Potty Training Twins

The time has come in my twin-Mom life when I have to face ditching the double diapers, I have to face Potty Training Twins. Yes, I am currently in the process of {kinda} potty training my twins, who are 2 years old.

If I had it my way, I would keep them in diapers for longer {training two at once scares me to death!}. Yet, one was showing distinct and clear signs that she was ready to put on the big girl panties. It was, in fact, getting pairs of big girl panties for Christmas that sparked the interest. Another perfect example that kids can change us parents’ plans, at any time. We really don’t have control over most things, as much as we’d like to believe we do.

TextI have read that when potty training twins, the chances that they both train at the same time – are slim. Most multiple Mom’s have to go through the process separately with each child {yet identical twins have a higher chance of training at the same time because they have the same metabolism}. I wanted the twins to encourage each other – companionship and competition all the way. Instead, one clearly showed *much* interest and the other – no interest at all {nothing is ever that easy when parenting, right?}. Katie, my one twin who was really eager – simply started going on her own. One day I found her on the potty, and she has kept mostly dry pants since then. I call her my potty-wonder, what a gem of a child! Now, If only all children potty trained that easily!

vI use the treat method – for every pee there’s much applause and cheer, and one small candy or chocolate as an incentive. At first Sophia was so upset that her twin sister was getting praise and treats – she screamed hysterically, expected some too. No matter what though, she would not agree to sit on the potty, candy reward or not. It was heart-wrenching as a mother, to watch her feel so left out – yet I stuck with it. After a few days of constant tantrums, Sophia did a complete turn around and then didn’t care at all that her sister was getting candy. Yet, she was still adamant to stay as far away from that bathroom as possible.

After a little over a week, Sophia started to come around. In small baby steps it progressed from watching her sister use the potty, to attempting to sit on it {for only a few seconds at first}. Now, she will attempt to go potty a few times a day, but with little actual success. But, it’s a start, right? And, Sophia gets a lot of kisses and cheer for making that attempt. Looking at the situation now, I almost think that the one-on-one approach is almost easier, and less stressful for all involved than to tag team potty training.

So, these days I spend a ton of time in my bathroom. Oh, how I wish I had a bigger bathroom {and a TV in there would help too}. It gets so crowded with the three of us in there, and there’s only so many songs you can sing and books you can read, to keep you occupied.

The odd time they do ‘go’ together, I see the competition and team-approach in ‘doing the business’. They high-five and hug each other when they both have a success {and enjoy a small treat together afterward}. It actually warms the heart to see them both go through this milestone together – I never thought going potty would be so very cute!

I fully expect a setback or two along the way, as well as better days than others. Potty training and twins was one of my ultimate fears as a M.O.M, and so far it hasn’t been as bad as I had imagined. I think the key is to just wait until they show that interest enough to stay with it. And, if accidents happen – I don’t react. As much as it’s a pain to have 2 soaked toddlers running around, I can’t add more stress on everyone.

As for the amounts of toilet paper we 4 girls are using these days.
Now that’s scary!



    1. Diapers are just so convenient, and with our busy life – I’m not totally prepared yet either. Plus, the winter gear? I was really hoping to hold off until Spring.

  1. Oh my goodness. I can NOT even imagine what it’s like. One at a time was all I could handle! My first one caught on pretty well. The 2nd one, eh, ok. The boys, they were easier because they could go places my girls couldn’t in the summer. LOL Good luck to you! You sound like you’re doing great. You need to get those traveling DVD players that people attach to headrests or bring your laptop (if you have one) into the bathroom & watch DVDs! hahaha

    1. Boys – I have no experience with! And, I’m glad I went through this before with my daughter – I slightly know what to expect.
      Now – where in that bathroom can I attach a portable DVD player…?

  2. I am starting with my 2 year old as well. She is happy to sit on the toilet and says “here it comes” so far nothing has happened. My son was in daycare at this age and they did all the work – I miss that. I haven’t got a clue what to do.

    1. I had the opposite experience with my oldest, her daycare kept messing it all up for me! {as in over and over}
      You are so lucky to have that support from his daycare – for sure! It helps a ton!

  3. My identical twin boys were so HARD to train, especially compared to my older daughter. Evan was all for it but he only wanted the rewards where Owen isn’t as easily bribed he would fight us on it and eventually his Evan would go to his side so they both fought us. They are so protective with each other it makes any challange for them really hard on us. We finally gave up and went back to it at 2 1/2, that time I didn’t give them a choice I told them we were out of diapers and that the potty was the only option – it worked! I found potty training two harder then breast feeding two. Good luck to you!! Hopefully having girls they will be a little easier on you.

