Wordless Wednesday | Not Tonight, I Have a Headache

‘Hunny, Not Tonight’ is what’s written above this picture from my 1st album.
I chuckle every single time I come across this picture,
especially considering the shirt I am wearing.
{1980 ~ 2yrs old}


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*Please submit your WW to the linky and leave me a comment*



  1. My Mom and my Sister made it, Mimi. Each photo has a caption and an explanation, I just love it. They must have known how *big* scrapbooking would be one day.

  2. OMG you were adorable! What a funny pic! Isn’t it great to take a look back? I drove my parents nuts because I was infamous for always crossing my eyes just before the shot was taken,all smiles and just then just before…goofy face!

    Feel free to pop by & link your WW post up with mine at Little Village Naturals Blog

    Enjoy your night!

  3. So cute! I love the shirt! My son’s both know that song. Your little girls look just like you. Although I’ve never seen a photo of your hubby.

  4. So Cute Tammi, you look just the same.

    I have an oldie up this week too šŸ™‚


  5. How cute! You were precious! BTW…That’s my youngest daughter’s favorite song. She sings it all the time. Come to think of it, she has a love, love, love t-shirt. I should take a picture of her it and post it one day. Hey, thanks for the inspiring post! šŸ™‚

  6. can you be any more adorable? holy cow! I love it! Thanks for stopping by and linking up with me!

  7. Now all we need is St. Joseph’s Aspirin to have a photo old or new contest depicting a headache and you’re a sure winner.

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