A Girls Promise

Last year, when looking to sign my daughter up for an activity, I chose the Girl Guides of Canada. To be completely honest, I was attracted to the schedule and the frugal price {some activities and clubs are so expensive!}. Plus, my daughter is a social bug and loves arts and crafts. When I was young, I wasn’t in Girl Guides, so I really didn’t know much more about the purpose other than a social activity for girls.

The biggest surprise was that I noticed such positive changes in my 6 year old this last year. Sure, it gave her great friendships, something to look forward to and a lot of fun once a week. But, it was the purpose and mission behind the group that made the most impact. This last year of Sparks {her groups’ title based on age}, was such a learning opportunity – in mind, body and spirit.

My daughter truly learned empathy, caring for others, trying her best and being true to herself. Many times she did something so ‘good’, so amazingly unselfishly ‘good’, it really made me stop and stare. Don’t get me wrong, she is such an amazing and spirited child who is 100% helpful and kind, yet she really went the extra mile this year to show thoughtfulness to others and above all, to respect herself each and every day.

Isabelle recently graduated from Sparks, and is now a
Girl Guide!

As a Mom, my dream is for her to be an honest and self-accepting girl who shows herself as much kindness as she does for others. It’s something that I have really focused on since attending the Dove Self-Esteem Findings earlier this year and learning the shocking truths behind the lack of self-esteem in young girls. So, needless to say I am very proud that she is showing great self-esteem at age 6.

The purpose behind this post is to mark a great achievement for my daughter {a Mom’s got to brag, right?}. I am not advertising for Girl Guides, yet illustrating just how important it is for young girls to find a role model and a positive foundation for confidence and self-worth. It’s true that Isabelle learned so much from guiding, yet more importantly, it really showed me just how impressionable she is. Keep in mind though, most of the role modelling to be done – comes from Mom’s, so lead by example.

It’s not too early to work on your own self-esteem, for yourself and for the fact that young eyes and ears are on you. So, find your real beauty and show that you are true and honest to yourself and your beliefs. Show courage and strength and in turn, help make a difference to a young girl looking for her purpose.




  1. That is so exciting that she was able to glean so much from Guides! We have considered signing up our 6 year old, as she seems to have some issues…you have given me the push to check into it for next year for sure:-) Congrats Mom on finding a great outlet for your daughter!!

  2. What a great post! It’s nice to know there are still organizations out there that help encourage those traits we, as parents, are always trying to instill. Huge congrats to your daughter for her accomplishments!

    *Now I’m craving Girl Guide cookies*

    1. I know, right?!!
      She’s getting so much out of it, what a great club for young girls!
      I can’t wait until the twins can join!

  3. So proud of our sweetheart; she is genuinely a very kind loving little girl who is also at a very impressionable time. I am glad the Sparks program has had a positive impact on her. Although, as her Grandma I think she is a perfect doll

  4. 🙂

    very nice Tammi. I was a brownie, and I loved it! I will be enrolling my daughter when the time comes as well… so glad that you see the positiveness in it.

    Of course it’s fine to brag!

  5. Seriously, I have 4 CASES in my garage that we still need to sell.
    It was terrible snowing weather on the day we were supposed to,
    so I just bought them all instead. Ha!

    So, ya, I have a ton – call me!

  6. Congratulations to Isabelle! This sounds like something my daughter would like. Do they typically start at age 5? She will be 6 in July.

    PS. In that first picture of her, she’s a spitting image of you. Beautiful!

  7. Congrats on her graduation. It is really worth all the efforts we have to do to have them participate in an activity they like and enjoy. It’s very beneficial for them in every way.

  8. Congratulations to your daughter, that’s wonderful! I was a Girl Guide and I really loved it. I didn’t have many positive role models growing up and can attest to the fact that my self-confidence and self-compassion are sorely underdeveloped as a result. I’m very quick to show compassion, empathy and appreciation to others, but it’s very difficult to turn them inwardly.

    It’s really touching and inspiring to read about Moms such as yourself who take an active interest in their daughters’ lives for the better. Thank you very much for sharing this. I really has given me a renewed hope and motivation in uncovering and developing my own real strengths and beauty if not only for myself, but for all the impressionable young minds in need of positive role models.

    Thank you for not only being a positive role model for your daughter, but for me as well.

  9. That is so sweet. I remember all the activities I was in. Brownies, tap dancing and baton.

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