Why my Hands are Stained Pink….

Here’s a little ‘MyChaos’ trivia for you. Just in case you needed some trivia today….

My hands are pink because:

A. I heard strawberries were good for the body…Oh, they mean when eaten?!
B. I’m an intense artist in my ‘spare time’, and my goal is to paint the world pink.
C. From putting pink streaks into my 6 year old’s hair because she has a school dance tomorrow. And, she insists she has a date for said dance, so she’s requesting to have her hair and nails done first thing in the morning then leave the house at 8am with a gown on, makeup applied and perfume on.

A close up of a hand

Told you my life was chaos!

All joking aside, my daughter has been insane about this dance for weeks. She is so excited/scared/nervous, you’d think it was graduation! I wonder if 6 year olds really ‘dance’ at a 9am {DJ’ed} school dance, or just run around and play/giggle the whole time {?}.

This is all I’m posting today. Preparing the princess at dawn requires a full nights sleep. First dance, *sniff*. Better charge the camera batteries tonight!

What grade has their first formal dance, in your area?




  1. Wow that seems early. We didn’t have school dances until jr. High (at least 12-13yrs old).

  2. my kids all have school dances now- Olivia went to her first this year in JK … but they aren’t like dances that happen with older kids. Just fun music and little kids dancing and running around in groups. It is super cute to watch. They’ve had a bunch of them this year. None that required formal dress up though lol!

    1. and DJ’ed Tara? It’s not just her class either – I dunno, all new to me!!!
      You learn everyday when a parent, right?

  3. no, ours aren’t DJ’d… well, sort of but only by the music teacher and a mix tape he makes lol! it is the whole school- but at different times. The lower grades first ( JK to grade 4) and then the older grades (grade 5-7) later. They are only about 45 minutes long for the little kids. It is cute to watch 🙂

    1. Mix tapes!!!

      that brought me back – I still have a few, think I’ll get odd looks if I pass them to the DJ?

  4. Oh, that is early for a formal dance!! LOL…though my 6 year old would love to go to one. I think it was grade 7 and 8 as well that they started having school dances. But it sounds like she is going to have fun:-)

  5. They start at grade 4 here. My boys have a blast and go everytime. I think it’s a good social event and yes boys wants to be looking their best too; for the pretty girls. Whatever money they make is going to the 6 graders who organized the dance, with their parents supervising, for their graduation party 🙂 When my youngest started going he bought too many pops and had a belly ache 😉 Good way to teach him that too much of a good thing can be bad. 🙂

    1. Isn’t that the truth!!
      She went off to school today with a huge smile on her face – so very sweet!

  6. Too funny! I hate when I deal with blue berries and black berries. Oh and my newly 3 year old has been saying this after we’ve eaten lots of strawberries, “My butt itches Mommy!” I heard that for 15 minutes in the car ride to my sister’s house! I stayed calm for the first 7 minutes. Then finally I lost it! I said, “Isaak what do you want me to do?” I surely can’t stop driving to go and itch your butt! Gross!” I was annoyed to no end. We’ve been having problems with him going in his pants at nap time. So I went off about that too. Motherhood!

    The dance sound fun! My almost 6 year old loves to dance! He’s pretty good at it, so we’re thinking of putting him in a dance class. I wonder if he’ll have school dances next year? Funny!

  7. Our first formalized dance was Grade 6 (SIX!!!!) and it was a big deal. It wasn’t a formal thing, it was just the first time we were allowed to have a real dance. We had little parties of all kind, even some where they played music and there was dancing as kinda part of things, but not a real dance until Grade 6. WOW! They keep doing these things younger and younger. I wrote about this a while ago… it’s a tough balance between letting them experience these special things, and letting them experience these special things at the right time…. It’s so hard to let them be little, to help them to stay little. I bet your girlie is gorgeous today! I wish there wasn’t so much pressure on 6-yr-olds though…

  8. My daughter has a fifth grade dance coming up in June. Then in Sept. she’s off to Middle School.

    1. Same here Elaine, mine was grade 6, since 7th was the start of middle school. It’s changed to grade 5 now here as well.

  9. Honestly, I’ve never heard of a SIX year old going to a formal dance! When we started going to “dances” (and I say that loosely because these weren’t formal and held at a boys and girls club where we all just stood around and talked), I think I had to have been around 12 or 13.

    I’m sure it’ll be real fun for her though!! 🙂

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