AIR MILES Cash for Holiday Shopping


As a person who always strives to get the most bang for their buck, you bet I collect those AIR MILES rewards miles. It was the first rewards card I ever started using and it’s one that is still always at the top of my card pile to this day. I always appreciated that one could redeem their points for merchandise items or save them for travel.

Guess what? Now your AIR MILES can do even more for you!


Now you can redeem your AIR MILES rewards miles instantly at the checkout – at everyday participating Sponsors like grocers, the gas station and the pharmacy. It’s called AIR MILES Cash!

How it works: your AIR MILES are currently in what is called the ‘Dream Balance’, where you can save to redeem them for travel, merchandise or even events.

NOW, you can choose to keep your rewards miles there, split them into both your AIR MILES Dream balance AND your AIR MILES Cash balance or put all points into your AIR MILES Cash balance, to be used whenever you like for instant savings are participating AIR MILES Cash Sponsor locations. 

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Choosing where your reward miles are allocated is easy, just head to the AIR MILES site, and follow the prompts.

If you change your mind, simply go back and adjust your preferences – it’s that easy. Once your choices have been made, future earned miles will be added to each balance you’ve chosen. 

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Redeeming AIR MILES Cash: If you choose to earn miles towards your AIR MILES Cash Balance {either a portion, or all}, every 95 reward miles can be redeemed to get $10 off in-store, right there when you shop {to a max. of $750 per day}. All you have to do is swipe your AIR MILES card to redeem and save on your purchase.

Myself, I’m going to do a split and use both the AIR MILES Dream balance and the AIR MILES Cash balance. I still want to save the bulk of my rewards for travel purchases, yet occasionally I want to see my rewards work for me by saving money at the till. Perhaps you will choose a different allocation for your rewards – that’s the beauty – it’s all up to you.

Your rewards, used when you want to, with no fuss. Pretty awesome, right?

This holiday season, remember to use your AIR MILES Collector card when you shop. There’s a lot of shopping to be had and rewards miles really add up this time of year! I love that my holiday shopping can now earn for future purchases and save now on current ones.

In fact, from now until Dec 24th, you can get 25 Bonus reward miles for every AIR MILES Cash redemption per day. Western Canadians can go HERE to find the sponsoring retailers.

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So, you can literally save money while you do your holiday shopping AND earn more miles by using AIR MILES Cash – that is a great incentive to give the new rewards option a try. Also, don’t forget to use an AIR MILES-affiliated credit card to earn even more reward miles and take advantage of additional bonus offers.

Get the most bang for your buck this holiday season with AIR MILES!


Disclosure: While this is a compensated post, all opinions are my own.




  1. We collect Air Miles and I’ll have to mention this to my husband to see if he would like to do this. Thank you for the info.

  2. I still like the idea of redeeming them for travelling somewhere exciting but using them for groceries is probably much more practical right now. I may have to do that.

  3. Well, the only thing that will make me to use my airmiles more is if they allow the transfer between the accounts. It was pretty frustrating to have the XX amount of them stuck in the “dream” account. And overall the program is not that great for me anymore, they really lost me.

      1. Not true, Tammi: Air miles earned before a certain date when “cash back” was instituted are, as Ira says, “stuck” in the dream account and cannot be converted to the cash account.

  4. I have enjoyed Air Miles for many years now, just like you! Love getting rewarded for my spending!

  5. My girl and I just built up enough air miles to take a trip to Oahu!


  6. i wish more places had airmiles where i live! theres no where besides the liqure store lol

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