Don’t Re-Wash, Maytag Fresh Hold!


For Challenge #3 of the Maytag Blogger Challenge, my family was sent clothes of different fabrics. The point of this challenge was to try out specific features on the Maytag Maxima XL HE for each item of clothing and remark on the results. After all, clothes come in every shape, size and fabric and thus, should not be washed as if they were all alike.


So, I must point out right now that in my chaotic days, and just plain laziness {truth}, I had gotten into the habit of washing everything and everything, at once. Using the ‘normal’ setting.

Correction, just for the sake of convenience when putting away the items, I do wash towels, bedding, jackets etc separately. Yet, when it comes to clothing, this isn’t the case. I wash the twins clothes all together, hubbys and my clothes altogether and then my oldest daughters clothes altogether. Fabric, shamabric. You’re going in there regardless of what you are made from. Make friends, you don’t have a choice!

For years forever, I never thought of it. Never cared and certainly didn’t think it would make that much of a difference. 

Hi, I’m Tammi and I’m totally wrong. 

I guess my overall take from this challenge is this: For best results, you should be washing some fabrics separately. Yet, thanks to the Maytag Maxima XL duo, it’s not as hard {or time consuming} as one would believe. In reality, it’s simple. Too simple not to do. The results? AMAZING. 

Let me explain what I’m talking about, and the cycles I used for each fabric…

My girls were each given a 100% cotton t-shirt.

It’s the run-of-the-mill Cotton graphics shirt that is in every one’s closet. It was suggested that I should be washing cotton in a Cold Cycle, using the Maytag 12 Hour Fresh Hold option, then dried on a low-heat setting

The Maytag 12 Fresh Hold Cycle: “Keep clothes fresh and start drying right in the washer. Circulating air helps to keep odor or wrinkles from setting in for up to 12 hours after the wash cycle ends. Plus, this option may be selected manually at any time to dry out the interior of the washer.”

a washing machine

Raise your hand if you forget items in the washer for hours {or days}, only to have to re-wash because of smell repulsion and worry over possible mold. Me, Me, Me!!

The fresh hold option on the Maytag Maxima XL HE is what I call ‘the lifesaver option’, since I forget laundry all.the.time. It’s a prevention against re-washing and wasting water and time, this cycle is now used by myself, for each and every load. ‘Cause you never know when you’ll get distracted and forget {ahem, always}.

  • Before, I’d have to re-wash and the fabric would be rough, but whatever, I’d hang it in the closet anyway. As you can see in the video above, my results for cotton clothing was: very fluffy, super soft and smelling really good. Honestly, I didn’t expect to see such a difference at all. It was a real eye-opener for sure, which is why I had to take this test one step further and also washed older clothes to see if they had the same results as new ones. Blown away, people!

For myself, Maytag sent a spandex top.

Wait … how do they know I live in Yoga pants? {eerie music}.

I must point out that I always had a ‘problem’ with my spandex, yet never took the steps to change my routine. Again: busy and lazy. You see, I washed and dried my Spanex with all my other clothing and thus, my yoga pants pilled and caused everything in that load to static. Despite fabric softener, everything had major static. Yep, and I kept on doing it. *hanging head in shame*

For Spandex it was suggested to use the Overnight Wash and Dry Cycle with the 12 Hour Fresh Hold Option with Dynamic Venting Technology.

overnight wash and dry maytag myorganizedchaos

Right away I was excited since the Overnight Cycle is one of my favorite features of all time. I touched on this in a previous challenge post, yet I love the chance to sing its praises again. As it’s the best cycle ever. Wash and dry while I sleep? Yes, please!

spandex Maytag Maxima XL challenge

  • My findings from this Spandex test, when washing the new shirt along with my old pants? No static, and much softer fabric. Even the old spandex hasn’t been that soft since the day I bought it. Keep in mind, the 12 Hour Fresh Hold tumbles the fabric for hours to keep them at their best. To me, that says a lot of drying which I would only assume meant MORE static. Yet, there wasn’t any at all… Best of all, it’s washed while I sleep, no extra steps required. This even suits my busy/lazy side. Well played Maytag, I’m convinced.

Linen, in the form of cargo pants for hubby.

‘Tis is the season for linen, right? Just like cotton, it’s a thin fabric that is cool and welcome for the Summer months. Yet, this fabric also wrinkles. A lot.

