Moments Like This

Tree and Car

It’s moments like this, while out camping, that make all the bug bites totally worth it.

Solitude, peace, reflection and all the time in the world to watch my babies grow.



  1. That is such a beautiful pic of your babies hand in hand. I would totally get that enlarged and framed.

  2. Such a great photo and totally brings back memories of my childhood camping and more recent trips. I can’t wait to get out there this year! Bites and all.

  3. Really beautiful! I’ve been camping but my family never has and I don’t know how they would take nature full on. Lol I don’t know if it would be relaxing for me as a parent or more stressful. I think it would be fun. I just might look into it.

  4. I grew up camping with my family and loved it…the freedom. Hours of games…. such a wonderful moment you’ve captured in time with your girls and they will surely look back with fond appreciation!

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