Halloween Photography Tips

Halloween Photography Tips

On Halloween night, my camera will be coming with us from house to house. And hey, it’s Halloween, so chances are having your kids stand and pose for a photo, might be a tad difficult. Kids are running from house to house, making most Halloween photos all a blur.

True, the blur can be a spooky effect, yet we all want some good photos, right?

Trick-or-Treating Photography Tips:

  • Check your settings: Digital cameras have a special feature for night-time photography called Night Portrait or smart capture of you have a Kodak Camera. This setting captures the subject and background clearly, automatically adjusting the camera exposure, focus, and ISO for clear pictures in any environment, even in low light.
  • Keep it steady: For night-time photography, using a tripod will help to eliminate blur in your photos. Yet who’s going to carry around a tripod on Halloween, am I right? No problem. Brace your camera on a railing or a solid surface. Just keeping your arms as close to your body will also help a ton.
  • Include a silhouette: Add some depth and perspective to your Halloween photos. Turn off your camera’s flash option and photograph silhouettes in the foreground–like the silhouette of a jack-o-lantern or the wings of a fairy costume.
  • {purposely} Add some blur in your background: If you have one, the Kodak EasyShare Touch features a variety of post-capture effects and retouching tools, including background blur. Adding the background blur effect will create more emphasis on your subject.





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  2. I can never get good pictures at halloween, I’m trying these tips this year, thank you for the post!

  3. Hi: these are great tips. Thanks. I. Don’t usually have issues, butthis will help me improve.

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  4. I’m not the best photographer in the world, I admit! But, I can’t seem to get a decent shot of my 1.5 year old… moves too much! I would need to strap him down with duct tape in order to get a good pic! LOL One can dream…

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