Evidence Of Sisterly Love


I love finding evidence of sisterly love!

After my oldest daughter caught the bus for her last day of school, this caught my attention…

I love my sisters

While waiting for her school bus, she was sitting on the stairs practicing her writing. Everyone, including myself thinks she has an accent, not at all like the family or anyone she interacts with.

Very odd, but I’d describe it as a ‘Brooklin’ type of accent more than anything. When she spells, she sounds out the words as she writes. She says ‘Gils’ for ‘Girls’, so she writes ‘Gils’. I think it’s so adorable and am dreading the day when she grows out of it.

‘The Gils’ {aka Girls} is what she calls her Twin sisters. Anyway, I found this sitting on the stairs after she left, and my heart exploded.

‘I love The Gils’



  1. ooooh so special…I love when kids write/journal and we find it later..they are saying exactly how their hearts feel at that time….so precious. Glad you snapped a pic!

  2. Kids say things in such a special way, Zoe and Miles do too and I wish I could record and document every thing that is so special like this. Because they will grow out of it, I too wish they woudn’t

  3. Awww. So sweet of your daughter to write those equally sweet words.:-) It only shows how much she loves and adores her twin siblings. Wish I could hug her!!!

  4. My son Matthew has that same accent. I think it is cute to listen to him, but this coming school year he is getting speech therapy (after being wait-listed for a year). We call it the Yonkers accent. LOL

  5. I love it! Keep it handy and when she is a teen and they get into her stuff whip it out to remind her how much she loves them. Kids can be so darn cute!

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