My Organized Life – 2016 Meal Planner

As we end 2015 and start a new year, so comes many ‘resolutions’ on things we’d like to change for 2016. One of those things that most of us could truly benefit from, is using a meal planner. Deciding on weekly meals ahead of time has some big advantages:

  • Cuts down on grocery money spent {anyone else buy ALL the groceries and only use a fraction right away?}
  • Planned meals reduces the odds of impromptu meals at restaurants and drive-thrus.
  • Reduce the number of trips to the grocery store each week. We all know going for a few items results in buying more than expected! I’ve been there many times!

Meal planning is a great solution to not only save money but a big step in being more organized. After all, standing in front of the fridge all frantic at 5pm isn’t ideal. 

This printable 2016 Meal Planner includes 3 sheets to help you plan those meals!

Included is a weekly menu {breakfast, lunch and dinner}, a printable shopping list that can be used in conjunction with the weekly menu, and a hospitality planner for those special days that stand apart front the ordinary days.Together they will help you reach those goals of having a more organized life, or at least more organized meals! 

my organized life 2016 meal planner

Don’t forget the free Printable 2016 Calendar too! 




  1. Being organized and planning meals is a great way to stay on track. Making a list and sticking to it and following the schedule will definitely make my life easier.

  2. what a fabulous idea!!! I am such an organized person I need to keep track of things most of the time or i feel like my head will explode. this will make life so much easier!

  3. I so need to start a meal plan!! I always buy too much fresh veggies and they often spoil before we can use 🙁

  4. Meal planning helps stop me from grazing, if I know what I’m having then I cook it, if I don’t then we just end up eating not well.

  5. This is awesome! It’ll be helpful I think … I’ve been wanting to be more organized with meals just haven’t had the right push!

  6. Thanks for the printable planners! I like being organized and having planners like this helps.

  7. Who couldn’t use this to save time and money…and not waste food.
    Am going to print some off at work.

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