Fisher-Price, Royal Caribbean and My Kids

Our family recently took a trip aboard the Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas with Fisher-Price. Yet we didn’t go alone. We went with 15 of our most favorite and fun families, our fellow Fisher-Price Ambassadors from Canada and the US, the #FisherPriceMoms.

The mission? Learn about Royal Caribbean’s partnership with Fisher-Price and what that means for travelling families. Yet, there is of course wonderful side effects to our epic adventure: sun, sand, swim, food, palm trees and a whole lot more. Including a ton of laughter, smiles and in the midst of everything, wonderful memories to cherish forever.

So how better than to explain what parts of this trip meant the most to the kids, than to ask the kids themselves. To show #FisherPriceOnRoyal through the eyes and mouths of my very own Fisher-Price children. Literally, this is their first official review on My Organized Chaos.

A very excited conversation with Katie:

I miss the ship, Mom. I want to see the ocean and the pretty water”

Fisher-Price, Royal Caribbean and My Kids

“At Adventure Ocean we got to dance. and they had games and friends”

A girl sitting on a table

“Then after Adventure Ocean, we’d go to the party downstairs. Pretty lights, pizza and cupcakes!”

A little girl standing in front of a store


Sophia, wanting to state her favorites about the trip, was very quick with her best memory.

“Mom. Mom. Mom! My most-favorite part is the cars. We drove on the ship. On the ocean!” {PowerWheels for the kids!}

Car and Fisher-Price, royal carribean cruise

“we went really REALLY fast!”

Car and Fisher-Price, royal carribean cruise

“Katelyn drove a car, Mom. I’ll do that one next time, ok?”

Car and other, royal carribean cruise

“and the Little People Birthday Party the other night. I like birthdays!”

kids and fisher-price, royal carribean cruise

“and, oh and we played with the train. and the babies. That was fun too”

kid, royal carribean cruise

Isabelle was eager to get her opinion in, finally!

“That boardwalk is the best, I’m so glad it was there. We went on the carousel so many times!”

carousel, royal carribean cruise

“I think I lived in that round pool for a week, Mom”

pool, royal carribean cruise

“But, I liked visiting Cozumel and Labadee too, I swam more there too. But, we really should have bought that hammock …”

sunglasses posing for the camera

“And, I met the best friends ever … I miss them”

A group of people sitting posing for the camera

This was the point in the conversation where I stopped asking the girls questions and just replied,
“I miss them too”. I absolutely miss everything we experienced….

I’m happy we took along the girls’ Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Cameras {we brought both the new and old versions of this product, you can learn about them both at the link}.

With their own sturdy camera, the kids got to capture their favorite parts of our family trip. Now that we are home, I can flip through their photos and know what meant the most to them. Plus, they are thrilled to show others all the photos that THEY took themselves.

Usually I’m the sole shutterbug everywhere we go, yet perspective is welcome. So my biggest tip to families traveling with children is to pass that camera around, let everyone capture some of their own favorite memories. You’ll get some great photos that way, I promise. As a side bonus, Mom might actually be in a photo or two!

A girl sitting on a table



The Real Disclosure: I’m apart of the Fisher-Price Play Panel and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation
with being a Fisher-Price Play Ambassador {#FisherPriceMoms}. The opinions on this blog are my own.




  1. I absolutely love this post. It was so nice vacationing with your family, spending time with some of my favorite people and doing it all on an incredible ship. The integration of adult and kid friendly activities is perfect because we all know that carousel is not just for kids!

    1. My travel agent sent me vacation sales last week and the Allure of the Seas was on it! {Wester Caribbean Cruise}. I think it was $440 pp for the week. Not bad, especially if you can find a seat sale. Even better for those close to the ports!

    1. That was a perfect activity to get the kids really excited, and they had a variety of Powerwheels too. Thanks for the compliment Stephanie!

  2. That is beyond priceless! We love that sweet camera too. I have always lived little people toys. I actually called my daycare that at one point. When my girls wee babies we fostered and ran a daycare. It was a staple here to have all the little people environments to foster creativity.

