Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour #InstaGLAM

In August we got to end the summer with a huge bang. Quite literally, actually, as we took in the Katy Perry Prismatic World Tour {complete with fireworks} with thanks to P&G. The creme de la creme of the evening was the chance to meet Katy Perry backstage before her concert!

Now, this was exciting for myself, of course. Who doesn’t like the chance to rub elbows with a celebrity from time to time? Yet, it was my date for the #InstaGLAM event, that was the most excited thrilled starstruck.

I took my oldest daughter, Isabelle, with me. She’s most likely the biggest Katy-Kat fan I’ve ever known. At just 10, she’s liked her before she was popular. She can sing each and every song {not sure I could}, and has talked about her obsessively for years. So, this opportunity meant the world to her. 

Backstage we waiting in a room of neon lights, orb seats and glitter {in the prismatic lounge} for Katy.

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When she arrived, my Belle was the first to talk to her. I do know that Katy admired my daughters nail polish for quite some time, Isabelle still boasts how much Katy Perry liked her nails. And her tiger shirt. And the official Katy Perry jewellery from Claire’s. {yep, fan-girl}. 

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Yet, other than that, I couldn’t tell you what Katy said to her or myself. I was in awe, honestly. Katy is quite tall and tiny, almost flawless. From her makeup to her opening costume {silver dress that lights up}, she was stunning. Plus, she smelled incredible! 

After meeting Katy we got to our seats to enjoy the Prismatic World Tour, which was definitely a show – very theatrical.

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Yet, what stands out most was that it was the best mother/daughter date night I could ask for. Thank you times a million P&G and Covergirl for our #InstaGLAM evening!

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  1. AAww… how special is that!!! I can’t even imagine how a 10 yr old contains herself when talking to someone like that. My guy is Tim McGraw, I’ve followed his tour bus for 2 decades now. The 1st time meeting him I was so tongue tied and awe struck I’m positive I looked like a buffoon. Luckily, there’s been many more meet up and I’ve redeemed myself. He even knows me by name now (yes, I’m THAT fangirl) LOL Such a special memory you made with your girl that night!!

  2. Your daughter is going to cherish that memory for a lifetime! She could be your twin, she looks so much like you! Absolutely gorgeous girls, all around!

  3. I can’t believe how similar you and Belle look! I have never seen a Mum and daughter look so alike as you and Belle do.

  4. Wow you don’t look like mother-daughter but sisters. I love seeing your other daughter in the background there. My girls would’ve loved seeing K.Perry. Such an experience. Glad you go this moment with them.

  5. What a night to remember for your daughter, that’s so awesome! My niece went to see Katy Perry in Winnipeg and wanted so badly to meet her! (She’s 11) 🙂

  6. wow ! My daughters would have love that soo much !! They love and sing Katy Perry all the time 🙂

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