Life’s Unexpected Blessings

I was 21 weeks pregnant, wearing a powder blue gown, lying on an examination bed, and waiting for the ultrasound tech to have their first look at baby.

With a paddle on my stomach, my student-in-training technician immediately made ‘a face’ when she studied the screen. “I’ll be back” she said, and hurried out of the room without further explanation.

My heart raced in her absence, this wasn’t ordinary procedure at all. 

She came back into the room with another lady, who took over the paddle to my stomach and studied the screen. It only took a few seconds of hunting around before she said, “I’ll have to take over your appointment today, as our students prepared for this type of case yet. Can you quickly tell your husband in the waiting room that you’ll be in here twice as long today please?”

Completely baffled and stressed at this point, I replied “Why? Is something wrong”.

She then said 6 words which I never expected, and ones which would change everything from that moment on, “Don’t you know you’re having twins?

Uhhh, no!

Oh I’m sorry, I assumed you knew. Congratulations, you’re having twins! Now please tell your husband so we can continue with the ultrasound”

I waddled out of the room and into the waiting area where my husband was with my oldest daughter. They stood as I came into the room, concerned with the ‘deer in headlights’  look on my face combined with the fact that it wasn’t usual for gowned patients to come into this area. Needless to say, I had a completely curious audience from everyone in the room. 

So .. I’m going to be in here a lot longer, just so you know. Ummm. We’re having twins ….

My husband and my daughters mouths dropped open in unison, along with about a dozen other mouths of people in the waiting room. 

My appointment that day was filled with millions of unexpected thoughts running through my head as I stared at the ceiling, mouth still open. This is why none of my regular clothes fit at 8 weeks pregnant, and why I couldn’t get through regular exercise at 12 weeks. I expected a family of four yet in one brief conversation, we were a family of five. I fully admit to being at first worried, I needed to shop! I had to buy another crib and car seat, more clothes – more everything!

lifes unexpected blessings parenting twins

With two hands and a full heart, raising twins has been a roller coaster ride complete with amazement and awe. People often ask the saturated question of, ‘how do you do it?‘, which always makes me laugh since it’s not that complicated. The answer: parents of twins just do everything any parent would do, twice!

My initial worries about shifting to a family of five were short-lived, there’s a lot of assumptions that you must let go of side passions when you have a large family. At first we ourselves even assumed that our travelling days were over. Yet due to a combination of drive, ambition, routine, and sheer determination – there’s no stopping us. We travel as a family regularly, and take in plenty of local activities and events. Actually, we always seem to be on the move and heading to a new adventure. 

Yet the last trip I went on was one without the children. My husband and I went to Mexico for a week by ourselves, something we try and do every two years if possible. I guess you could say that it’s our designated time to ‘just be us‘ again, since we are otherwise always a Mother and Father. After all, there is great beauty in just doing my own hair before a dinner out, and not four heads of hair!

That day when we learned of the twin additions to our family, it was a very unexpected and shocking time in my life, yet it’s one that I’ll forever be grateful for. It’s a prime example of how life gives glorious unexpected blessings so very abruptly, yet gives opportunities to learn and grow in ways not before imagined. 


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  1. Aren’t twins the greatest news you can hear? There’s something about knowing that your family is basically getting a baby two-fer that’s so exciting.

  2. I don’t have twins but I’ve received the “how do you do it?” Comments before! And good for you guys, not stopping your travel fun!

  3. Congratulations! Sometimes surprises are very pleasant. You will enjoy those two in savor every minute you have with them.

  4. I’ll never forget when I came home from work and my pregnant wife showed me the ultrasound that said “Baby A” and “Baby B.”

    It was the freakiest and most wonderful day of my life. Having twins is the best. thing. ever.

  5. No matter how many children you have it is always a blessing. I don’t have twins but I can imagine the joy you must have felt after the shock wore off.

  6. Wow, I couldn’t imagine. I am 11 weeks pregnant with #7 right now and I won’t lie I went to my first ultrasound at 8 weeks terrified of twins. I think maybe if I didn’t have so many kiddos before having twins it would be such an amazing experience. Right now though it scares me so much! I think they are amazing though, such a blessing!

  7. Some of the most stressful surprises end up being the greatest blessings! What an amazing transition!

  8. I think twins are so adorable! Yours definitely are! I know it’s more of a challenge with two of them, but I would love to have twins! Congrats to you!

  9. I can just imagine the look on your husbands face when you told him you were having twins. My mind would be racing about all the extra things i would need.

  10. You must have been so scared when the first tech left the room. I hope you had an amazing time on your vacation. It must have been so nice to be just the two of you.

  11. Congratulations ! I’m one of those who would ask Ho do you do it ? Parents of Twins and triples must be super humans, that’s what I think ! Enjoy the journey !

  12. Aww, that’s awesome news to hear! You now have two beautiful bundles of joy and they are adorable.

  13. Beautiful twins! I’m expecting now and I’m pretty sure there’s only 1 in there as of now! 😉 I have lots of friends with twins!

  14. I am a twin and my parents did not know there were twins. Having a twin is so special. You always have a built in best friend and playmate. i call my sister my womb mate!

  15. awe i just smiled reading your post. it was so adorable and such a great story/memory to look back on! I have two little girls but they are two year apart. I couldn’t imagine raising twin girls at the same time but thankfully you had your oldest daughter and husband to help! we always find a way us supermoms 🙂

  16. My first pregnancy had some unexpected moments. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia a few days shy of 30 weeks. I was at a routine check up when my doctor and the nurses at the clinic became very concerned with my blood pressure and protein levels. I had to call my husband and he came to pick me so we could go directly to the hospital. The doctors got my blood pressure lowered, but that only lasted a few days. My son was born 4 days later at 30 weeks. He weighed 2 lbs 9 oz and spent the first 7 weeks of his life in NICU. He came home weighing 5 lbs! It was a crazy roller coaster ride of emotions. Today he’s 10 years old and doing great!

  17. I love this story! My brother has twins and him and his wife were so scared. Now they are pros!

  18. Wow what a shock too bad your husband wasn’t in the room when you found out. They sure are cuties 🙂

  19. As a Mom of identical twin girls.. I can relate to your post.. although our ultra sound was a tad different.. it was almost the same.. Had the hubby and our other daughter in with us for our initial apt. The tech said “ummm…. ” and then “it looks like there is two in there”
    It was the start to an incredible journey. <3

  20. Your post is full of love! I have twins too! I was actually told i had a miscarriage at first and I was devastated! Long story short I didn’t and they are here! I can relate to everything in your post!

    1. Oh I am so sorry, life is full of blessings and experiences that ground is – sometimes literally, to the floor.
      It’s nice to connect with you, and thank you for taking the time to comment. I’m happy you liked my post!

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