Letter From My Daughter


Isabelle, my sobbing after reading this letter you gave me, had made you so worried and confused. On this particular day self-doubt and feelings of Motherhood-failure ran so deep it was suffocating. You saved the day.




{copied word for word, from Isabelle, 8 years old}

Dear Mom and Dad

You guys are my heroes in so many ways. I am thankful that I have
such good parents and even if we were poor I will still love you so
much. thank you for tacking me to Disneyland for my B-day. I like it
when you give me baken wrapped chiken. I appreciate when
you give me hugs. And thank you for keeping me safe.
xoxoxoxoxo. I love you guys so much

love: Bell


I know you don’t totally understand, yet I know one day you’ll realize just how much having this means to me. Thank you Isabelle, for being you and being true. So thoughtful and compassionate.

I love you.

p.s. I’m making you Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken tonight.

love always, Mom





  1. Such a darling letter, I love getting these kind of keepsakes from my son. Hold onto that letter mama! ♥

    1. Disney I understand, yet to appreciate the little things like a good meal? Yeah, makes me feel great. She’s such a good girl!!

  2. How blessed you are – what a change from MY grown daughter, who doesn’t care whether I live or die.

  3. I can feel my heart smiling. Seriously…smiling and maybe even crying a little. So sweet. <3

    1. Thanks Cheryl, moments like this must be remembered for those times when you need a reminder to get back up and keep going, right?

  4. Awe I’m so looking forward to having my girls write me letters now. I save everything they draw and will defiantly save everything they make/write me!. Bacon wrapped chicken, such a hit with my girls, and myself, yum!

    1. How do you store all the keepsakes Nathania? I have a cedar chest, but it’s so full, need an idea! And glad you love the recipe, happy when the kids request something other than take-out! lol

      1. Now I totally want a cedar chest to store keepsakes, but I would need something huge…and probably 5 of them lol. I keep them in folders in a filing cabinet, all organized by age/girl! My fiances mom gave him all of his little letters/drawings from when he was little before we had our children, she kept all of her keepsakes from all 5 of her kids organized like that so I decided to do it that way to!

  5. tammi, you and trev have a truly beautiful caring family 🙂 be proud in the roles you all have in achieving such great attitudes. i know your heart swelled 3 times and tears came down as you read this and that you will treasure the letter dearly. luv you guys, give the girls hugs & tickles from us. (and if i knew how to make hearts i would add a bunch here 😉 )

  6. Tammi, what a lovely daughter you and your husband have raised. You have so much to be proud of! Your post has made me feel a little bit sentimental and will start going through my ‘Sara’ box. I

  7. Such a sweet note from a very caring and thoughtful little girl. I still have a few little notes, drawings and cards my children gave me and I treasure them. I am sure this will be one of those notes you will keep and read over and over.

  8. Aw…my daughter had written a touching letter such as this one, only she was a difficult teenager at the time, when I sometimes wondered why I didn’t just give up. Of course we don’t give up on our kids. And then when my job became so incredibly stressful and difficult, I wondered why I bothered going to work each day. So I pinned her letter to my cubical wall to remind myself why. Our children teach us many wonderful lessons and keep us strong.

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