Which brings me to another point, I don’t iron. I know how, my mother taught me as a child. Yet, I hate it and refuse the chore. In fact, I’ve banned myself and the girls from owning anything that requires ironing. Yet, hubby has dress shirts which absolutely need it. So, bless his heart, he does all the ironing himself or takes the items to the dry cleaners for pressing. Even while in Mexico on vacation a couple months ago, he ironed his dress clothes before dinner while I sat back and drank my margarita. True story. 

So, how much does hubby appreciate the Wrinkle Guard on the Maytag Maxima XL dryer? LOADS! {pun intended}.

The challenge for Linen was to wash them on the Delicate Cycle using the Maytag 12 Hour Fresh Hold option, then to use the Wrinkle Guard on the Maytag Maxima XL dryer to get out all the creases.

linen delicate cycle maytag maxima xl myorganizedchaos

I stuck hubby’s linen pants into the washer, and then, forgot about them for longer than 12 hours {no surprise there}. While I knew the Fresh hold option would keep them from smelling and going ‘stale’, I was sceptical that the Wrinkle Guard would work on items that were left in the washer for that long. After all, it’s linen – it was born to wrinkle!

maytag linen pants

  • The wonderful result for the Linen test? Clean, fresh and absolutely wrinkle-free. No ironing by hubby needed at all, even though the pants were in the washer for such a long time. Again, saving time, energy and money since he always took these items for pressing in the past. You need only let the Maytag Dynamic Duo do the job for you. Guess I’m taking over the ‘ironing’ from now on, you’re welcome hubby. Yet guess what? This feature gets bonus points: I can still sit back and watch while sipping my margarita. We both win on this one.


myorganized chaos canadian mom blogger

** The many fabrics used in this challenge. Doing laundry with enough time left to play outdoors.**

Going into this part of the challenge, I honestly didn’t think I’d see a remarkable difference. I was so surprised to discover that washing certain fabrics, as intended, really does help to preserve the fabric and thus, make them last longer and look better. Yet you need to be equipped to get that job done.

Thanks to the smart features of the Maytag Maxima XL washer and dryer, cleaning all those different fabrics properly doesn’t come with the sacrifice of burden nor time. So, they’re actually attainable results, even for those that forget their laundry in the washer for longer than they should.

It’s as easy as pushing a button and walking away {and forgetting about it}. Even I can do that!

Check out all the incredible features of the NEW Maytag® Maxima XL™ Front Load Steam Washer with the PowerWash® cycle AND the Maytag® Maxima XL™ HE Steam Dryer with a quiet SoundGuard® drum, product info is at the links!


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Disclosure: I received a washer and dryer from Maytag to facilitate this product review. The opinions on this blog are my own.


  1. The washer/dry would. The amount of washing I get though is amazing. Twenty Towels, five lots of bed sheets and duvet covers. Plus with a family of 5, endless amounts of clothes that is just 3 days washing.

  2. the allergy and the over-night wash and dry, I do try to wash when hydro suggests to wash and dry but sometimes I get tired and it doesnt get done on time

  3. Oh Tammi…..I couldn’t have said it better. I too have been constantly guilting of starting a load and then completely spacing on it …… the fresh hold option would be fabulous…..just a busy Mom’s dream come true!!!! All your posts have left me really daydreaming about Maytag…hehe

  4. I like the steam Sanitize option – I work in a hospital and go to the gym – so I am exposed to lots of germs and lots of sweat πŸ™‚ heh

  5. The fresh hold is a must-have, not an option, wow. loved your posts Tammy and like I said in my email to you last week, our washer died and we have since bought these to let you know. you are so right, especially this feature and the overnight. so excited, they are wonderful and I like doing laundry now, so easy.

  6. The antistatic feature and the cycle for cotton shirt, how many times my husband did the laundry and now my top are not fitting me anymore πŸ˜€

  7. I’m good at getting the laundry into the washer, but it’s often hours later til I get to it – the Fresh Hold and Wrinkle Guard would be amazing!

  8. I just broke the espresso side of my coffee pot that I used as a one cup coffee maker πŸ™ Thank you for the opportunity!!

  9. The overnight wash and dry feature is phenomenal! i am so guilty of late night washing trying to stay up to put it in the dryer.. epic fail all the time. πŸ™‚ thank you!