  3. Thank you for sharing your family vacation with me! ALWAYS enjoy your stories and photos!

    1. That was one of the highlights for kids, for sure. But, adults were on the carousel and rock climbing wall too, don’t get me wrong. Just a fun gathering place, and never crowded too, which is so nice!

  4. WOW! What an awesome experience for your family. I’m glad you had a great time!

    We are going on the Allure *next* Thanksgiving (I can’t believe I have to wait a year). Are the Power Wheels always there, or was that just for your trip? My kids would love that. Well, along with the gazillion other things to do on that ship. 🙂

    1. The PowerWheels are a regular activity, open to all. They do it at least twice in the week at the basketball courts. So excited for your trip, and plenty of time to plan!
      Tip: if there’s a show {Chicago was on stage when we cruised} or the comedy show – pre-book your tickets before the trip. Those shows are oftentimes sold out. You could wait at the doors an hour before, and try to get standby, but who really likes waiting in lines?

  5. I had a peek through the links you provided in this post, what a nice way to combine them all together. Loved this viewpoint and the photos, great partnership, wow!

    1. Thanks so much Trina! I have quite a few posts here on the trip, I thought the kids’ perspective was a nice way to round them all out. Happy to hear my idea was a good one!

  6. What an awesome trip. Can I go with you guys, next time. I will be your massage practitioner. How is that?

  7. What fun! We took a cruise last year, but didn’t take the kids and I wish now that we would have. We were always commenting to each other how much the kids would enjoy the cruise!

  8. WOW, it looks like everyone had so much fun! I got Monster one of the camera’s a while back and he has loved it. He is a future shutterbug! I can’t wait until he is old enough to enjoy a cruise, and we can afford one! This looks like a great family oriented cruise and that’s what I would love for Monster!

  9. Wow what a totally awesome vacation, the ship looks and sounds fantastic. The pics are super and ghee does your oldest look so much like you. I would love to take the kids on this excursion, thanks for sharing!

  10. What an experience! We’ve only been on one cruise and it was on Royal Caribbean. I definitely want to go again and can’t wait to experience it with our kids.

    1. Which ship was it Danielle? I’m super curious about the others in the fleet now and how they compare…

      1. It was years ago… like pre-kids so I don’t even remember. All I know is that the staff was fabulous, food was tasty, and laying out poolside was our #1 priority 🙂

  11. It sounds like a great experience to take a family with kids. I love that there is so much for them to do.. My daughters would love this

  12. What a great way to share your travel experience – through the kids. They tell it as it is! Thanks for sharing Tammi.

  13. Awesome post Tammi. Your pictures truly show the fun family time on the Allure. From baby to Mom – there was something for everyone wasn’t there. It was a pleasure to travel with your family!

  14. Amazing! I love how many kid-centric ideas they have on board, especially the Powerwheels area…my son would love it!

    Thanks, for sharing!
    Best, Lisa

  15. Your trip looks very kid-friendly and isn’t that
    what it is all about?!
    Thanks for sharing…Cindi

  16. Looks like so much fun!! I cant wait to take my kids on a cruise! My favourite vacation =)

  17. I need to remember to let the boys take pictures more often. I’m never in the picture. Love this post, travel, parenting and reminders to preserve memories. Thanks!

  18. I’m debating on taking the entire family on the Allure next year, thanks for your series of posts, I have enjoyed reading them. Can you compare this ship with the Oasis?

  19. Oh Tammi, LOVE everything about your posts, I smile all the way through them. I need this vacation!!!

  20. What an amazing vacation! Looks like an incredible opportunity and such great memories! I love the photos, especially of the kids driving cars on the deck of the cruise ship!!!

  21. This looks like a lot of fun, what a great vacation to be able to take with your children:)

  22. Memories made with family are precious and unforgettable. I love that this post is through the kids eyes, there’s something really special about the frankness and honestly children bring. Love the kid friendly camera and cars ~double wow and fun!

  23. OMG!!! That looks like such a blast!!! I can;t wait to take my kids on a cruise. Especially one with powered cars….HELLO!?!?!?!

