Allure of the Seas, Fun on the Boardwalk

I’ve been busy going through all my photos for blog posts on our family trip with the #FisherPriceMoms aboard the Allure of the Seas. I got some great ones of the kids and just the beauty in general of ‘The Boardwalk’.

This neighborhood is a re-creation of Coney Island right on the ship. In between activities, just before dinner or just whenever, we spent a lot of time on The Boardwalk. It has little shops, Johnny Rockets, Mexican lounge and so much more.

allure of the seas, royal carribean cruise

There’s even a hand-carved carousel and 2 rock climbing walls!

night, royal carribean cruise

Yet let’s not forget that this is also where the AquaTheatre is located, a stage for shows but also transforms into a deep pool for {extremely} high-diving and water shows. Apparently it takes a specially certified and highly trained diver to perform as the pool is so narrow, the ship sways and the dive is from such great heights.

As well, it’s a little fun community where kids can play and adults can visit. We spent much time here each day, it’s one of my kids’ favorite parts about the ship. Yet, that has nothing to do with the daily facepainting on The Boardwalk either, right?! ;P

carousel, royal carribean cruise

store, royal carribean cruise

food, royal carribean cruise

More posts about our trip to come!




  1. Isn’t that ship fantastic? My brother in law works on it and he has been trying to get us to go on it. Thanks for sharing your pics and post with us.

    1. Oh really! Small world!
      What does he do on the ship?
      And you should, I’m surprised he hasn’t convinced you yet, you’d have so much fun!

  2. Looks amazing Tammi! I would love to experience an Allure of the Seas cruise. ( I think a cruise will be our next family vaca.)

    1. I’m still in denial about returning, and going through photos is bittersweet. We all had a great time, lots of memories made!

  3. THAT IS ONE HUGE SHIP!!!!! oh my goodness, I’ve never seen anything so big!! I wonder what their prices are for a family of 6….

    1. that I’m not sure of, but I did get an email the other day from our Travel Agent. Allure of the Seas was on there and I think it was a heck of a deal!! You are in a prime spot too, on the East coast, part of cruising for us is always flights, and I’m pretty sure yours would be a ton less from ONT!

    1. Wasn’t sure if it would be for me, I’m a little scared of heights so I thought the gigantic size of this ship {largest in the world} would be an issue. But, it wasn’t. As long as I didn’t take in the zip-line {yes, ON the ship}, I was fine.

  4. Just found out I am expecting twins…. and we already have two so it’s going to be quite an adventure. Will definitely be hopping around your blog for twin advice. 🙂

    1. Aw – Congrats to you! I have a few posts that might be of interest to you. Feel free to email me as as well.

  5. WOW! Fun. A few years ago I went on a cruise to meet up with my brother & his gf. They actually were figure skating. There was an actual rink on the ship for them to perform. It is crazy what they can put on a ship! 🙂

  6. What a gorgeous ship! Great photos ~ I look forward to seeing more of your amazing trip! 🙂

  7. What a dream! I would love to go on this cruise ship with the family.

  8. Never been – love those photos – Wonderful days must have been had there – Thanks for the recommendation

  9. Beautiful Pictures, cannot believe this is from a ship 🙂 I have never been on one

  10. Is bigger always better? Glad you had a great time but I would prefer a smaller cruise ship myself

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