  10. Because we have a top loader I no longer do the laundry – too far to reach to the bottom – so any feature of a front loader would be wonderful to have again but I do like the Fresh hold option. When I had a front loader I used to put the laundry on before going to work and hanging it out when I got back which was usually 12 hours later – because my husband constantly forgot to check if any washing had been done

  11. I would like it if it folded the laundry and put it away – BUT since it doesn’t I like the Auto Refresh Steam Cycle function. I forget laundry in the dryer from time to time… I don’t know how I manage to walk away without hitting that damn button but I do. *sigh*.


  12. The steam Sanitize option would be awesome as i run a dyahome and the germs are everywhere and littel ones put everything in the mouths!

  13. I like the Overnight Wash and Dry feature and the Allergen Removal Washer Cycle!

    I don’t do as much laundry now as I did when I was raising 4 girls many years ago πŸ™‚

  14. Wow, I would love the 12 hr fresh option! I’m constantly re-washing! I’m not in the market for a new laundry team, but after reading these posts, well…I might be!

  15. I do laundry just about every day. I actually don’t mind doing it. I just hate putting it away LOL.

    The Fresh hold cycle sounds awesome. I always forget clothes in there. Then I have to rewash if its been too long.

  16. I have a Samsung steam washer and find that my clothes come out pretty wrinkled, but when I throw delicates in the steam dryer they come out nice and pressed. Never tried a Maytag though.

  17. The overnight cycle would help me most..not only for when we do laundry at night while we sleep (which is often)…but also for long days when we pop in a load before we head out somewhere for the day.

  18. I love that it stores enough detergent for 12 loads and dispenses the correct amount for each load. I hate measuring laundry detergent so that would help me a lot!

  19. Would absolutely love the linen cycle, I hate to do ironing. My machine is relatively new but things still come out with wrinkles. This washer sounds like I machine I might be in love with!

  20. The overnight wash and dry cycle would help our laundry out! Ever since we had kids, we seem to always forget our laundry in the washer and it becomes musky smelling.

  21. The overnight wash and dry. My husband is always saying “can you get my laundry for me so I’ll have it for work in the morning”. Umm, get it yourself…tomorrow πŸ™‚

  22. I work 12-16 hour shifts. I often come home, put a load of laundry in & fall asleep by accident. I wake up & my clothes are still in the washer, wet. I don’t have time to dry them. Or, like you, I leave them in the washer for days & forget.. until I smell mildew. The fresh option would be GREAT for me.

  23. Now that hubby & I are both retired…we live in 100% cotton t-shirts and jeans (shorts in the summer) I would love washing our cotton in a Cold Cycle, using the Maytag 12 Hour Fresh Hold option, then dried on a low-heat setting.

  24. The Fresh hold option sounds like something my family and I could really benefit from.

  25. I think the Overnight Wash and Dry Cycle with the 12 Hour Fresh Hold Option with Dynamic Venting Technology would be the best feature for our household! Some days I’m great with laundry, other days… poor laundry sits in the washer most of the day!!

  26. How did you know I leave my wet laundry in the washer WAY TOO LONG? Hate that. Sounds like your new washer takes care of that problem, though, love it!

  27. The Maytag 12 Fresh Hold Cycle would help me the most. I’m continually forgetting about clothes in the washer and have to re-wash them the next day……. or so…… again. πŸ™‚

  28. I have 4 kids and this would enable me to wash over night. Definite plus feature.

  29. I really like the hold feature…so many times the laundry has been left in the machine long enough to wrinkle and then I need to rewash to try and get the wrinkles out…this feature is amazing!

  30. Overnight wash and dry! I love this washer and dryer. Can’t wait until we get our place and this will be in my laundry room πŸ˜€

  31. Without question, the overnight wash and dry is the top feature for me – what a time-saver! With four kids and a hubby who changes more often than I do, there is always laundry to be done and this would make it so much easier!

  32. grrr. I don’t know how many times I’ve had clothes come out so wrinkled. I don’t have time to iron, and I HATE to iron. Also, I hang alot of clothes to dry to avoid the static. I have to hang them to dry, then throw them in later for a few minutes with a fabric softener sheet to avoid the static. I could go on but enough of my whining.

  33. We live in an apartment building with shared laundry, so honestly, just having our own washer and dryer would be a lifesaver. Beyond that, I love the overnight feature!

  34. Clothes left in the washer that don’t start to get stinky—-its like somebody has been crawling around in my head now if they could please invent self sweeping floors!

  35. definitely the SoundGuard! I rarely get “quiet” around the house because of the kids and the dog and when they are out, I do the laundry. So it would be nice to have a quiet house for once!

