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During our recent stay at Walt Disney World we had the chance to stay in a new-to-us Disney resort. I knew about Disney’s Fort Wilderness Cabins before our stay, since they can sleep up to 6 people and any hotel or accommodation that caters to families of 5 or more are always on my radar. 

disney world fort wilderness

Disney Parks made the Fort Wilderness Cabins in a typical forest setting. Drive into the area and it’s just like camping. Trees everywhere, lots of shade and quiet. Oh so quiet. 

Fact is, part of this resort is for people to bring their tents and RV’s and stay in a campground-like setting. The other part of the resort is where we stayed, in adorable rustic but chic, cabins. 

disneys wilderness cabins review disneyhaunt

Each cabin is so spacious, with a kitchen equipped with pots and pans and all the necessities you’d need for your stay. Bring your own groceries, visit one of the two park shops which sell all kinds of groceries, or make a shopping list and they deliver anything you’d need {for just a $10 surcharge}.

A couple nights during our stay, we were too tired after a long day at the Parks for full sit-down meals, so we’d stop at the store and grab some frozen pizzas and relax in the cabin. It was so nice!

fort wilderness cabins kitchen

The cabins feature a separate bedroom with one bed plus bunks. There’s a dresser and closet as well. 

disney world wilderness cabins review bedroom

Of course then you have the bathroom, which is large enough that even 5 of us didn’t feel crowded. You do get service daily to your cabins, to tidy up and re-stock items as would a hotel room. 

disney world wilderness cabins bathrooms

The spacious living room has a Murphy bed which pulls down from the wall proving one more sleeping space for the cabin. There is a flat screen TV here in the living room as well as in the separate bedroom along with air-conditioning to cool things down. 

disney fort wilderness cabins living room 

Best of all, I loved the little touches that Disney gives, to make this cabin a home away from home. Beautiful ‘rustic’ tapestries to the fine details on lighting and the furniture, it’s so quaint. It gives the feeling that you are off in the middle of the woods and not right there at Walt Disney World.

wilderness cabins murphy bed disney world

Outside is a spacious deck, a place to cook outdoors and all the woodland animals you could want. It was our girls favourite pastime while at the cabin, to look for geckos and other small animals which we don’t have at home.

You’d think us Albertans are made for cabin-stay and that it wouldn’t be much an experience to us. Wrong! Combine cabin life with the warm and humid Florida setting, the mix of woodland and tropical flora, the hum of southern insects at night … it’s a completely different outdoor adventure. You REALLY appreciate where you are. 

disney fort wilderness review cabins

There’s much to see and do on-site as well. Take in some of the recreation and amenities like video arcade rooms, nightly campfire programs, a dinner theatre, two swimming pools, the beach, horseback riding, fishing, the restaurant and a tavern too. For all ages and interests, this resorts offers much for family travel. 

disney world fort wilderness pool

Catch a boat from Fort Wilderness Landing, it goes directly to Magic Kingdom. Alternatively the buses go to all the parks with some stopping at the Transportation and Ticket Centre first.

disney world fort wilderness marina boat transportation


disney world marina boat majic kingdom fort wilderness resort

For this reason, keep in mind that depending on where your cabin is and where you are going, you may need to take an internal bus along with another to transfer to your destination.

This can eat up a lot of time in the day, so I’d suggest taking in one park per day and really planning your time to avoid spending too much on Disney transportation. 

disney fort wilderness cabins transportation parks

I think the Fort Wilderness Cabins are best for those that really want peace and a serene location at the end of the day. Spending time at the cabins is a true break from the parks, the perfect unwind to a busy day. Sit on the deck and literally watch a herd of wild turkeys and deer walk by your cabin, amazing!

nature animals disneys fort wildnerness cabins


We were guests of Disney Parks Canada for this travel review. The opinions on this blog are my own.




  1. I didn’t even know they had that kind of accommodation there! Love the cabins and that you can tent it or bring your RV


  2. My cousin adores Fort Wilderness! I have only stayed on the property once and we stayed at the Contemporary but this looks amazing and beautiful! We will have to consider it for our next trip!

    1. and I think I’d like to stay at the contemporary next time, seems very close to so much!

  3. WOW this place looks cozy! I love the kitchen and bedroom, I would LOVE to stay here! Thanks for the great review!

    1. It was so cozy, perfect word. Such a great place to unwind after the parks, so quiet there!

  4. I love that cabin! It is amazing and so cute. Looks like a great place to have family time.

    1. They are just darling, set up with anything you need and everything else just a call away. Such a peaceful forest-like setting, reminded me of the mountains actually. Without the mountains, of course. ;P

  5. Wow these cabins look great. I knew they had the campground but didn’t know about the cabins. Will definitely keep them in mind for our next visit.

    1. I’d definitely recommend anyone close to try the RV camp thing there {or rent one if that’s up your alley}, so many do! Plus, they decorate their porches for holidays … awesome camping there!!

