Month In Photos: September 2013


A group of kids posing for a photo
September brought the final days of beautiful hot weather {possibly the nicest of the whole Summer, actually}. It was also the month that my Isabelle turned 9, and the start of Grade 4 for her and new adventures in Kindergarten for the Twins.

Cheerleading and Girl Guides started for all, taking up much of the space on the fridge calendar. Combine that with a horrible cold that just myself and my oldest caught {lasted weeks}, it was a CRAZY BUSY month, like chaos tenfold. Yet the important thing is that we survived everything this month threw at us.

Know what didn’t happen in September? A lot of photo taking :(. Besides the big events like the birthday and school photos, I learned as I gathered my collage for this Month in Photos, that I really slacked on the memory-keeping aspect. Another side effect of a busy month? Boo!

October comes with a family trip and Halloween, I KNOW there’ll be more photo opportunities in the upcoming month. Hopefully I’m well adjusted to the schedule and heath takes precedence so I can get back to my love for photography and capturing life and the chaos that surrounds us.

Make October a great one, friends!

If you have a Month in Photos post for August, leave the link in the comments. I’d love to take a peek at your September 2013 and your months worth of memories. Don’t forget to print each month off and soon you’ll have a year in photos for an album, without much effort required.



    1. We’ve taken so many, it’s become a tradition whenever we are in the store.
      Perhaps a Old Navy in Photos post, I’m sure they go years back!! lol

    1. Thanks Jenn, I try but am no where close to being a professional. Getting better with practice though!

  1. My favourite is still the hand holding one, what a sweet moment captured between twins! You are so blessed.

  2. Love the hand holding picture! Great pics and looks like another great month in your house!

  3. I truly love this idea, its a great thing to look back and compare the pictures and how a year makes a big difference.

  4. Beautiful photos, even if only a few! How has it been with having a quiet house for the day with the kids at school?

  5. this sept was the busiest of my life , with one starting kindergarten,, one high school and one to college I dont even know if I managed to get any pics !! lol

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