a Dose of the Magic


Our family just returned from a magical time in Walt Disney World, for the #DisneyHaunt event.

I just started going through all the photos {posts to come!}, yet right now there’s laundry to be done and the almighty adjustment to the home schedule again. Boo!

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Yet I can’t pass up the opportunity to share a dose of the magic, with a couple photos of our time there. Watch for all the juicy details soon, I cannot wait to share all that we did, saw and experienced. 

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    1. Thank you, it’s not hard not to take gorgeous photos in a place like this!! Beauty at every turn!

  1. Disney World!

    Happy Wordless Wednesday from the Philippines! ;o)

  2. Fantastic photos! You must have had such a wonderful time! Laundry can wait; it’ll still be there waiting for you I’m sure!

    1. You are so right! I have tons to do right now, but instead I look through the photos and smile. Life is too short to not enjoy, right?! Thanks Anne!

  3. My father took us to Disney World every year for almost 13 years. I haven’t taken my children quite as many times, but it has been magical nonetheless. I am glad your family had a good time. It’s a wonderful place.

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.


    1. Wow, that is awesome! I take it that you lived close? My dream is to live so close that we could have annual passes!

  4. We were just there. First time for the kids and I and also the first being on a plane. We had such a great time. More than what I thought it would be.
    Kept busy everyday even when it rained.

    1. Wow, it was a trip of firsts!! Glad you had a great time, I went for the first time as an adult. and fell in love! I adore Disney Parks!!

  5. It was fun following your photos on Instagram. We haven’t been to Disney World for almost 10 yrs. I’m hoping to go by next year!! These two photos are beautiful!

    1. Thanks Mimi! Walt Disney World now has wifi, I’m so happy I was able to share photos during the trip!

  6. My daughter is leaving for the Disney Cruise next week, and she mentioned something about getting dressed up for it, and I guess she’s going to be Rapunzel, and Edward (my six yr. old grandson) shall be Pascal, and her husband shall be Eugene. Sounds like a grand time that you had too and what wonderful pictures. I can’t wait until you put more up. I signed up for your email so I know when you’re going to do it. (hehehe) Have a great day!

  7. This great pic’s make me want to take our children to Disneyland really soon. Thanks for the review!

  8. We lived in Vero Beach, FL when our boys were small and would get to Disney World several times per year–Good Times!

  9. Walt Disney World has been our family’s favorite vacation destiny for over twenty-five years!

  10. Oh I love the Disney parks. I’ve taken my 2 kids to Disneyland a few years ago and we had such a good time. I would love to take them to Disneyworld.

  11. Stunning photos, I really hope to get the family to Disney World soon because it’s such a magical place. I can act like a kid again and no one would find me strange..lol.

  12. I went when I was a young adult, although it was a great time, I would love to take my boys while they are still young

  13. Its just so amazing it almost seems unreal! Would love to take the kids here. We will have to save up for this after our wedding!

  14. lovely photos. I took some great shots when we were at Disney World too, many years ago now when the children were all a lot younger (all 7 over 21 now!)

  15. (a Dose of the Magic) I would love to take my grandson to a place like this someday, before his Grandma get’s too old to do it.

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