Dyson Hot+Cool AM09 Bladeless Fan Heater

In our house, there’s an ongoing battle – a fierce war on finding that comfortable home temperature. Parts of our home are always very warm while others are always much colder {is this is the case in every home?}. Regardless, it’s something that’s at times, very frustrating since the colder rooms are the kids rooms – and I’m not talking ‘cool’ but more fridge-like-cold. It’s not ideal at all, since you can literally walk into some rooms and immediately hold yourself for warmth. 

Just to rule out any major problems, we’ve in the past had our insulation and furnace/vents checked by professionals. Any time we’ve looked into why two rooms in our home which are built-in freezers, we’ve come up short. It’s just something we’ve lived with, which has resulted in continuous games of thermostat wars. 

So when Dyson recently emailed me about their Dyson Hot+Cool bladeless fan heater with the offer of a review, my first world problems came to mind. Could this be our war-hero disguised in a branded box?

dyson hot+cool AM09 fan heater review

The Dyson Hot+Cool AM09 machine, like pretty much everything Dyson creates, is a compete work of art. I chose the black colour, though the Setup when unboxing is an simple as all Dyson products, simply push in the base until you hear a click, remove stickers and plug in the machine. Done.

It comes with a remote control as well as buttons on the dock {red and blue for heat and cool, really self-explanatory} to choose the desired temperature. You also can click the side arrows for oscillation and choose the intensity of airflow by a range of 1-10.

dyson bladeless fan heater review

When in focused mode, the air moves across a long straight distance, which you can feel at that long distance. You also have the option of the diffused setting move air more generally. I like to leave it in focused mode and simply setting the fan to oscillate. 

As well, you can manually tilt the upper portion of the fan back or forward, to direct the flow of air – so the stream is exactly where you want no matter if the machine is placed on the floor or high on a shelf. As well, the remote stores magnetically on the top of the machine when not in use.

dyson fan heater review am09 hot cool

The Dyson Hot+Cool uses Air Multiplier™ technology, a design which takes the engine normally used to generate air in a traditional fan and installs it within the base. The machine sucks in air, spins the cooler or hotter air up to the ring surface, and blows it through a rounded opening to help multiply the direct air. This design allows the airflow to be concentrated – in addition to eliminating air buffeting since there are no blades to chop the circulation.

A Dyson Hot+Cool fan heater has no fast-spinning blades or visible heating elements, so it’s easy to clean and totally safe to touch and inspect, as all kids do. I have two Dyson fans which have the same design, and I find huge amounts of relief in how safe they are to use. When compared to fans with blades, or to a space heater which gets terribly hot to the touch {and is a fire hazzard}, the Dyson fan heater design is top-notch in safety. Plus, this machine will automatically switch off if the unit if it’s tipped over, for an added safety bonus.

dyson fan heater am09 hot cool safety bladeless

When on hot, the Dyson Hot+Cool fan heater does as intended, and warms the room without a hot blast just in certain areas. Keep in mind though, it only acts as a fan when in the cooling mode, and doesn’t actually blow cold air like an air conditioner. Yet, somehow you are cooled despite this as the blasts of air on the skin does the trick, as I think half the battle is just stale-stuffy air.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 9.02.22 AM

Another great feature is the built-in timer, which is incredibly useful. Simply set the heater or fan to turn off when needed and you can fall asleep or leave the house – with no power wasted. Most people need to be cooled or warmed to fall into that comfortable sleep, and this very much aids in that. 

dyson hot cool bladeless fan heater review canada

The Dyson Hot+Cool fan heater isn’t any louder than a laptop fan, which is impressive considering how much air it comes in such a small machine. At 5.9 pounds – it can be very easily picked up and moved anywhere it’s needed. 

Our Dyson Hot+Cool fan heater has made those colder rooms a lot more comfortable and likewise has cooled those too-warm rooms when the furnace is on. In actuality, the thermostat war has ceased considerably as it’s way more convenient to simply push that remote button to find personal comfort. Also, the air just feels better both on the skin and to breathe. 

Many people purchase space heaters and separate fans for their home, whereas Dyson marries both in one sleek design for convenience. Some might be in a tad bit of a shock at the $549.99 CAD price tag {I’m honest}, yet it is Dyson and every product line on the market has that one luxury pioneer that outshines its competitors, and the price reflects. I have been a Dyson owner for many years and have yet to be disappointed in any of their products or customer service. Bottom line is: you get what you pay for, and there’s a confidence in Dyson which makes the price understandable, when it’s for something that is needed – and quality is expected.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 9.01.49 AM


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this post, all opinions are my own.




  1. My parents actually have this and LOVE it. It’s pretty nifty to have around the house.

  2. I would love to have one in my house! We live in a basement apartment and don’t have access to the thermostat. It is either way too hot or freezing cold in our house. Plus the air circulation is terrible.

  3. I have been wanting one of these for years! I love the whole idea around them and living where I do that kind of fan would work wonderful!

  4. I have coveted the Dyson fan for ages – they are so cool! THe price is very much out of my range, but a girl can still dream 🙂

  5. These look amazing! They’re so sleek and modern looking and the features are so cool!

  6. This looks amazing. I’m not surprised though, Dyson is Dyson after all. I want to get one of these, I think my husband would be thrilled if I did hes been talking about it for a while!

  7. Now this is a smart product I need in my life! My daughter could also use one of these for her apartment.

  8. Oh this looks super cool! I love Dyson, they have some awesome stuff. I’ve been meaning to look into a bladeless fan, as we get lots of dust.

  9. I’ve been eyeing this Dyson fan! It’s so sleek and practical. I love that it’s minimalistic and dual purpose.

  10. Yes, every house we have lived in seems to have that one room that the heat doesn’t reach. Can be frustrating trying to figure out why. This Dyson seems to be a good solution. Thanks for your review.

  11. I have been looking to purchase one of these for a while, thanks for the review I am sold.

  12. Now this is one awesome product that I need in my life! The two features are ideal for all situations.

  13. These are awesome fan’s, I would love to have one and they just seem safer to have when there id young kids around!!

  14. I have a confession to make.
    I’m that 51 yr old woman you see in the future shop, staring amazed at these things…ohhhing and ahhhing over them !!
    yep, thats me LOL

  15. I’d like this for my daughter’s room her room is chilly but she is such a messy person I’d be afraid she would throw clothes on top of it.

  16. This is at the top of my wish list. Have friends that own one and they love it. My bedroom is on the north wall of the house and I could sure use this in there.

  17. Dyson has very good service, they are easily change & replace parts considering how expensive their products are.

  18. We have been debating about investing in one of these. Thanks for the review, it does sound like it would be worth the money. We have tried a couple other portable heaters and they just don’t do a great job.

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