Bloggers and Brands: My Interview with CBC Radio


Yesterday I had an interview with Chris dela Torre, a reporter/associate producer for the ‘Calgary Eyeopener‘. It’s a morning current-affairs radio show with CBC Radio One. The topic was bloggers and brands – product placement on Canadian parenting blogs.

Chris interviewed myself and blogger Shane from Calgary Daddy {make sure to follow!}. As well, a professor at the University of Calgary and the Global Chair of Digital Practice at Fleishman-Hillard {a large PR firm in Canada} had their chance to voice their opinions.

This radio feature really interests me, since not very often do all sides of social media have their say together, about the role of online media and advertising on blogs {one of the reasons why I adored BlissDom Canada so much}. I had so much to say in my portion of the interview, yet due to the short time frame, much had to be edited.

Now, the topic of bloggers and brands is so diverse. In itself, it has so many aspects such as reviews, endorsements, sponsorship, disclosure, compensation and so forth. Thus, each aspect could be debated and talked about for days. So, I’m left with a feeling of wanting to discuss more, learn more, and in turn – grow more. I really hope there’s a follow up to this conversation soon, it was great to lend my voice and be involved in this interview {thank you Chris!}.

On a side note: They refer to product reviewing on blogs as Flogging or Clogging, which made me chuckle since I haven’t heard of that before. Have you?

Have a listen for yourself and weigh in your opinion!
You can leave your comments and questions on this post, or right on the podcast itself.



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  2. oh, and no, I haven’t ever heard of flogging or clogging in regards to blogging… isn’t flogging something that people did to criminals in the ‘olden days’ ?

  3. I think you should write the negative reviews too. That’s just my opinion, but I think you did a great job on your interview. I agree like you, you could go on and on talking about brands and relationships

    1. Thanks for listening Louise!
      That is another topic that could be expanded more upon. For myself, I always post whether an item could be improved and what areas are important aspects for consumers {etc. if sizing runs small, color is off from description on website etc}.
      When I don’t like the product at all, I give the company the opportunity to decide whether I post or not, and some do. Personally I try to focus on the positive though – that’s my style.

  4. Hey Tammi,

    this is great, you did a superb job 🙂 I hadn’t heard of flogging either… kinda odd, seeing as we are in the industry?!? oh well..

  5. Excellent Interview! I had hoped to hear YOU some more, but I thought what you said was GREAT! NEVER heard of flogging before – it sounds awful, actually. lol!

  6. great interview and very informative on Chris’ part as well.
    Keep up the good work.
    And thanks for keeping me so entertained and informed, almost every day, with your stories and reviews.

    1. Thank you so much Michelle, that is so nice.
      And, I’m so glad you include me in your day! Thanks for reading!

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  8. LOL, I have never heard of Flogging or Clogging either? Has anyone?!?

    Great job on the interview Canadian Blogger buddy!

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