When Do You Decorate Your Home For The Holidays?

A drawing of a personBefore the Halloween decorations were taken down from store shelves, the Christmas supplies were going up. Holiday store catalogs have been out for a while and media everywhere is buzzing with Holiday features {including mentions here on My Organized Chaos of course}.

So, when do you officially dust off those bins and boxes, and decorate your house for the holidays?

Normally I don’t break out the HoHoHo memorabilia until closer to the end of the month, yet I have a situation this year that makes me want to get it over with right now. I have been debating on decorating this week.

You see, my holiday decorations are in storage in the basement. And, I have to get in there to sort through and store other items anyway. As in, I should have done this yesterday! To do this task, I have to take out all the holiday boxes anyway. So, instead of getting them all out and putting them back to only go through the process later seems pointless. I may as well do it now.

ImageWhat do you think?

Would doing it now make me an organized, time-saving, super ninja?

Thanks to lessons learned at my recent trip to BlissDom Canada, I have been trying to ‘suck less’ and use my inner awesomeness more effectively. And yes, that was a big topic of conversation. So, it only goes to show that saving steps and managing my energy and time better more than fits in with this ‘sucking less’ mission, right? {Not familiar with the concept of ‘sucking less’? I’ll be sure to explain very soon}.

And in case you are wondering, I am serious. I’m not just on a massive sugar high from Halloween with too much energy to burn…. ok, maybe a little…



  1. I say go for it!! Years ago when I worked in the malls I used to decorate in early November. It seemed to help my sanity in the holiday chaos.

  2. I can’t wait go start decorating! I’m only waiting a bit longer because I know once I put my decorations out my daughter will start trying to grab at everything. Also.. I hate it when my decorations start getting dusty HA!
    Good luck!

  3. I would go for it. But we Decorate on December 1st, or really that first Saturday that he has off. This year either the 27th or the 4th.
    I like to Decorate before Thanksgiving this year as we are hosting, but that might be a LITTLE weird.
    However, I made some fall leaves out of felt and those are hanging around the house for some fall spirit. Those will be up until we decorate for Christmas and then I have snowflakes going up!

  4. I usually wait until December too, but I think I’m gonna go for it.
    @Heather, I never thought about your Thanksgiving, yet I see where you are coming from. It would seem odd…
    @Amy – I am sooo worried about the Twins and the tree this year, I may have to tie it to the wall!

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  6. We always wait until after Remembrance Day on the 11th in respect for our military members old and new. I get frustrated seeing it in the stores so early. By the time December comes I’m already in holiday decoration burnout.

  7. We have a house across the street from us with TWO Christmas trees decorated outside along with lots of lit up Christmas ornaments on the lawn AND they have their inside decorations and tree up too… all lit up BEFORE Halloween evening!!
    I say go for it!!!

  8. when I was a kid, my parents would decorate during the second week of December

    when my kids were growing up I rebelled and did it in late November and now that I’m a grandma I do it whenever I feel like it really lol; I have no set time!

  9. I used to decorate mid November, but my daughter’s birthday is at the end of November so now I’m so busy planning for her birthday and party that I don’t end up decorating till December.

    I say do it now! Why not?

  10. I love Christmas (and have no use for halloween) so I always get the itch to decorate as soon as Thanksgiving is over. But that’s a little too early for most people. So about 10 years ago I came up with this rule (and depending on a persons’ climate this may not work, but it does for Alberta). I decorate on the first snow fall after Nov 1. If it some how happens that the entire month goes by with ANY snow, then Dec 1 by default. There is just as much fun in the anticipation of wondering WHEN I will get to as the actual decorating!

  11. We usually wait until after the town festival we have here which is the last Friday of November. Sometimes you have to wonder why, though, you go through putting up decorations and a tree for only 3-4 weeks. Stores are decorating, you see commercials, and you certainly hear the Christmas buzz (in Canada anyways).

    I say “go for it” as well only because of the energy factor. You’re moving the boxes out anyways, why bother putting them back in, and bringing them back out in a couple weeks. I think it would only seem odd if you were in the US since they have their Thanksgiving later than us.

    Enjoy your time when you do decide to do it!!! 🙂

    1. I agree Tanis!
      Plus, you, or at least I, go through so much work and decorate my entire house – I may as well enjoy it for as long as I can!

  12. We always wait until after US Thanksgiving. If we were in Canada we’d probably do it as soon as November hits. It gets a little crazy down here when there are 3 holidays in 3 months!

  13. I wait until Dec 1. Seems just too early to be decorating in November, yet today I saw real Christmas trees already for sale. Won’t they be dried out by Christmas day?

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