Hearty Fall Meals in 30 Minutes

With the change of seasons and our daily routine, our meal requirements do as well. Long gone are the days of flexible meal times, and enjoying food in the heat of the sun. Now, we require the meal itself to help warm us up from the inside out – baby it’s getting colder out there!

Warm and comforting meals are now called for, yet most days don’t give adequate time that it usually requires to cook them. With so many activities and notes jotted down on that chaotic schedule stuck on the fridge – we are all looking for options to fill the hunger gap, yet in as little prep-time as possible. I require Hearty Fall Meals in 30 Minutes!

club house skillet sauces sicilian chicken with tomato and herbs

It’s the time of year to reach for Club House Skillet Sauces! They are conveniently available in six delicious flavours:

  • Fajita with Roasted Chili, Garlic & Lime Skillet Sauce
  • Chili with Roasted Garlic Skillet Sauce
  • Sesame Chicken Stir-Fry Skillet Sauce
  • Sicilian Chicken with Tomato, and Herbs Skillet Sauce
  • BBQ Chicken with Applewood Flavour and Bacon Skillet Sauce
  • Sweet & Smoky Sloppy Joe Skillet Sauce
  • Taco with Chipotle Skillet Sauce

Each of these incredible sauces has a signature recipe right on the packet, and require only a few simple ingredients. With Club House Skillet Sauces I can have just the meal we crave on the table in just under 30 minutes!

club house skillet sauces sicilian chicken

Club House Skillet Sauces take the guess work out of preparing a scrumptious meal, since they perfectly combine the correct combinations of Club House herbs and spices for you. To use, simply: tear, pour, and enjoy!


Hearty & Quick Fall Meal Idea #1:

My family really enjoys the Sicilian Chicken with Tomato and Herbs Skillet Sauce which was served within 30 minutes. This one has a lot of varieties, since you could serve on it’s own with a side dish – or make a wrap using tortillas. Taking it to the next step, they are the ideal leftover as well, sending them for school lunches is a great idea and such an additional time-saver. 

Club House Sicilian Chicken with Tomato and Herbs



Hearty & Quick Fall Meal Idea #2:

Because your autumn days need chili! Usually chili recipes require tons of ingredients and either slow-cook or simmer for many hours. The solution for the time-crunched? You just have to try the Chili with Roasted Garlic ClubHouse Skillet Sauce!

Chili with Roasted Garlic club house skillet sauce

All you need is the skillet sauce, ground beef, kidney beans and tomato sauce yet you could add other fresh vegetables if you prefer, I always sneak extra onion into my chill. 

Chili club house skillet sauce

My collection of chill recipes usually take 30 minutes of gathering and chopping before I can even start to cook the recipe. Yet with ClubHouse Chili with Roasted Garlic Skillet Sauce, it’s completely cooked and ready to be enjoyed in 30 minutes! As well, the house immediately fills with the intoxicating chill smell as if it’s been simmering all day. 

Roasted Garlic Chili 30 Minute Skillet


Want more quick meal ideas for your own dinner table this fall?

Purchase Club House Skillet Sauces wherever Club House spices and herbs are sold, and visit ClubHouse.ca for product information. Don’t forget to grab your ClubHouse Skillet Sauce Coupon!

To start you off, here’s my recipe for Chili with Roasted Garlicinspired by the package directions from Club House Chili with Roasted Garlic Skillet Sauce, with a few minor changes for my family’s preference. 


[yumprint-recipe id=’108′]


Disclosure: I was compensated for this post, yet all opinions are, as always, my own.




  1. Quick, easy, delicious is how I like it. I’m going to pick up some Club House next time I’m shopping and try it.

  2. These Club House sauces sound great. I have next to no time to cook, so anything that can make meals faster for me is great.

  3. I have never heard of this product, but I think that it would be a hit in the family! I need to get this added to my menu planning!

  4. This is so me. I usually use the crock pot, but when I don’t, something like this can really cut down on my prep time.

  5. My husband loves chili! It’s one of his favorite things to eat on game day!

  6. Skillet meals are such a blessing on busy nights. This looks like a wonderful solution, I’ll have to keep an eye out!

  7. oh boy all of this looks delicious but meal #1 I need to make pronto! I love hearty meals right now with this weather I actually really look forward to them!

  8. Okay, I want to add each to my weekly menu plan. They are super-simple and seem so full of flavor. Thanks so much for the idea and info

  9. The Sicilian Chicken with Tomato and Herbs Skillet Sauce looks so good, but I also love a good bowl of chili! I am all about delicious meals that are easy. Bonus points that it only take 30 minutes or less!

  10. The Sicilian Chicken with Tomato and Herbs Skillet Sauce looks so delicious. I love to find new recipes that are easy to make . I will have to pick some up to try this weekend.

  11. This sounds amazing but we dont use package sauces like this much because of the high salt content,but i think i will try my own sause

  12. Those are some really great meal ideas. I might have to try one of those this week. Thanks!

  13. I am always on the lookout for quick and easy meals like this. I will definitely saving all these recipes to try. The Sicilian Chicken with Tomato and Herbs Skillet Sauce looks really good.

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