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The first leg of our recent New Brunswick family trip was spent in Moncton. We flew into the small airport after a long weather delay in Calgary, and we immediately felt more relaxed. I quite enjoy flying into small airport for the ease in getting out and on our way. 

It was only a short drive to our hotel, the Delta Beauséjour Hotel. A charming and friendly hotel, our family of five very much enjoyed the connecting standard rooms we stayed in during our visit. The beds were especially divine and after a long trip across Canada, they were most welcome. 

Delta Beauséjour Hotel in Moncton New Brunswick travel

I have to give kudos to the complimentary breakfast at the Delta Beauséjour Hotel, as it was certainly a step above the rest: omelettes to order and the freshest of food. It’s the perfect start to a day exploring. 

Delta Beauséjour Hotel family travel moncton new brunswick

Due to our delayed arrival well after midnight {versus late afternoon, our supposed arrival}, we unfortunately missed going to Resurgo! Place, a transportation museum which was scheduled for us in the early morning. Alas, sometimes travel throws you curve balls and when travelling with kids – one must expect to roll with the punches and take things as they come. Due to an entire day at airports, stuck on the tarmac, and in the air – the kids simply needed to have ample sleep or else the entire day would have been stressful. So, Resurgo! Place will have to be put at the top of our next trip east, as I hear it’s a great place to visit. 

That being said, we left the hotel the first morning and went to the Magnetic Hill Zoo first. I loved that we went in the morning, beating the crowds and the heat. It’s a smaller zoo {40 acres} than what we’re used to in bigger cities, but I have to say – this is a really nice aspect. 

magnetic hill zoo new brunswick

All of the kids in our group loved spending time walking around the Magnetic Hill Zoo: visiting with the many animals there. There are over 400 of them at the zoo, including over 100 indigenous and exotic species or birds, mammals, insects, reptiles and fish.

magnetic hill zoo new brunswick family travel

Magnetic Hill Zoo is the largest zoo in Atlantic Canada and it was once rated fourth on a list of Canada’s top ten zoos. Let’s just say they have all the key players! Us adults noticed that it’s extremely well-kept and very clean. 

Magnetic Hill Zoo moncton new brunswick

The location of the zoo is one to take note of since it’s also home to Magnetic Hill {so cool!} and the Magic Mountain Waterpark. You could really spend an entire day just in this location alone. In other words, our first introduction to Moncton was impressive – offering so much to a travelling family. 

Magnetic Hill Zoo new brunswick

After a quick lunch we ventured to Hopewell Cape and walked on the ocean floor at Hopewell Rocks. When in the Moncton area, this is one location to not miss! We were led by one amazing guide named Kevin, who is so vastly knowledgeable of Hopewell Rocks and the Bay of Fundy – really, one of the best guides we’ve ever had on any of our travels.

hopewell rocks new brunswick letsgonb

A professional photographer by trade, many of the photos of Hopewell Rocks, are his handy work – and he even played part in hosting Amazing Race Canada when Hopewell Rocks was a stop in the adventure. 

hopewell rocks new brunswick letsgonb travel blogger

At Hopewell Rocks and at low tide, you literally walk on the ocean floor and take in the wondrous location that is world renowned. The Bay of Fundy has the most vast tidal ranges in the world, and if you visit when high tide – the entire area will be in water.

hopewell rocks travel new brunswick

Kevin explained the rock formations, the history, and answered the many questions we had about the rocks and exactly what happens here. It was our first introduction to the Bay of Fundy, and since we spent time in the bay at other locations, it was so helpful to get such an in-depth explanation at the very beginning of our trip. 

opewell rocks new brunswick family travel

I do have a few tips for those visiting Hopewell Rocks: bring a change of clothes, as you will get the red mud splashed on you either from playing in the water {I’m looking at you, kids!} or simply when walking as it splashes up the back of the leg. There is a place to hose off at the top when you are done, yet for those with kids – you might want to bring a change of clothes, just in case. As well, good waterproof supportive shoes or sandals are a must. Your shoes will get dirty so leave the nice ones at home. Instead, athletic sandals are the best. We all wore flip flops and it was difficult at times, and some areas are slippery – so take caution. 

After leaving Hopewell Rocks and a quick snack-stop, we headed to Shediac, a port area where were were to take a Shediac Bay Cruise

shediac new brunswick

Probably one of the most funnest times ever, this cruise is one that we all won’t forget. We took the 2.5 hour lobster tale excursion and yes, you eat lobster on this cruise! Yahoo!

shediac bay cruise lobster tales new brunswick letsgonb

After an introduction from the captain and his lovely wife, we set sail on the open waters for a lesson in lobster fishing and the area. With high energy and a pure passion for what they do, our hosts keep the adults and kids entertained the entire time. They teach lessons in fishing techniques, get the kids help bring the traps on board and even explain the different types of lobster and how to tell a make from a female. 

shediac bay cruise lobster tales

Yet the highlight of the trip is the lesson in how to shell a whole lobster, and the eating of said lobster {there is the option of getting chicken in lieu}. I never particularly cared for cold lobster, so there was disappointment when I learned that cold lobster was served. HOWEVER, I was shocked beyond belief when I not only liked it, but it was the best lobster I’d ever had thus far. I’m pretty much drooling just thinking back to the dinner actually, it was amazing. Nothing beats fresh atlantic lobster! 

fresh lobster east coast canada new brunswick

The entire experience was wonderful – the evening setting, the lobster dinner, the company, the hosts and the lively acadian music playing in the background. It really was a great time, and one which I wouldn’t hesitate to go on again and again.

shediac bay cruise lobster tales new brunswick family travel blogger

After an overnight in Moncton at the Delta Beauséjour, we toured Fundy National Park for the majority of the day, as we made way to Saint John New Brunswick. This is the leg of the trip where I really got a feel for the province and the amazing backdrop. As you pass by small towns and villages, you really get acquainted with this destination and appreciate the beauty that is New Brunswick.

fundy national park new brunswick family travel

The drive through Fundy National Park is incredibly scenic, with rolling hills and many stops to get out and explore. It’s also home to more than 25 waterfalls! 

fundy national park new brunswick

There were a few towns that we stopped in, yet Alma was my favourite mainly due to their incredible sticky buns. Before the trip we were told that a stop in Alma for some sticky buns is something not to be missed, and I’d have to agree. Early on I realized that we really did eat our way through New Brunswick, and enjoyed every mouthful.

alma sticky buns fundy national park new brunswick travel

Fundy National Park is a treasure in itself, offering attractions and activities for those looking to seek a piece of nature, golf or see some wildlife. Don’t forget to have your camera ready though, it’s so beautiful that you’ll want to capture the moment to remember always.

fundy national park new brunswick

As you can see it was a full first day in the Moncton area, but an incredible one at that. We had a rental car for the entire New Brunswick trip and I’d recommend this for travelling families. Not only are you able to easily take in all that you want, yet it’s a cost effective way to get around while still keeping that flexibility in your itinerary.

fundy national park new brunswick family travel letsgonb

All these must-see’s when in the Moncton New Brunswick area are just a short drive from each other. While they are each incredible points of interest, it’s the stops along the way that are just as memorable too. My family travels by explore +live + experience and we certainly did just that on our New Brunswick retreat.

Watch for more #LetsGONB articles, our New Brunswick family travel stories have only just begun!


My family and I were hosted by Tourism New Brunswick and SJ Consulting for this #LetsGONB retreat. All opinions are my own.



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