Magnum Heir, The Search Begins!

There is breaking news on the ice cream front: In a surprise statement from the lawyers of the Magnum Empire, it was announced that Baron Leopold Ferdinand Von Magnum the Third, founder of the Magnum Ice Cream bar company, died at 72. I found out from the conversation on the Magnum Heir Facebook Page.

His infamous ‘Magnum Bar’, a phenomenon across Europe, was the realization of a life-long dream for the Baron, who was reportedly descended from 16th century Belgian Chocolate royalty. According to those close to the Baron, it was his ultimate goal to create, quote, “the most pleasurable ice cream bar the world has ever known. Ever.”

The luxurious bar was released only recently in Canada to wide celebration and will reach widespread distribution this May 2011, making the news of the Baron’s death all the more tragic.

As for his family, who were, quote, “devastated” at the loss…it was quite a different scene outside his lawyer’s office.

According to a statement released only hours ago, all family members have been cut from the will …causing a public display of outrage from his daughter, socialite Josephine Fortune Von Magnum, and his wife, Henrietta Coco Von Magnum.

But wait…this story is about to take a whole new twist. In a surprising announcement at the end of his will, Von Magnum declared a public search be carried out…to find a new heir. Watch this theatrical release:

This is totally unprecedented. He’s basically saying, he’s willing to give it all away to the right person. The Baron actually states in his will that he’s looking for an heir or heiress who understands that “a day without pleasure is a day lost”. A mantra he himself apparently lived by.

Who will be the next Magnum Heir?
Bluntly put – it could be you!!!

I’ll keep you updated as more news is released, yet make sure to follow Magnum Heir on Facebook yourself and stay up to date on the delicious and exciting breaking news.

Until then, I mark the day by turning the background on My Organized Chaos brown – chocolate brown! Mmmmm, Magnum.

Magnum and Ice Cream


  1. Lol is this for real? “his daughter, socialite Josephine Fortune Von Magnum, and his wife, Henrietta Coco Von Magnum” cmon really? I didnt think you needed a publicty stunt to sell ice cream in the summertime.
    The good part is if your are the Magnum heir you dont have to chase work and you can just stay on vacation.

    1. Clever advertising story to start a HUGE social media contest jm, the new Magnum Heir will get ~ a quarter of a million dollars in prizes and cash. Best of all, anyone in Canada can enter.
      Who couldn’t use a chauffeur and a chef?

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