting. last week he called is resting and i was thrilled he got the word right but after a year of the dog rusting I moarned to myself and my wine

  3. It’s so sad isn’t it? The only baby word that Isaak still holds onto is, “valence”, which is “balance.” He still puts the “la” in words that start with “y” sometimes. He’s able to get those though. The one that I used to love is when he and his cousin the same age used to call their baby cousin Emerson, “Ermason”.

    I used to get called, “Lissy” and “Liss”. Alissa was just too hard for kids to say. I was “Aunt Lissy” for the longest time. That too is getting said less. I miss it!

    Mica used to call his cousin the same age “Addo” when it was Evan. Odd, but funny! Evan called Mica, “Mino”.

    I bet it’s really hard to loose the baby language with twins. You hear their cute language more than others. Now it’s fading away. 🙁 They just grow up too fast. Although there are things I couldn’t wait for them to do! I can’t wait for Isaak to tie his shoes, wipe himself and read. Certain milestones really help!

  4. Okay, I am amazed you have one older and then twins. I have a 3yo boy and then 8 month oid boys and everyone else I know had twins first. Please tell me you can survive it.

    1. Oh yes, things will get better. Of course, there’s other obstacles to face such as transitioning to beds etc. Yet, soon he’ll be a ton of help, in more ways than you’ll know. For instance, right now can he fetch you a diaper if you need one? lol
      It was those little things when I just didn’t have an extra hand, Isabelle was soooo helpful. Still is!

  5. How cute. Glad they are mastering the tough pronunciation. Nicknames do have a tendency to stick for some for life!

  6. this story tugged at my heart too Tammi! My Grandma was named Ella and was very Dear to me! She’s the one who would say my name “Gwen” with a German accent and it would come out “Gvenny” which is a nickname I love for myself and my family often uses it as do my Dearest friends! Thanks for sharing your nickname story with us!!

    1. Gwen, I had no idea that’s why you go by Gvenny!! That is awesome, so happy I know that. I’ll really smile when I see it now! 🙂

  7. I count my blessings that Sophia still calls me ‘mama’! I know it won’t last long!

  8. Bless, what a sweet (or bittersweet) little ‘kidism’. Do you think you will have any more kids after the twins?

  9. what a beatiful family you have. When my husband was born there was a dispute about his name. The grandma didnt want him to be named Edward so in protest she started calling him Butch and everyone else followed suit. He is 45 yrs old and he still goes by Butch. It makes it difficult at times when I fill out forms because I wnt to put Butch down so bad instead of his real name lol

  10. My daughter just calls her brother ‘brother’ now everyone just says ‘brother’. This poor guy isn’t going to know he has a name

  11. My oldest was 19 months old when his brother, Cooper, was born. The first few days, he called him “Booper”. Since I soon heard him saying “C” words, like “cat”, I figured he could say “Cooper” and kinda showed him how to do it. No more Booper. I’m kinda mad at myself for nipping that in the bud–it was so precious.

    Now, the boys are almost 7 and 8.5. For several years, whenever they see a baseball/football game they ask “Who are they ‘versing’?” (from the word “versus”) It’s so cute, but I finally had to tell them that it’s not a real word and other people (teachers, etc) wouldn’t quite understand. It’s so cute that they came up with it on their own and they both say it.

  12. The day my youngest decided she wasn’t LalaLee anymore was a very sad day indeed. The nicknames kids give are always so precious.

  13. Reading this made me sad when I look back on all the things my son use to say when he first started talking. He always said Uh Oh in such a cute way I wish I had videotaped him. They don’t stay little for long 🙁

  14. Aww, I totally hear how you feel. When my daughter tells me she loves me I always smile and ask her ‘how much?’ and she used to say ‘really much’ but for about a month now she’s been answering ‘forever’. It bothers me not because it isn’t as sweet but because I know the cute little ‘really much’ is gone… forever. I need a kleenex…

  15. Kids are so smart..they find ways to name people so it’s easier for them – for the longest time my son called both his sisters JJ but he always knew which one – he would say “the bigger JJ” or “smaller JJ” his baby sister calls them both the same name too.. they seem to outgrow it by age 3…

  16. Awww that is sweet but don’t worry, I’m sure they will come up with ‘real’ nicknames soon. i still call my little brother “Crisper”. (Real mature, right!)

  17. Aww I know how you feel! My son was Buggy and Doodle Bug but even that seems to be fading as he’s getting older.

  18. My kids started calling their younger brother Nathaniel “Nato Bato Bido Boo” when he was just a newborn. Strange, yes. But we still call him “Nato” all the time and he’s two now… I don’t know how long it’ll stick but it makes me smile 🙂

  19. This may make you feel better. I still call my sister “D” b/c when I was little I couldn’t say Denise, 30 some years later.

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