Finding Time

With the chaos that is motherhood, sometimes I daydream about the life before kids. Don’t get me wrong, I love them to pieces and wouldn’t trade them for all the childless days in the world. But in the midst of washing floors, vacuuming daily {if not a few times a day} and being literally run off my feet – I do wish I had more time to just sit and enjoy the silence. Even for one day.

It was last month when myself and my hubby left for a week alone, on vacation. And though it was only a short time ago, it also seems like a lifetime. The tan is fading, suitcases already collecting dust and the cool beverages lay a distant memory rather than fresh on the palate. This past week my kids have been so sick with the flu, and many times I would stop and think of that week when I did nothing but lay on the beach and read a novel or women’s magazines – uninterrupted.

Novel and BookBefore kids, I used to read a novel a week – diving into the written word for hours. Since having the twins, the same book lay on my nightstand for almost 3 years, never finished. Not able to tell all of it’s intended story. I tried to take this book with me to the gym recently, my only time away from the kids these days. Yet the bouncing of being an exercise machine, while trying to read small print,  made me terribly dizzy. So at the gym, I opt to read Canadian Magazines about fashion, parenting or let’s admit it – celebrity gossip. That way if I miss a line or get sidetracked, I don’t get too frustrated. I guess it’s something to take my mind off my own crazy days of motherhood – but still I long to finish my novel.

Do you have something you’ve been longing to finish, yet can’t find the time?




  1. I’m not into reading, but I can think of many things that I would enjoy to do…

    yes life with kids is great, but it would be nice to get a few hours (during the day, not just at night) to myself.


  2. I’ve had the book Wicked sitting on the shelf for 2 or 3 years now. I read the first chapter, and that is it. I really love the Wizard of Oz, and know I would like Wicked. I wish they would just make it into a movie already. I’m sure the book would still be better, but at least I’d get to absorb it.

  3. So many things I just haven’t been able to make time for. Even finishing the things that I AM getting done doesn’t feel very satisfying right now… I’m just slogging to get them done and not doing them well (or as well as I’d like). I LOVE to read, and haven’t read a good ‘just for me’ book in a while. Tara sent me one a while back and it’s staring at me right now, begging me to read it….. sometime during the summer holidays I’ll get to it. And I’m missing quilting right now, but I know this is just a season…. I’ll get back to it and finish some of those projects sooner or later (probably next winter!).

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