Adding to the Chaos – Our Family of 5 + Puppy

new puppy is like having a baby cavalier king charles

It’s now been 4 weeks since we welcomed our little Charlie into our home and our hearts. He’s a Cavalier King Charles, and is adorable in every way possible. From the first second we saw him, it was love. Total love.

Yet, it isn’t all snuggles and petting his ridiculously soft silky fur.

Don’t get me wrong, I knew that puppies meant work. Yet, having never gotten a puppy before – I’m shocked at just how much work it is.

Attention, care, supervision .. getting a puppy is A LOT like having a baby in the house again.

new puppy charlie cavalier king charles

OK, maybe one that you can leave at home alone, but not for very long because, small uncontrolled bladder and all. Then there’s the separation anxiety, it runs deep with this show-dog breed. 

You think babies damper your social life? Who would have thought raising a puppy would mean passing up shopping or lunch dates – cause Charlie needs to pee?!

Here’s a peek into the happenings and whats overheard in our household of 5 + puppy.

  • 5am and Charlie needs to pee. Zombie shuffle outside. God help me, I should be sleeping
  • We needed to babyproof the house. Again. 
  • CHARLIE! Don’t chew that!”
  • CHARLIE! Don’t pee there!”
  • “Whos my cute widdle puppy? You so cute, give mama kisses!”
  • “Nooooo, he just peed on the carpet!”
  • “Did you get the no-tear, gentle shampoo?”
  • “Mom, Charlie ate my homework. No, seriously!!”
  • “Night-Night Charlie, go to sleep. No … it’s night-night time. Go to sleep”
  • “Good boy, making poo-poo” 
  • “Wasn’t there a Barbie shoe on that table just a few minutes ago? … OMG, CHARLIE!”
  • Sending someone for supplies ASAP. Most likely, the cleaning kind
  • 4am: standing in the backyard, in housecoat and still half asleep – waiting for a dog to pee
  • I’m buying {puppy} teething rings in bulk
  • Sunday 6am. “Shhhh Charlie! You’ll wake the kids!” … oh crap. 
  • “Charlie, what are you chewing on? Get back here, CHARLIE! Drop that, now!”
  • “Can you hold Charlie? I’m trying to empty the dishwasher and hes jumping in!”
  • Having to get a dog out of the pantry each time it’s opened because obviously it’s only opened to get out a treat, right? 

 With all this work and extra chaos in the house – is getting a new puppy ‘worth it’? While it’s an adjustment for us all, my answer is: ABSOLUTELY!

Because at the end of the chaotic day – this cute widdle face!

cavalier king charles myorganizedchaos




  1. Puppies are just like newborns, they require a lot of attention, a TON of patience and lots of love.

    1. I think so too Vera. Well, maybe not so much when I’m totally frustrated with him, but one look at his little face and I’m over it. lol

  2. Puppies are just like babies. Very athletic, agile, destructive babies. They are SO worth it, though!

  3. He’s sooooooooo cute! That face!! But I’m glad I got an adult rescue dog even with her separation anxiety issues. She’s so low maintenance.

    1. We debated on that, and I wanted to. Yet, we did that before and the behaviour/agression from his past didn’t mesh well with kids. Long story, but it wasn’t the best for us. sigh.

  4. So cute!! I would love to get a dog, but it would be very impractical at this point in our life. Plus my dad always points out that a dog is the child that will never leave home, lol.

  5. Awww Charlie is such a sweetheart! Enjoy it now while he’s a puppy–they grow up so fast!

  6. Charlie is so adorable! I can’t imagine adding a puppy to our family right now! We have an 8 year old lab and she is enough!

  7. He is so adorable! I remember when our family dog was a puppy! We had a new dog and a new baby all at once to take care of.

  8. hehe Charlie is so cute, and I am sure all the drama and stress he can cause you just look at that sweet little face and melt. Oh that puppy stage!

  9. It’s hard when they do something they aren’t suppose to because then – look at that face! I couldn’t stay mad at a face like that for long, lol.

  10. OMG! How cute is he, need a baby sitter, well dog sitter? We have had dogs for most of my life and they are a ton of work at first but after they just want a cuddle, treat, water, food and love, oh yeah not to mention a walk which is exercise for them and me! What am I saying our dog wakes me up at 4 am with a scratch because he thinks it’s treat time, so they are a lot of work but worth every minute 🙂

  11. Oh my gosh, your puppy is soooo adorable!!! Yes, they are a LOT of work! lol That’s why we have a slightly older rescue dog. We knew that our kids were just still too young and we wouldn’t be able to handle it all. Plus, I want the kids old enough to help! 🙂 We do hope to get a puppy though in a couple of years. My mom, at 78, just got a puppy 5 weeks ago. A Shih-Poo. My mom is exhausted with all the energy and work it takes to care for a puppy. However, she loves “Button” to death and she loves having the company. Overall, it’s been very good for her! Congratulations on your puppy!!

  12. Puppies are like 2 year olds, mine is now 18 months & still a handful—but worth every minute

  13. Charlie is beyond adorable! I absolutely LOVE King Charles spaniels – they are such sweethearts 🙂 Congratulations on the new addition to the family!

  14. Look at that little face and adorableness…. OK I give in, you can have all the belly rubs and treats you want 😉

  15. Charlie is adorable, and yes, puppies are lots of work. My son and daughter in-law were over last night with the new puppy they got yesterday, so fun, but yes lots of work. Enjoy your Charlie!

  16. Oh my goodness, such an adorable puppy! I totally feel for ya. My dog is 15 months old and just now getting out of the stage of peeing everywhere and tearing everything up. She is definitely a test of patience, but worth it.

  17. I had a neighbour who had a Cocker Spaniel named Charlie who looked exactly like your little guy! What a coincidence! Charile is beautiful! 🙂

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