Princess Twins

A little girl sitting in front of a window

Of course my twincesses have plenty of costumes and clothing, but chances are they wear a mix of everything at once. Or, all at once!

Mittens in the house, mismatched slippers and necklaces as headbands. Colorful, bold and fun – their choice on clothes match their personalities exactly!

A little girl playing with a toy


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  1. I love it – such personality 🙂 I think your girls and my daughter would get along fabulously well – just like their mamas!! xox

    1. Good times, right Trisha? Too bad we couldn’t live like that for one day, oh right – Halloween! lol

    1. Yes, that is exactly how they are. Sophia is very outgoing and little Katie is full of feelings, very timid too. Love that photos tell the story!

  2. Your twincesses know how to strut their stuff. And my, I can’t get over how they just keep getting more beautiful as time passes. They’re definitely their mother’s daughters.

  3. Too cute! My boys do fun things like this all the time too; there’s nothing better than siblings that love to be like one another! 🙂

    1. So true! I wish they’d remember that when they fight like mad too, which is about half of the day…

  4. They are so cute! My daughter would love the fairy wings – she’s a huge Tinkerbell fan.

    1. Fairy wings and high heels, top attire with these two. I swear, they walk better in heels than I do!

    1. Oh goodness, I dread the day that dress-up is behind them. My daily chuckle at their costume choices really makes my day!

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  6. I love the attitude and the mismatched slippers! LOL! Such sweet girls. Play play play! If they made wings and tutus in my size, and it was socially acceptable (!) I’d LOVE to dress up too. haha!

  7. Awesome. Girls can rock any outfit. It’s fun to be a girl or a fairy or whatever we want to be.

  8. Those are two super cute outfits (and girls)! Looks like you’ve got two aspiring fashionistas on your hands 🙂

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  9. What a couple of cutie pies they are, love these photos. I’m happy to link up too. Although my photo is a very simple one this week it has great meaning. Hugs!

    1. Thanks for linking up, Katherine!
      It’s fun to meet new people, have a great week!

  10. Your little ladies are fierce! You can never go wrong with fairy wings:D New to your blog and glad to have found your creative space on the web. Happy Wednesday!

  11. They look like they are both practicing to be Diva Princesses.. you certainly have your hands full… Great shots.

  12. Katie might be timid but not when she sings and she is the video star. 🙂
    Very cute pictures.

  13. They are gorgeous. Their eyes are beautiful! My daughter is 2 and she is getting into dress up now. I guess I should start buying the tutus now!

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