Horseback Ride and Swim at Sandy Bay Ranch

One of my favourite parts about our first trip to Negril Jamaica was taking the Horseback Ride and Swim tour. It was offered from Chukka Adventures at the Sandy Bay Ranch, a tour easily booked at our Island Routes kiosk at Sandals Negril. It’s literally horseback riding, in complete paradise!

A group of people in a park

Despite not being on a horse in many years, I wanted to take on this tour to see the Jamaican countryside and as advertised, horseback ride in the ocean. Who knows if I’d ever get an opportunity like that again?

This Montego Bay 2.5 hour guided tour starts with some laps on the Chukka property as the entire group gets onto a horse. This is a great time to meet your guides and get a feel for horseback riding. After some instruction, you leave the property and make your way through beautiful mountains. Really, the backdrop can’t be beat. The location is very much like a rainforest, and the guides take this opportunity to tell lots about the land and history of the area.

A group of palm trees on a beach near a body of water

Our guide picked one leaf and had me taste, mint! Another leaf was an ingredient for the jerk spice. Be still my heart one guide even picked a flower and gave it to my husband to deliver to me on horseback!

Needless to say the Chukka guides are both knowledgeable and entertaining.  After arriving back from the riding tour, everyone has a rest before getting back onto horses to ride through the ocean. This time, bareback! I can’t say how odd of a feeling it is to be bareback on a horse and walk into the ocean.

A large body of water, in jamaica

Water rising and rising until it’s just below waist level, it’s like swimming but riding .. a completely different but exhilarating experience. My horse, well, he loved to RUN in the ocean. Ahhh, this was incredible! 

The Horseback Ride and Swim tour with Chukka Adventures was such an amazing experience, I highly recommend it. Even people who hadn’t been on a horse before went and had a great time.




    1. It was remarkable feeling being wist deep in water on a horse! Plus, riding through the mountains and getting the backyard look at Jamaica? Perfect!

    1. Ahhh, close your eyes and feel the bliss!! lol
      i could use me some warmth these days, so cold here in Canada!

    1. Never thought I’d ever do this, and would love to go again on a future trip to Jamaica!

  1. This looks absolutely amazing! I’d love the opportunity to ride horseback in the ocean.

  2. This post has me so ready for spring break! What a lovely view and it must have been an amazing adventure.

  3. That looks like such an amazing experience! It’s cool that you got to do this. And the pictures are great.

  4. What??? They go in the ocean with you on their backs like that? How cool that must be!!! Those pictures are just breathtaking. I am drooling over the sun. lol

  5. How amazing of an experience was this?! I can imagine that being bareback and going into the ocean was a little unnerving at first, but wow! Beautiful photos too!

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