  6. That is really cool. The cabins are so up-to-date, but you still get the “camping” feel. Very cool!

  7. This looks amazing!!! I would LOVE to stay there with my kids, since I am not a real camper type this I can do LOL

  8. My father loved camping and fishing and we went every summer growing up. I would feel quite at home here.

  9. I love this idea. And what a great way for both parents and kids to unwind. I have always been a huge fan of nature and helping to introduce my kids to it any way I can. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Oh, thanks for the interior pictures. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside when we were there this spring but took the boat along the canal and I saw these. We’re heading back to Disney next summer so may consider these. We have 5 in our family and it’s interesting that that can be considered “large” lol!

  11. I really would enjoy staying there, the cabin looks awesome. It would be good to have the peacefulness at the end of a long day. Great post Tammi.

  12. Wow, those are the nicest cabins I’ve ever seen!! Camping out is so much fun, looks like you guys had an amazing time!

  13. This looks nice. Like you said a place away from the parks and relax. You are right about the buses about making the time around that.

  14. Wow, their cabins look awesome and so does the scenery. Your photo’s make it look so inviting.

  15. Looks like a great family-friendly place where you can spend time together in a wholesome way.

  16. This is exciting, love the cabins and the idea of tenting. what a great way to get away from the hussle of Disney World. thanks for the tip

  17. Wow it looks really nice there. Thanks for showing it I will have to look into it when I go

  18. I love the atmosphere of the beautiful rustic cabin!! So happy you had a great time away!!!

  19. This looks like a lot of fun – there aren’t enough family destinations that don’t have a huge price tag attached.

  20. What a fun family vacation! I love the cabin vacation i didn’t know that disney offered this option!

  21. We love Fort Wilderness but the cabins are so pricey. Its cheaper to get a site (Premium or Preferred no less) and rent a pop up camper or small RV/Hybrid/5th wheel. I’m sure someday Disney will raise the site prices up to where that is cost prohibitive too, LOL. Great look inside the cabins- and if anyone is going to stay at the Fort consider renting a golf cart! It makes getting around the huge property so much easier and fun too!

  22. these look great, thanks for the photos they will help a lot in deciding where we stay!

  23. I love seeing all the different Disney adventures you go on! I had no idea they had beautiful wilderness camps and cabins – it’s like high end camping!

  24. I would so stay there, I can`t believe it is Disney!! I didn`t know they offered this type of accommodation

  25. I didn’t even know that they had this sort of thing there, I’ve only ever heard of their hotels. This looks like a beautiful place to stay and though the travelling time has to be taken into account I think that the peacefulness after a hectic must make that seem worthwhile too.

  26. Thanks for sharing, I would never have even thought of this staying in a Cabin while in Florida! I love it!!! It does look peaceful and relaxing, especially after a hectic day at the parks.

  27. What a great looking spot! I agree that you may want that peace and quite at the end of a busy day, plus you can really just enjoy a few days of just hanging out.

  28. I had no idea this place existed! I definitely would have chosen it over the condo we stayed in last winter.

  29. If I went to a place like this I would never want to leave. I love the cabin, its so nice inside and I love the outdoors so it would be perfect for me and hubby.

  30. It’s so great to have a place with a kitchen, allows you to eat healthier and save some money!

  31. The beds look so comfortable. I love the coziness that the Cabins give. I can imagine sitting around a fire, drinking hot cocoa!

  32. I have been to Disneyworld but have never stayed there- did go to a show by there – will have to check it out sometime

  33. Looks nice. I love camping, but with cabins like that, I’d have loved it more as a kid than the old canvas tent we used that would leak when it rained. Nice way to spend a family vacation, and the Magic Kingdom would just be a bonus.

  34. Wow, that’s such a lovely vacation spot. I love this! The water/lake is probably my favourite part

  35. Wow, this place looks amazing!! My husband and kids would love it!! Will have to keep it in mind when we plan our WDW trip in a few years. Thanks!

  36. I would love to stay in one of these cabins all by myself with a very good book.

  37. These cabins really do look amazing! I have very good camping memories with my family and this reminds me of those times.

  38. It sounds like a great place for a family to stay. The cabins looks really nice – it’s so handy to have your own kitchen.

  39. Wow, they have really thought of everything. Perfect for larger families and it sure does beat having the feeling of being crammed into hotel rooms with very little to do but go to the pool or watch TV.

  40. This place looks gorgeous and the cabins are very well outfitted from what I can see. A lovely restful place I’d imagine.

  41. I so love the idea of staying in a cabin and it looks so peaceful and serene. Your pictures as always are awesome.

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  43. Wow….this looks like a fantastic family vacation! My kids and their cousins would love a week or two there. Thanks!

  44. How neat. This is new to me and will keep in mind for future visit. Looks like it would be so much fun.

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