Month In Photos: May 2014

A group of people on a beach

MAY 2014 started with a bang as our family headed to Beaches Resorts in Turks and Caicos! Located on beautiful grace bay, we spent a lot of time in the sun, sand and pool – and the trip could not have been better.

Actually, most of our May 2014 was spent in Turks and Caicos, since we didn’t return until mid-month. How’s that for a spectacular May!?

Once we returned, it was activity and school catch-up plus a TON of laundry. Then, not even a week later we were setting up our Summer 2014 home at the creek {camping}! That was much packing, washing, cleaning and getting prepped. We then spent the next 3 weekends out there, bringing us right into June. I guess you can say it was the month of family travel and laundry!

In May Isabelle had cheer placements for the 2014/2015 season. So, we’ve also been going to Cheerleading 3x per week since returning from Turks and Caicos. Crazy month? You bet, but so fun and exciting at the same time.

How was your May 2014? 

If you have a Month in Photos post for May 2014, leave the link in the comments.

Don’t forget to print each month off and by years end you’ll have a year in photos for an album, without much effort required.




    1. The wind, the waves – yes, it really was! The 50 shades of beautiful blue is amazing, I could sit and stare for hours too!

  1. What a fun month for you. Our May was really exciting. New adventures on Jayne’s farm and new life. I hear you on the laundry its never ending 🙂 I miss all the activities for my girls since they are grown but when your living it you think “Lord give me strength to get it all in and smile : lol

  2. What a great month! I love all the beach pictures. My May was mostly spent driving my kids around different places, but my daughter got her license! So June should be much more peaceful now that she can drive herself!

    1. Oh wow, what an accomplishment! I hear yea though, perhaps we travel so much to avoid the constant driving around, I live in my car when at home! lol

  3. Oh goodness, what a month full of excitement for you! We had a full May also! We moved states. So a lot of packing, cleaning and moving. And now June is going to be full of unpacking. lol.

  4. What a dream! Beautiful! I dream of a beach vacation. We are going to Harbour Island at the end of July and I am counting down the days. Your little family is so lucky to have such an amazing trip!

    1. Thanks you anna, I feel fortunate that we are able to travel as much as we do. It’s a life goal of ours so we’re pleased to be living it! Harbour Island will be a great getaway, counting down with you!!!

  5. We wanted so bad to make it to Beaches, but couldn’t pull it off with the kids still in school. Hope you had fun!

  6. Wow, your May sounds like it was not only crazy but crazy wonderful! That Turks and Caicos trip sounds absolutely heavenly. Hope June is just as wonderful for you and your family 🙂

  7. Oh my goodness, y’all had a great May… Sounds like you made the best out of every day and enjoyed every moment. That trip to Turks and Caicos is dreamy, I am so jealous…

    1. No kidding! I filled in my June calendar and with all the school end of year activities and ALL that other stuff – it looks like a pen and highlighter threw up on my calendar. It’s going to be a busy one but I love June for the start of summer!

  8. What a beautiful May you all had! Thanks for sharing the pics and boy oh boy, are your daughters getting big!

  9. I have a “big” cheerleader at home, so I know it can take up more time than one would think. The water looks incredible in Turks & Caicos. I’ve never been there and would love to go someday. My sisters each have a place in Cancun and the water there is lovely too. Adorable pics!

    1. Yep, it’s a big commitment even for the parents, that’s for sure! She loves it though so it’s all worth it! ‘have a place in Cancun’ – that is AWESOME!!! lol

  10. Well the laundry doesn’t sound so fun, but the travel does!!! Our May was great – we celebrated my husband’s birthday and our 6th wedding anniversary with a weekend getaway at a state park for some hiking and relaxing! We had a big cookout with friends and family for Memorial Day, too, and my brother visited for a week from Colorado 🙂 Cannot believe it’s already June!

  11. I had no idea you and your family stayed in Turks and Caicos that long! No wonder you had a fantastic May 😉 Hopefully June looks like as fantastic as May did!

  12. What a great idea of doing a month of photos at one time. May was a good month for us but busy as usual. First camping trip of the year,m visited relatives and went shopping for the boys clothes as they are in a wedding in June. Not to mention the end of school with all those trips!

    1. It sure is a busy time of year! I love doing Month In Photos, I have been for a year now!! WOOT!
      Such an easy way to do a photo book!

  13. i want to go to turks and caicos one day!! my mom LOVED it there.

    i turned 40 in may. that’s my excitement 🙂

  14. I certainly remember all those cheer practices for my daughter too. I can’t feel sorry for you after you just went to T&C though. 😉

  15. Looks like it was a great month! Must of been nice to get away even it meant all the busy times when you got home.

  16. I have family in the Turks and Caicos and it is amazing! The beaches are perfect and the snorkeling and diving are so awesome. You are super lucky to have had a vacation there.

  17. Looks and sounds like May was amazing for you and your family! Love the pics, your girls are beautiful!

  18. The last while I am lacking in photos…..any excitement actually. Maybe June while give something worth while to post.

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