Outdoor Toys from Fisher-Price

I haven’t made it secret, here nor on my postings at the Fisher-Price website, that I am very excited that it’s finally Spring. I am rejoicing in finally saying those wonderful four works that I have longed to say all Winter, “Go Outside and Play with your outdoor toys!”

Yet, those words go with the action of bringing out the outdoor toys from storage. I’m sure I’m not alone in discovering that m0st are filthy, weathered or broke. Although my kids are happy a lot of time with a container to catch ladybugs, they do need outdoor toys as well.

Fisher-Price has some great outdoor toys, many of which are on sale at stores, I’ve noticed. I love it when you can fins great prices on items that are IN season!

My top picks for Fisher-Price outdoor toys, for Spring and Summer 2012:

A close up of a toy car in a field

Check out the Double Bubble Mower XLT, only $30! Fellow #FisherPriceMoms recently tried this bad-boy out on her adorable sons. Too cute and great practice for the real thing! {heh}

Fisher-Price and Basketball

Grow to Pro Basketball Jr., girls or boys love to shoot hoops! I like the idea of having toys that also keep kids’ activity levels up. Yes, for exercise, but also for better nights’ sleeps.

A person sitting in a car

And of course, the crème de la crème, the Power Wheels – Cadillac Escalade Ride-On. My girls got this fancy-schmancy ride and are loving the crusin’ life. I’ll be posting more about their Escalade soon, stay tuned!

For now, what are your top picks for backyard toys, parents?


Disclosure: I’m part of the Fisher-Price Play Panel and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group.
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  1. Like that the basketball set grows with kids. And of course the Power Wheels are always on my kids wish list.

    1. That’s a great feature for sure, it’s nice to have toys that grow with kids from year to year!

    1. I say the same thing, Steve – the girls have an Escalade and I don’t! Too bad the weight limit wasn’t just a little more, lol.

  2. My son is craaazy for his Double Bubble Mower. Just today while I mowed the lawn, he followed me with his trusty mower in tow. It has become his way of ‘helping’ me mow the lawn and is insistent in doing so. That’s how much he loves it.

    1. Ha! I tried the croquet with the twins last summer. All was fine until they became weapons. Have I mentioned they fight?S lol
      My oldest loves it though!

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