Nokia X7 Smartphone {a review from an iPhone owner}

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Nokia X7 Smartphone review

I once thought that all smart phones were created equal. So, when I got my first, I ran alongside the pack and got an iPhone 3G.

While I always liked the phone I chose, I always wondered if I made the right decision for my needs.

Like I’ve said before, being able to review products on My Organized Chaos, gives me the advantage of testing out a variety of products and sharing them with you.

This ability to compare is an aspect of blogging, which I am grateful. Case and point?

I had the opportunity to take home and test out the new Nokia X7 smartphone, after the #NokiaUnfenced event I took part in last month.

A close up of a cell phone

During that time of testing, I contemplated using the X7 exclusively, to really dive into all aspects of the phone.

Yet, plans changed and I used both the X7 and my iPhone. Yes, I carried both phones with me most of the time. This is so that I could compare maps, speed, loading time, camera, videos captured etc.

First of all, the X7 camera {it has a 8MP camera} leaves my iPhone3G in the dust. The clarity and vivid color alone really makes me cringe at the thought of ever using my iPhone camera again.

Nokia X7 vs iPhone Photo

Above is a comparison photo that I took out a bus window in Canmore during #NokiaUnfenced.

With the X7, the blur is minimal just in the foreground. Even through a dirty bus window, it’s not a bad photo.

The iPhone? Yikes! Blurry, dull and typically a photo I would quickly toss in the trash. My iPhone really picked up the glare in the bus window and didn’t let in as much light as the X7 did.

Now, since that I take photos of 3 active kids all day? Ya, I need a good camera. I am also the type that usually tries to carry as little supplies, as possible.

So, I find that more and more, I rely on my camera-phone to catch those shots when out with the kids. Like I said, the Nokia X7 kicks butt in its image capabilities.

Graphical user interface, application

One other feature that Nokia has that outshines other phones is their OVI Maps.

It’s a free global navigation system, with options for drivers and walkers. It has such a fast and efficient search engine, with detailed mapping covering 80 countries.

To again compare to my iPhone GPS, I really loved how natural it feels to use OVI Maps, there’s no confusion, no guessing.

From someone who has little to no navigation and mapping experience, OVI Maps is a blessing. Plus, users have content from Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor – how convenient is that!?

Since the X7 is in the X series of smartphones from Nokia, it’s built for lovers of multimedia. So, it’s no surprise that it has great right out of the box.

I thought the graphics of Asphalt 5 HD game were just astounding for a phone! It also has National Geographic videos on it, which is actually really refreshing to have.

It sure kept my girls entertained once waiting at the doctors’ office – a great learning tool as well. And, of course other Apps can be found at the Ovi Store.

A cellphone

The Nokia X7 has a lot of the same features which I know I would want in a smartphone, like AMOLED touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard while in portrait mode.

Oh, there’s no convincing me otherwise, I’m way too used to the QWERTY keyboard to even look at the alternative!

The ultra thin design of the X7 is certainly unique. Made with stainless steel, the X7 has a design that won’t soon be forgotten. It’s sleek and has modern rounded edges.

Yet, that angular design makes it a little difficult to find the side buttons on the fly. It takes getting used to, but I didn’t like having to take time to search for the buttons.

Setting up Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites are a breeze. And, email was simple too. In fact, I really noticed that opening and refreshing twitter, my email etc was remarkably faster on the X7 than my iPhone.

So much so, that I’m now left with just my iPhone and noticing all these things really frustrate me.

That and once my iPhone couldn’t get connection in my backyard {?}, yet the X7 did. Little things like that really left me wondering if another iPhone will even be on my list of contenders when it comes time to renew my contract. Again, I never thought I’d say that.

Graphical user interface


  1. My contract with my iPhone 3GS comes up for renewal this September, right before She’s Connected and Blissdom Canada…. I’m going to rethink my choices of phones now! Thanks for the review.

  2. Good to see a review on the X7….still waiting to get my hands on one for a review. The launch was a few weeks away when I went to Nokia Unfenced US style. When using the N8 I found it be a little slippery to hold and was wondering if the X7 suffered with the same issue.

    1. I would lean toward a ‘yes’ in that sense, Kevin. B/c of the curved design of the X7, it does make holding it certain ways a little trickier {especially when pushing the camera button}.
      I wish I could say that you get used to the shape after use, but I didn’t have it long enough to find out….Possibly if I had used just the X7, I could answer that though.
      Yet, my SIM card couldn’t be used in the X7 {I have a Telus SIM}, so I still had to use the iPhone for calls {hence the use of both phones}.

  3. Looks pretty cool! I like my iPhone, and I won’t be getting a new one soon, but hubby will be looking for something to update his flip phone in short order I think. Thanks for the review!

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  5. I know nothing about smart phones but if I got one I would want one with a greally great camera. thanks for the review!

  6. wow- good to know!!! I don’t have an iphone (or any other cool phone) yet but I sure hope to get one. I will check out the Nokia for sure!

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  8. This is a very good review especially coming from an iphone user. i like the fact that you call it how you see it rather than having a bias. i totally respect that. im not sure what software the x7 was using when you had it, but with the new Anna software the phone would be much faster and sleeker than before (especially the web browser)
    ovi/nokia maps alone is enough to really buy a nokia phone with offline searching and the fact that maps can be preloaded(and deleted) as the user sees fit. saving valuable time waiting for tiles (map data) to download especially in areas where reception is weak/null. wouldnt really want to be lost and have to depend on choppy internet on a network connection based mapping software would you?
    lastly i use the N8…i dont use a case but generally i dont get the slippery a lefty (if that at all is a rationale of how i hold my phone! lol) my thumb covers the sim/memory card slots, 2nd finger back of phone(covers camera lens) 3rd finger volume down while the last 2 fingers are basically to the bottom of the phone…with the menu key basically indented into the middle of my palm. never had a drop! lol
    thank you for your review much appreciated.

  9. i agree with your review 100%….i have owned the nokia x7 for six months & it’s a reliable, fast and nice looking device. even if i didn’t use it as a phone, the wifi connectivity option combined with Opera mobile web browser is ideal for using the x7 as a 4inch tablet. I have enjoyed apps such as ‘youtube downloader’ for downloading documentary films while iam out at a local free wifi hotspot, then connecting the x7 via usb to my pc to watch the films on my larger screen when i get home …. Great phone, great price!

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