Truly Proud

This last weekend my oldest took part in another cheer competition.

Her team got 2nd! Most importantly though, Isabelle has found a sport that she loves whole heartedly. After dabbling in pretty much every activity and sport out there, I’m certain that cheerleading ‘is the one’.

cheerleading competition

Thanks to cheerleading she’s stronger, more confident and pushes herself to learn and grow.

Always determined to give it her best, she has fun no matter what. Isabelle offers support to her team and is always there for them, helping with a stunt or just to be a friend. 

 For all of this and more, I’m so proud of my daughter!



    1. Yes! They could’t stop smiling, it was great! I really must take my *real* camera next time though, the phone really doesn’t capture it well in a gym!

  1. Cheering is so much more challenging than it was when I was in school back in the dark ages. I didn’t cheer but my friends did and it was totally different! Today it takes an enormous amount of time and talent! Congrats to your daughter and you should be proud!

    1. YES! I totally agree. I never used to think of cheerleaders as being true athletes but after seeing how they train and what they do – WOW!!

  2. Oh that is too precious! How happy they all look! My eldest is 5 and I’m sure she would love to join in a cheerleading class!

  3. I remember watching a cheer competition in WEM once and it was amazing! There is so much strength involved and determination. Way to go!

  4. Congratulations! They’re adorable. And what a coincidence, I was just reminiscing about my cheerleader days after seeing a cheer design in the Jamberry Nails party I’m hosting. ^.^

  5. Good for her and how exciting! They must have a blast cheering. They don’t have anything like this in our town/school.

  6. Awe – what a great photo and moment! It is so amazing to witness a child fully enjoying a sport that they love. The happiness that comes with it makes the long hours of training and many competitions so worth it!

  7. She will have so much fun!!
    I knew some cheerleaders at my university, and those girls worked HARD. they were in awesome physical shape and had buckets of confidence. Good for her!

  8. I didn’t even know we had Cheer in Red Deer. I also had my daughter in numerous sports when she was young. From ballet to baseball to english horseback riding lesson . Glad your daughter found something she really likes.

  9. Oh 🙂 that is so wonderful! Start of something amazing over the next years, I am sure

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