    1. The cold turkey approach was how I managed to get my oldest trained. Just no more diapers – no pull up’s, nothing. And, it took only a few days at home to complete. Yet, with the 3 kids now and our schedule, I don’t have that time to commit to staying home for that time. Makes it a little harder…
      Maybe we should just skip the treats and offer a pony? 🙂

  4. My twin girls just turned 2. I am afraid of trying to potty train them. They like to sit on the potty, but never go!

    1. It’ll come Rebecca. I have had the potty seats in the bathroom for about 9 months, and just now they are attempting to use them. But, I think seeing them and getting that idea of what they were there for helped.
      Enjoy the diapers for a bit!!

  5. Good luck. Hope it’s a process that is over soon with great success. Took me a year to fully train my son and that was only 1 child.

  6. Patience and lots of luck… My gremlins started at 18months.. they both were excited about the big girl panties and using the potty… although one clearly picked up the art of going by herself first… she seems to be the lazier of the two when GOING.. lol.. (as in she sometime waits TOOO long if she’s having fun and ends up running)… but her sister took her time and is the one I worry LEAST when it comes to accidents, etc. It truly is an exciting chapter in the adventure I tell ya.. lol.. we STILL carry a potty in the van and the Gremlins just turned 3..

  7. Hi mom of twins trying to potty train 2 at a time is not likely to happen at the same time .I have two sets of twins and they didn’t train together either but they will potty train when they are ready

  8. Im in the process of training my twin boys. they are 3. One is going and telling me when he needs to go the other…..well he tells me he’s a baby and needs a diaper and his brother is the one that wears pull ups…i’m hoping when i’m done with the one the other will. if not he’ll get put on the potty evert 15-20 min like i did to start with the other one.

    1. Raquel – I was in that bathroom with the girls every 15 minutes today. And, I think my potty wonder is working me – she does go a little every 15 minutes – I think she’s figured out how to play the treat system….great, new problem on my hands!!

  9. My son wasn’t ready until almost 3 and now my daughter is 2 and is showing signs of readiness…wanting to sit on the potty, wanting to be changed as soon as she pees in a diaper and wanting to get out of the bath if she thinks she’s going to pee. BUT she has never actually GONE on the toilet. This is very different than training a boy. I can’t imagine doing it with two!

    1. Hey, if I could hire someone to do this potty training thing for me – I might consider it! It’s tiring to stay consistent!!
      And your daughter sounds like my Sophia. Hang in there!

  10. I can kind of relate but not really. I don’t have twins but I have two boys 17months apart. The older was slow to potty train. He was almost 3 before he showed any interest and finally picked it up but it was fast once he did. Now little brother, turned 2 on 12/11, is almost potty trained from big brother. I really haven’t had to do much. Big brother says I have to go pee and little brother echos him and little bro sits on potty chair while big brothers on the big potty and they will both go!! Hooray! So no worries, concentrate on the one that is ready and hopefully the other one will see all the attention and maybe small rewards the other is receiving by going potty and will want to do it as well. Best wishes!

    1. That is great advice, Valerie!
      I think that’s my new outlook with the twins – putting that extra effort into the one who has no interest is taking away from the success of the potty wonder, I think.
      Gee – I’ve used that term way too much these days, that could turn into a terrible nickname later on in life….#parentfail

  11. It is interesting how all kids are different. With my oldest, we started him at age 1. I wasn’t trying to potty train him! I just wanted him to feel comfortable sitting on the potty. I just set him on every once in awhile thinking that it didn’t hurt. He loved it, and it was really easy somehow. I just had a hard time finding underwear that fit his little butt! He did have problems with toddler diarrhea, which was hard and frustrating for us all.

    My youngest was a little more stubborn. He proved to me that potty training isn’t so easy with all of them. LOL He’s much more, “I do it!” He wants to do everything!

    With both boy’s we had some tag team going on a little. My husband and sister watch each others kid’s 4 days out of the week. They are the same age’s as ours. Her oldest took longer to catch on then our oldest. He was also afraid to stand to pee. Her youngest picked up on training way faster then our youngest. He wore cloth diapers because he was allergic to disposable. I think feeling that he’s wet really helped with his training!

    1. I Agree, Alissa. We only use the pull up type diapers at night {for now}. but I agree that them feeling the wetness helps them to realize how uncomfortable it is, and how much easier it is to just go on the potty.

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