  24. Oh, lucky you! We’ve gone on two cruises now, and would love to take our kids one day! Royal Caribbean has such a great kids program!

  25. I’ve taken a cruise before on Royal Caribbean (Freedom of the Seas) and I loved it! I would love to go on this one, though, with my grandkids, it would be amazing!!

  26. I went on a cruise with Oasis of the Seas, Allure’s sister ship. What an amazing experience. Looks like your family had a fabulous time. I love they have so many great things for kids to do!

  27. This looks like it was an amazing experience! I would love to do that someday with my family…

  28. How fun was that?? I saw a few of your pics somewhere else…can’t recall where.
    Your girls (and you) are friggin’ gorg!

  29. WOW, what an amazing trip! I would have never imagined taking my kids with me on a cruise but after reading about this, it actually looks do-able! LOL

  30. I defiantly need to start looking into cruises for family vacations now. Looks like the kids had a blast though! and the camera is pretty neat to… my 3 year old loves stealing my brand new phone, somehow she knows how to take pictures with it…looks like someone will be getting a kid proof camera for Christmas this year! Great post!

  31. Seeing the “little people” brought back a memory of one of my favorite Fisher- Price childhood toys that I had forgotten all about. What a wonderful place for families to travel!

  32. Great post it’s sounds like an amazing family vacation! I how geared the fisher price cruises are for the kids! P.s. I love to let my kids take vacation photos with their fisher price camera too! It’s interesting to see what my kids find fascinating!

  33. I have wondered about taking my kids on a cruise, your post is so great now I am ready! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  34. Lovely post! looks like your beautiful daughter had the time of her life! I will be looking into this when my DS is old enough to appreciate for sure! love the attention to detail offered for children!

  35. Ah that looks like so much fun! I’ve never been on a cruise before and neither have my kids! I’m hoping to take them on a Disney cruise one year.

  36. Very nice photo essay! Wow, looks like you guys had the time of your lives! What memories for the kids …

  37. What a laugh Power Wheels Looks amazing! Girls clearly had a great time. Would you do another cruise?

  38. What fun! My children are too old for this, but wow, that would have been wonderful when they were younger!

  39. Love a cruise! No phones, no housework! They will mess you up for real life.

  40. Wow does that look like fun! Cruises always seemed more of a honeymoon or retiree venture but any kid would love this. And great tip about passing around the camera. I’m my family’s photographer so now it looks like I’m never there!

  41. WOW! Such great pics. You guys will have a life time of memories for sure! I wish we had something closer to us like this.

  42. I had never even heard of this, i love your vacation ideas. thank you for sharing them with us.

  43. I love the idea of giving the kids the camera and letting them journal their own memories. Looks like you all had a nice vacation 🙂

  44. That looks like a blast! I’ve been on one cruise, and it was amazing, but the kid-centered cruises would be great now that I have kids.

  45. Too cute! Sounds like your daughter really had a blast. That cruise had so many fun activities for kids!

  46. That looks like the Ultimate Girly Vacation! I’ll bet you had a Blast, and the memories you’ve created will last a llfetime!

  47. This was a wonderful post to read, definitely would love to take my daughter sometime. Hopefully sooner than later! I’ve never been on a cruise, but my husband has.. and yes I’m quite jealous. 🙂

  48. Driving those cars looks so fun! I want to drive one. Looks like you all had a fabulous time.

  49. what a thrilling opportunity for the families – wondering if you are hoping to go again next year?

  50. That looked like an amazing ship!! I’ve only ever done Carnival…maybe Royal is the way to go!

  51. What a fun looking trip I’ve never been on a cruise but it looks like a good time great pics 🙂

  52. Royal Caribbean is great for all ages, they have terrific activities for all member of the family 🙂

  53. Thanks for sharing a kids view of the cruise. I’m debating on taking my granddaughter on a cruise and this looks like a wonderful ship to take her on.

  54. Loved this review and the photos. Looks like everyone had a great time with lots of entertainment for the children. What an amazing partnership.

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