Barcelo Los Cabos Spa

Barcelo Los Cabos Spa

Each time I visit an all-inclusive resort, I always book a massage via the spa on site. I mean, why not, right? You go on vacation to relax and treat yourself. It’s the one time when you really don’t have the common excuses of ‘no time’ and ‘it’s not convenient’. As well, many people go on so few vacations that it only seems fitting to make the most of all the ‘pamper-me’ time and amenities during the stay.

While at the Barcelo Los Cabos resort last week, I had the chance to partake in some relaxing at the Barcelo Los Cabos Spa. Honestly, I walked through the doors thinking it would be the same as all the others. In other words, go in, get a nice massage and leave a little sleepy yet feeling great.

Barcelo Los Cabos Spa

Yet, I was so shocked to see that the Life SPA at the Barcelo Los Cabos resort not only consisted of a relaxing massage, yet a whole experience which raised the bar when it comes to resort SPA visits. Let me explain…

When you are stay at the Palace {premium} section of the resort, you can at anytime take advantage of the water treatment in house. If you have never heard nor took part in a water treatment before, you really should! It entails a course of treatments to detoxify and beautify the mind and body {peppermint scented steam room, cold pressure shower, hot water jacuzzi etc} With Water Journeys, you follow a predetermined order or just make up your own}.

A view of a kitchen

It’s really quite the experience, to go from a hot steam room to immediately pulling a lever and dumping cold water over the body. Sure, it causes {ahem} some to scream in shock – yet it is actually very good for the body. Really, it is.

A large tub next to a sink

My first encounter with a water journey was at the Body Blitz Spa in Toronto, a sponsored party that was held during the Blissdom Canada 2010 Conference. So while the actual process wasn’t unfamiliar to me, the level of presentation wasn’t even comparable.

The whole setting at the Barcelo Los Cabos Spa was so spiritual and soothing, from the music right down to the decor. Barcelo really captured the mood and goal of going to the spa, and instantly put me into that relaxed mode way before I even laid eyes on the massage table.

Yet speaking of massage – my entire 50 minute massage was amazing and without complaint. The pressure was perfect and she payed special attention to the stiff muscles in my neck and upper back.

Even my head, hand and foot massage was heaven, areas that can commonly be neglected in massages of shorter durations {so yes, choosing a longer massage is worth it!}. At this time I realized just how much my hands and feet ached and welcomed the chance to breathe life back into my body from head to toe.

After the massage, I enjoyed a drink and the calmness in the relaxation room. It’s the common area outside the massage rooms, and is dimly lit and very serene. Part of the purpose of the relaxation room is to wait for someone who is still in a massage room, yet it also allows one to rest and stay in that ‘zone/zen’ even after a massage.

This is fabulous, since so often I have stumbled outside from a massage before that alert feeling fully returned. So, when I decided I wanted to, I left the relaxation room and the SPA.

A living room

Like the sign and the logos on the towels, we must all take some time to slow life down and maintain our inner balance and peace. ‘Spa Life’

It reminds me of a quote on the wall of my friends’ in home spa, “Relax. If not now, then when?”. Barcelo Los Cabos {from the interior designers to the impressive staff} really captured the fact that we all need and deserve that time to connect with oneself. Slow it down and appreciate the life you were given. No rush, it’s your life. Enjoy.

Barcelo Los Cabos Spa


  1. I am so looking forward to my first massage after the baby is born. I remember the water spa during Blissdom Canada. NEVER AGAIN for me thank you LOL. Also think it would have been more relaxing for those who do enjoy those treatments had they gone their solo. We did have the party atmosphere going on.

    1. Well, a good comparison in that case Nolie is that the Body Blitz, while having all the amenities, was crowded and too ‘public pool’ like. I realized this when I experienced this spa – very soothing, dim, private and lots of room. I think it has a lot to do with the design, placement and a transitional space!

  2. Great post capturing all that Barcelo Spa Life has to offer in the way of sincere relaxation. I stayed at Barcelo Los Cabos last year & fell in love. It was truly taking that “all inclusive” (which I’m always skeptical of booking) hotel to a great new level. My husband & I celebrated our anniversary during our stay & though I did partake in plenty of blissful r&r, we also kayaked, surfed, went horseback riding & snorkeling. I also stumbled upon a surprisingly relaxing massage tent on the beach just a short walk down from Barcelo. Though it’s a completely different experience from the spa at Barcelo, I was shocked at how relaxed I was post massage. The massage therapists in the little pink tent on the beach gave me one of the better massages I’ve had, both at home & on vacation. My muscles felt like melted butter afterward, only wishing I had a beach shuttle back to Barcelo. But if you’re looking for a beach stroll with a nice treat, I recommend it. It was also very inexpensive. Thanks for posting about the fabulous spa at Barcelo Los Cabos. I can’t wait to go back & enjoy it again. For great kayaking, surfing & other adventures I recommend Cabo Outfitters. Great family owned & operated business with wonderful & safety oriented guides.

  3. oh my… it sounds like heaven. I actually loved the spa experience at Blissdom Canada last year… but it was my first and only spa experience!

  4. Wow! This seems heavenly! I’ve never had a massage before…looks like I should get one, eh?

  5. I have never been to a spa or nice vacation locale *cries* These pictures are so beautiful!

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