My Twins Keep Their Clothes and Diapers On!


I have watched a great number of Google Searches coming to My Organized Chaos directly to my post My Twins Will Not Keep Their Diapers On!. Obviously this is a common parenting problem, one that needs some further discussion. As a recap, I was very frustrated that my 2 year old Twins kept stripping off their clothes and diapers at nap time.

I’m all for potty training and allowing them to do this {at home} during the day. Yet, it’s quite maddening to have them stripping 5 million times when I’m trying to get them to go to sleep. By the way, that 5 million is SO not an understatement. Worse yet, is them soiling their bed sheets continually because of it.

I have an update to my story – as I have found a solution that worked, thanks to the helpful suggestions from my readers. Simply put – zippered sleepers worn backwards!!

Word to the wise though, the buttoned ones are still easily taken off, so save the hassle and go straight to the zippered. I had to cut the feeties off a couple of the sleepers in order to put them on backwards, so it’s a bonus if you can find footless sleepers {I found them for just $5 each at Walmart}.

So here’s my solution in action! It works pretty well since they sleep in separate cribs and cannot unzip each other. Oh yes…they are crafty that way!

Hope this help those searching the web out there. Parents Unite!!




  1. Ha Ha! You’re probably thinking, “Take that twins!” It’s funny to an outsider, but I’m sure to you was a real problem!

  2. LOL!!! How hysterical and also so very clever. I’ll definitely keep this in mind in the event that my toddler enters this stage! Thanks for this! 🙂

  3. My twins have just started to realize that the velcro on diapers is very easy to take off. I will keep the backwards sleeper tip in mind.

  4. OMG LOL, I am also a SAHM of 18month old twin girls that just love taking off their cloths and diapers after naptime and when they get up in the morning. I won’t lie it has left me frustrated(and in tears at times) with lots of laudry and cleaning to do but you have given me hope. I went out the other day and got them zipper sleepers but never thought of putting the on backwards. Thank you so much you truly have given me hope. Twins do encourage each other to do things like that, I guess this is just one bump in the road of parenting.

  5. In desperation, I turned to the internet for a solution to the pee/poo party my 22 mo. old twins have every day. I have tried everything to get them to keep their diapers on. I was happy to find the idea of putting the zippered jammies on backward and am looking forward to trying it. Uggghh, now to go clean up a mess.

  6. I have 2 yr old twin boys who for months have been painting their room in poop. I am immune to the smell now! I have tried everything!!! Backwards pj’s only worked for a short time until they learned to take each others pj’s off. So now what? I have five children, four of which are under the age of 3 and I do not have the time to constantly clean poop. I have been working on potty training for a couple of months now and they are simply not ready. We tried taping diapers, layering of clothes, and we even check on them throughout their nap time. However, poop everywhere, everyday!! I am losing my mind and could really use some additional advice.

  7. I too have 2 year old twins (girls) and have been fighting the frustration of them taking their diapers off during the day and at naptime. I too tried the onesies on backwards so the snaps would be in the back, this worked until they were strong enough to pull the snaps apart, I’ve also tried the diaper on backwards and duct tape, which I too observed the new belt trend after they shredded thier diapers apart to still remove them. Someone gave me the tip of zippered jammies on backwards which worked great at bed time at night; however when I tried this during the day at nap time and because of how their beds are set up they figured out they could reach across and undo each others and still get out them. Now that their beds are a little farther apart it’s not as easy, but I still find them trying to reach around and undo the zipper them selves, I’m thinking it won’t be long before they are able too! If anyone has any other suggestions, please pass them along. I’ve also tried the potty training, and even though they know what to do, they just won’t go on the potty.

  8. Im really going to try this!! My two year boy twins can unsnap there onsies now… my first solution worked for a while! Then they discovered how to take there diapers off thru the sides of the onsie and have now learned to unsap the onsies!! Thank goodness they dont play in there messes!! Im going to invest in some footies jammies and put em in backwards!! Hope this helps!!

  9. Wow! So glad I am not alone. I have two year old twin boys and if they are out of my sight for a moment they are naked! Thanks for sharing. I will try this before I lose my mind!

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