  36. Everything is getting so technical. I could never figure out the different things to do to get results. I wash everything in cold except whites which I wash in hot. Add 2 bounce dryer sheets to take out excess wrinkles.

  37. I don’t have a lot of laundry, there’s just three of us, but I do like the “Overnight Wash and Dry Cycle with the 12 Hour Fresh Hold Option with Dynamic Venting Technology” option.

  38. I have forgotten laundry in the washer for 2 days before, had to rewash. they were gross.

  39. 1-2days is the longest i have forgotten stuff in the washer as i had a bad case of baby brain!

  40. I would say the longest has been 3 days, I put a load in the washer and then forgot to put it in the dryer before we left for the weekend camping.

  41. I’ve never forgotten clothes in the washer because we live in an apartment building and we wait in the laundry room for our clothes to finish washing.

  42. Maybe 2 days, but I do that a lot. have to rewash quite often actually. love the Fresh Hold Option!

  43. all the time, as you said, it’s a common problem here, would love that fresh hold feature

  44. I left it in for 2-3 days, but more times than I can count. Also, I have the problem of static too, thanks so much for the tip!

  45. Please don’t ask such a personal question! If you must know, I think I’m pretty good about remembering the load when I’m looking for the clothes I could have sworn I washed!

  46. Longest I’ve ever forgotten my clothes in the washer was about 18 hours… Fresh Hold would have been useful!

  47. I have not forgotten my clothes in the washer before, but my daughter has – three days – ick!

  48. I never leave anything longer than it supposed to be in there, I hate wrinkled clothes

  49. I have put my clothes in the wash one morning and remembered the following night, upsetting

  50. It is simply amazing all of the things that these appliances can do! A beautiful family photo as well

  51. Atleast 3 days!! A weekend….. they didnt smell nice!!

    (what are ppl reading? I see answers that aren’t even relevant to the mandatory question, lol)

  52. I often leave mine in over night but the longest is two days. I’m not sure how that happened because I normally do about a load a day but I guess I was just that busy

  53. I have never left if for more than a day… I think the longest has been 8 hours or so. Still pretty gross :S

  54. I have forgotten my laundry for up to 3 days! Put it in on friday, then we left to go camping for the weekend and I forgot to put my laundry in the dryer before we took off! Boy that was not a pleasant smell!

  55. The longest time I have ever forgotten was letting them soak for overnight in the washer

  56. I have forgotten my washing in the machine overnight as the longest…thank goodness my husband is better at remembering to switch over the laundry over to the dryer more often than I do!

  57. I once forgot my clothes for 24h.. In a shared laundry room when I was living in an apartment haha. I prayed all the way to the laundry room that my clothes was there and thanks God it was still there.

  58. The longest I’ve left clothes in the washer was a day and a half, I just really forgot about them. I had to rewash them because they smelled funky..

  59. Well I must admit that I have left my clothes in for over a week in the washer, longer in the dryer lol.

  60. I really don’t want to say but rewashing was a must. gross!! really love this feature, I want this set so bad!

  61. point made, made me think about how I do laundry. I’m a forgetter too, usually at least 4-5 hours each time.

  62. Hahaha—I just hung up a load of Hubz’ shirts that I had to rewash before I could dry them today. I think they had been in there for about 4 days πŸ™

  63. I don’t think I’ve left them longer than overnight but that’s long enough for lots of wrinkles!

  64. I am pretty good , maybe overnight , when I was younger defiantely longer lol but I have teens who I am trying to get to do their own laundry and they put it in , then they go out and if I dont check it could be there for days

  65. overnight, at least a few times a week. I think this feature was made for me, what a lifesaver!

  66. Love these features, drooling over all your posts Tammi, I want!
    and, I forget all the time, the most 9 days when I went on vacation. That was a bad thing to come home to

  67. ummmm, 2 days maybe, but too often to count. so it’s a common issue in this house. that feature is fantastic

  68. overnight, all the time. I work nights so often I put laundry in when I get home and don’t remember until i get up the next afternoon for work. A vicious cycle!

  69. I completely forgot once when we went on a 3-week vacation, that was one nasty smelling washer when we got back. I try and remember now, and it’s usually only hours that I forget. Maybe that event scarred me for life. lol

  70. cute picture of your family, and it’s true we have so many fabrics. You need a washer set that fits with the reality of life, this one does!

  71. each time I do laundry I forget. each time. that’s about 3-4 hours but I have went days. hanging head in shame!

