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You already know that I am a huge fan of my Dyson Fan. When Summer hit, this baby was the first to be brought out even before the summer hats and bug spray. And, we use it daily.

The AM03 Pedestal Fan is the largest fan in the Dyson family and it always sits proudly by my front or back door, depending on where the breeze is the best. And it does a FANTASTIC job of cooling down the highest trafficked areas of the home.

Yet, I was hit with a little dilemma last month when trying to get kids to bed in their scorching HOT rooms. The problem? Their rooms hold in heat and never seem to cool down. To make matters worse, you can never catch any sort of breeze at all when their windows are open. I even had the insulation checked thinking it was lacking. Yet it’s not and was basically told to ‘live with it’. Nice.

{Anyway, back to the story …}

When the kids go to bed, they sweat instantly. Worse yet again, I have to close their door almost all the way, or they’d never fall asleep with the house being so bright from Summer days. So literally, they were sleeping in ovens {actually, not literally but you get my drift}.

A close up of a door

Important part of the story – I loved having my AM03 Pedestal Fan by the main doors to catch the bulk of the breeze for the parts of the home that we are in most. Yet what about those smaller {yet equally important} areas of the house, where you need something more compact and space-saving.

Insert: the Dyson AM02 Tower Fan!! { right here ~~~~~> }

It has ALL the same great features that I love about Dyson Fans:

  • Top Notch Safety: They are completely bladeless, so that little hands or clumsy adults don’t lose a finger
  • Easy to clean, unlike the tedious work involved in cleaning a bladed fan {ugh, worst thing ever!} Just a swipe with a cloth to clean, that’s it.
  • Air Multiplier™ technology, a jet draws in surrounding air, amplifying it 16X {aka: windage ahoy!}
  • Variable airflow control via tower or remote. With the push of a button you can adjust airflow power and have oscillation.
  • Modern and sassy look to it, cause who said fans have to be ugly?!

A screen shot of a person

The biggest perk to this model is that it’s smaller in size, with the ability to be placed in surroundings that needs a space-saving fan {and can be moved around with ease}. Waif-like it is not though, it still packs a mean punch when it comes to cooling the air and is sturdy.

So, right now my Dyson AM02 Tower Fan is sitting pretty in the hallway to the bedrooms, catching the breeze that comes in the only bedroom window that will take a breeze. The Tower Fan sends air toward the kids’ rooms which are open just a bit. Enough to keep it dark in there, but bringing in a lot of cool air so that their rooms are at a comfortable temperature.

closeup of dyson fan

The Dyson AM02 Tower Fan has given us less time tossing and turning at nights, trying to find that cool spot on the mattress and pillow {we all do that, admit it}. And, it also gives us more time to have that sound sleep to rest up for another long day in the Summer sun.

Once again Dyson, you are my saviour!


Need to learn more about Dyson Fans? Here’s my video review from the AM03 model:


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. I drool over these fans. Actually I have Sears credit, I think this one will be bought soon!

    1. That wow factor lingers too, I get so many compliments and requests for test drives when I have company over!

  2. Love the look of this dyson fan. I’m a bit of a dyson addict or at least a dyson dreamer!

  3. My husband was telling me about these fans the other day and how awesome they are. Then I asked him the price and he told me to forget he mentioned them lol. If the fans are even half as awesome as their vacuums though then they rock.

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