  72. I have left my clothes in the washer for a day before, but no longer than that I don’t think!

  73. overnight wash and dry and crease fee are awesome features
    I’ve forgotten a load of laundry in the washer overnight, it was a wrinkled mess

  74. I have been known to have to restart the washer up to three times because I keep forgetting its in there.

    1. Overnight is a common problem isn’t it?! Overnight wash and dry and the Fresh Hold option – we got this!

  75. it is shameful lol but i was moving and when i got my washer to the new house i found a load of laundry in there it was about 2 days later

  76. I have forgotten the laundry in the washer for 2 days. I have also gone in the laundry room to put on another load, added the detergent, set the water level and time, then came back after the full cycle to transfer the clothes from the washer to the dryer only to lift the lid to find nothing in there, absolutely nothing. Not a thing.

  77. I have definitely forgotten clothes in the dryer overnight…. possibly even over 2 nights!!

  78. Oh I once left laundry in the washer for over 3 days, I took the kids fishing while Mom was away and when we got home I just dumped all our smelly clothes in the washer, started it and forgot about

  79. I think once I forgot it forever! By the time I remembered, someone threw them out. It was a public laundry.

  80. Hello, ME!!! You must be my long-lost sister. I always thought I was the only one who forgot about my laundry in the washer for… um….. hours. (maybe like 48 hours?!) This sounds like my dream machine.

  81. With a family of seven, I can honestly say that I have left a load in the washer by mistake more than a couple of times! The longest I would say is overnight though.

  82. I forget my laundry in the washer ALL the time. Wish I could say I didn’t, but I do. I think the longest has been when I was sick, and it ended up being left for 4 or 5 days. STINKY! LOL

  83. I live in an apartment which means i’m never able to leave my clothes in the dryer (or washer for that matter) in the building’s laundrymat

  84. 2 days once, yet usually it’s only a few hours. This set would be right at home in my house!

  85. overnight all the time … right now actually. lol
    yet I do laundry each day so I usually don’t forget to switch for more than that

  86. few hours always to overnight. longest was a few days once, so I know what you mena about stinky laundry.

  87. ahhh, I have some in right now that I forgot about since yesterday morning. look at that, I DO need this feature. Great post Tammi, true and true!

  88. doesn’t it suck when you realize it’s been sitting there and you have to do it all over again? 3 days for me!

  89. One day for myself… but my sister once left one for about a week, I heard all about that gross mess!

  90. lol that is me all of the time. Our dryer doesnt work the greatest, so sometimes i am to lazy to hang our clothes out, i leave the clothes in there a little to long. one time i forgot i had clothes in the washer, for 3 days, i had to rewash them!

  91. Oh my goodness, that’s exactly how I do my family’s laundry!! Our washer and dryer are SO incredibly OLD I have just given up! Everything gets thrown in together…in the biggest heap possible…
    The longest I’ve forgotten about clothes in the dryer is probably 2 days!! :O We were really fortunate with everyone giving us clothes for our first son, so fortunate that I wash his clothes and forget about them because he won’t be missing anything as he has about 5 other wardrobes!!
    Thanks Tammi!!!!

  92. I’m the queen of leaving clothes for hours(or days) in the laundry machine. I really need this system because the dryer I have is archaeic and it has been in my laundry room for 17 years…

  93. I have left them overnight to! Think that would be the longest and always have to re-wash them the next day because of the smell!

  94. 2-3 days once, but always at least 4-6 hours. I’m terrible at that, I need this laundry set!

  95. Days once in the apartment shared laundry room, my neightbors weren’t impressed at all.

  96. I always forget, I’m like you. I’d love to have this as backup, every washer needs this!

  97. I have only left them in there about a day, long enough to have to wash them again.

  98. A couple of days at the most when I had a washer/dryer. The good thing about having to go to the laundromat now is that I don’t forget!

  99. A couple of days…and then I wonder where’s that top…….oh right, still in the washer!

  100. An entire weekend. Went camping and forgot about thw load in the wash. Smelly surprise!

  101. way too long, rewashing was a must. it was disgusting. adore these features, thanks for the post tammi

  102. 8 days once when we went on holidays, that wasn’t pleasant coming home to. thanks for the giveaway

  103. once I left my landry in for the weekend when we went camping. had to rewash, twice, just in case

  104. As long as it takes for me to be missing a shirt I need to wear and wonder “where did I put it…oh…” *cough*

  105. Hey, when that buzzer goes off on my washer, I am like Pavlov’s dog. I get up and hang the clothes out immediately – no funny smells for me and my washer!

  106. OMG this would be HEAVEN! We have our married daughter living with us with her 2 children under age of 3. You can only imagine the laundry – Wrinkle Free, No Ironing and Fresh Hold!

  107. I think I usually forget it for a few hours but when my husband does laundry he forgets it in for a day or so πŸ™

  108. once…and I’m ashamed to admit this…I forgot them for a couple days! I thought they were put in the dryer and nope…it then took a couple washes to make them smell clean again. :/

  109. living in a busy small apartment building with SHARED laundry facilities, the longest I have ever left anything in a washer/dryer was overnight, the next morning a neighbour went to use the machine and discovered my load still inside. The darling lady even folded it for me and delivered it up the back fire escape stairs to my door. How sweet was she?!

  110. The crease free feature is amazing! Especially if you tend to put clothes in the wash and forget about them for a couple days…

  111. my husband is the washer in the house, and he forgets ALL THE TIME. I think a week was the longest something sat in there. YUCK!

  112. Sometimes I’ll wash my clothes the night before I need to wear them. Only to find them in the washer the next morning because I forgot to dry them.

  113. 4 days at the most, yet this happens all the time. I need this set, what incredible features!

  114. I don’t even want to say, it’s almost embarrasing. Let’s just say it’s always way longer than they are supposed to. Covering my eyes, I’m soooooo bad at remembering too!

  115. 12 hours or more, I think. i try and remember but it’s hard, I need to set timers or soemthing.

  116. over a long weekend when I was out of town. then I forgot for another day when i got home since I was too tired to do laundry. that’s what I get for forgetting, I spent days doing laundry with the rewashing plus the regular loads.

  117. beautiful family, it’s true, we have so many other things to do than to just do laundry. I really need these, I spend far too much time washing and rewashing around here. not fun!

  118. I’ve forgotten about clothes in the washer over night. I really wish I had this laundry set, it would make my least favourite chore more bearable.

  119. I think the longest I’ve forgotten my clothes in the washer was a day but yeah I wasn’t too sure about the smell & mold issue.

  120. At most I’d say I’ve gone two days which means I have to rewash it which sucks. Thanks!

  121. i could not just leave my laundry in the washer/dry and walk away buat nowadays they make them dfferent

  122. I’ve only done that once in my life – they were left in over night and I learnt my lesson!

  123. It was around 2-3 days when I had the flu and couldn’t get out of bed. I had a hard time getting the nasty smell from the washer and clothes in it after that.

  124. I accidentally forgot a load of kids laundry in the front load while we went on a weekend hockey trip — 3 days!. Eww. or I should say… Pew,… It took many washes and various wash additives (crystals, etc..) to get the odour under control.

  125. Lol I put laundry in on Sunday night and forgot about it until yesterday (Wednesday). I had to rewash!

  126. I think the longest time would have been over night so maybe 9 hours. I had to rewash which sucks because its a coin laundry machine πŸ™

  127. at the longest maybe an hour after it is done. I live in an apartment and you just can’t do that kind of thing or others would get mad

  128. I could so use the Fresh Hold option! I can’t tell you how many times laundry gets left sitting around here..and irons..sheesh I only use mine like twice a year so the wrinkle guard would be great too!

  129. I have forgotten my clothes in the washer overnight. i know i know, i’m very bad! πŸ™

  130. I don’t seem to have a problem with forgetting about clothes in the washer. Might have been a couple of hours, tops.

  131. I have forgotten my clothes in the washer for about 4 days – definitely needed a rewash or two! Yuck!

  132. Only over night. With 6 of us, it rarely goes too long without being ran!

  133. I have forgotten my clothes in the washer for two days! Ugh, they smelled awful and were stiff…yech! πŸ™‚ Thank you.

  134. I’ve forgotten long enough that because they started to stink, I had to rewash again. Opps

  135. Probably a whole weekend. I try to get all the laundry done by the time my husband comes home from work on Friday. If I haven’t finished, it will sit until the weekend is over because by then I’ve forgotten about it.

  136. I’ve forgotten my clothes over a long weekend- daughter only pulled out what we needed to pack and left the rest.

  137. I wash a load of laundry almost everyday, so they don’t stay in the washer or dryer for very long. Thanks for having this contest.

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    Your content is excellent but with images and clips, this
    blog could undeniably be one of the best in its field.
    Excellent blog!

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